MNGWL Region 7 Individual Qualifier

MNGWL Region 7 Individual Qualifier
1 Foley 259.5
2 Big Lake 154.5
3 Kimball 138.0
4 Milaca-Faith Christian 112.0
5 Mora 101.0
6 Becker 92.5
7 Princeton 83.0
8 Royalton-Upsala 81.0
9 Eden Valley-Watkins 70.0
10 Saint Cloud Tech 62.5
11 Sauk Rapids-Rice 61.5
12 Pine City/Hinkley-Finlayson 59.0
13 Sartell-Saint Stephen 47.0
14 Holdingford 39.0
15 Paynesville Area 35.0
16 Pierz 29.5
17 Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa 24.0

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Final Brackets

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1st Place – Jacob LeBlanc of Pierz
2nd Place – Zander Pelton of Sauk Rapids-Rice
3rd Place – Jordan Bagne of Big Lake
4th Place – Anthony Nelson of Mora
5th Place – Ethan Duncombe of Becker
6th Place – Derek Stangl of Pierz
1st: Jacob LeBlanc (Pierz) 20-8, 7th. over Zander Pelton (Sauk Rapids-Rice) 9-6, 8th. (Fall 2:08)
3rd: Jordan Bagne (Big Lake) 5-4, Fr. over Anthony Nelson (Mora) 9-11, 7th. (Dec 10-6)
5th: Ethan Duncombe (Becker) 7-14, 7th. over Derek Stangl (Pierz) 1-2, 7th. (TF-1.5 3:30 (18-2))
1st Place – Christian Noble of Big Lake
2nd Place – Evan Milejczak of Foley
3rd Place – Spencer Johnson of Sartell-Saint Stephen
4th Place – Teagyn Ludwig of Eden Valley-Watkins
5th Place – Wyatt Engen of Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa
6th Place – Chase Anderson of Kimball
1st: Christian Noble (Big Lake) 14-2, 8th. over Evan Milejczak (Foley) 6-2, Fr. (MD 11-3)
3rd: Spencer Johnson (Sartell-Saint Stephen) 22-7, 8th. over Teagyn Ludwig (Eden Valley-Watkins) 18-13, 8th. (Fall 3:00)
5th: Wyatt Engen (Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa) 25-10, 7th. over Chase Anderson (Kimball) 2-2, 7th. (Dec 10-7)
1st Place – Jayden Mcclaeren of Big Lake
2nd Place – Levi Jacobson of Foley
3rd Place – Mason Doucette of Becker
4th Place – Gavin Rockstroh of Pine City/Hinkley-Finlayson
5th Place – Peyton Olson of Sauk Rapids-Rice
6th Place – Lucas Jurek of Kimball
1st: Jayden Mcclaeren (Big Lake) 13-3, Fr. over Levi Jacobson (Foley) 19-11, 8th. (Dec 2-1)
3rd: Mason Doucette (Becker) 20-9, 8th. over Gavin Rockstroh (Pine City/Hinkley-Finlayson) 19-8, 8th. (Fall 2:11)
5th: Peyton Olson (Sauk Rapids-Rice) 13-15, 8th. over Lucas Jurek (Kimball) 2-2, 8th. (Fall 2:14)
1st Place – Connor Gmahl of Mora
2nd Place – Dante Haywood of Sauk Rapids-Rice
3rd Place – Gavin Mathies of Eden Valley-Watkins
4th Place – Cash Sixberry of Big Lake
5th Place – Cale Becker of Pierz
6th Place – Cole Rudnitski of Foley
1st: Connor Gmahl (Mora) 16-10, 7th. over Dante Haywood (Sauk Rapids-Rice) 11-8, 7th. (Dec 6-4)
3rd: Gavin Mathies (Eden Valley-Watkins) 16-10, 8th. over Cash Sixberry (Big Lake) 19-4, 8th. (MD 10-1)
5th: Cale Becker (Pierz) 20-9, Fr. over Cole Rudnitski (Foley) 4-2, 7th. (Dec 7-1)
1st Place – Dylan Lowthian of Foley
2nd Place – Trevor Thielen of Mora
3rd Place – Bennett Edling of Becker
4th Place – Ross Boser of Pierz
5th Place – Riley Paetznick-Huhtala of Princeton
6th Place – Triston Guzier of Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa
1st: Dylan Lowthian (Foley) 10-12, Fr. over Trevor Thielen (Mora) 8-17, Fr. (MD 10-0)
3rd: Bennett Edling (Becker) 10-6, Fr. over Ross Boser (Pierz) 17-15, Fr. (Dec 6-4)
5th: Riley Paetznick-Huhtala (Princeton) 17-5, 7th. over Triston Guzier (Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa) 23-7, Fr. (Fall 2:57)
1st Place – Logan Thorsten of Foley
2nd Place – Dillon Browen of Big Lake
3rd Place – Sam Nistler of Eden Valley-Watkins
4th Place – Alex Nelson of Kimball
5th Place – Tyler Hawker of Milaca-Faith Christian
6th Place – Tommy Schroeder of Mora
1st: Logan Thorsten (Foley) 14-10, Fr. over Dillon Browen (Big Lake) 15-5, 8th. (TF-1.5 4:30 (15-0))
3rd: Sam Nistler (Eden Valley-Watkins) 16-7, 7th. over Alex Nelson (Kimball) 2-2, Fr. (Fall 2:35)
5th: Tyler Hawker (Milaca-Faith Christian) 18-10, Fr. over Tommy Schroeder (Mora) 4-6, Fr. (Fall 3:44)
1st Place – Zach Marshall of Princeton
2nd Place – Cole Ackerman of Sauk Rapids-Rice
3rd Place – Andy Johnson of Saint Cloud Tech
4th Place – Cody Leither of Kimball
5th Place – Alex Vait of Foley
6th Place – William Danilyuk of Milaca-Faith Christian
1st: Zach Marshall (Princeton) 16-12, 8th. over Cole Ackerman (Sauk Rapids-Rice) 18-12, 8th. (Dec 4-3)
3rd: Andy Johnson (Saint Cloud Tech) 14-3, 8th. over Cody Leither (Kimball) 2-2, 8th. (Fall 3:48)
5th: Alex Vait (Foley) 11-1, Fr. over William Danilyuk (Milaca-Faith Christian) 8-13, 8th. (Fall 1:30)
1st Place – Michael Moulzolf of Foley
2nd Place – Aiden Olson of Royalton-Upsala
3rd Place – Malachi Kolhoff of Princeton
4th Place – Dylan Dircks of Becker
5th Place – Diesel Smith of Milaca-Faith Christian
6th Place – Jared Carlson of Eden Valley-Watkins
1st: Michael Moulzolf (Foley) 10-1, Fr. over Aiden Olson (Royalton-Upsala) 19-9, Fr. (Fall 0:53)
3rd: Malachi Kolhoff (Princeton) 3-1, Fr. over Dylan Dircks (Becker) 9-9, Fr. (Dec 6-0)
5th: Diesel Smith (Milaca-Faith Christian) 6-4, 8th. over Jared Carlson (Eden Valley-Watkins) 18-15, 8th. (Fall 3:00)
1st Place – Caden Dewall of Becker
2nd Place – Tim Johnson of Pine City/Hinkley-Finlayson
3rd Place – Tyler Dehmer of Big Lake
4th Place – Mitchel Loehrer of Kimball
5th Place – Andrew Knutson of Foley
6th Place – Logan Rodebush of Sartell-Saint Stephen
1st: Caden Dewall (Becker) 18-6, Fr. over Tim Johnson (Pine City/Hinkley-Finlayson) 5-10, 8th. (Dec 8-1)
3rd: Tyler Dehmer (Big Lake) 18-7, 8th. over Mitchel Loehrer (Kimball) 2-2, Fr. (Fall 1:27)
5th: Andrew Knutson (Foley) 10-1, Fr. over Logan Rodebush (Sartell-Saint Stephen) 13-5, . (Dec 5-0)
1st Place – Joe Javonovich of Foley
2nd Place – Bryce Salgren of Milaca-Faith Christian
3rd Place – Mason Liestman of Paynesville Area
4th Place – Maxwell Secord of Holdingford
5th Place – Bryce Kushel of Becker
6th Place – Rieley Mullen of Big Lake
1st: Joe Javonovich (Foley) 8-2, Fr. over Bryce Salgren (Milaca-Faith Christian) 11-11, Fr. (Fall 1:52)
3rd: Mason Liestman (Paynesville Area) 2-1, 8th. over Maxwell Secord (Holdingford) 20-9, Fr. (Fall 1:29)
5th: Bryce Kushel (Becker) 7-4, 8th. over Rieley Mullen (Big Lake) 13-12, 8th. (Fall 1:46)
1st Place – Vince Dailey of Big Lake
2nd Place – Dylan Nelson of Mora
3rd Place – Austin Donnay of Kimball
4th Place – Kaden Olsen of Princeton
5th Place – Jackson Poetz of Saint Cloud Tech
6th Place – Brandt Mollet of Milaca-Faith Christian
1st: Vince Dailey (Big Lake) 15-3, Fr. over Dylan Nelson (Mora) 9-4, Fr. (Fall 2:49)
3rd: Austin Donnay (Kimball) 2-1, Fr. over Kaden Olsen (Princeton) 17-5, 8th. (Fall 2:58)
5th: Jackson Poetz (Saint Cloud Tech) 8-7, 8th. over Brandt Mollet (Milaca-Faith Christian) 9-8, Fr. (Fall 1:28)
1st Place – Jack Wolfe of Foley
2nd Place – Ashton Hanan of Kimball
3rd Place – Kaden Danford of Saint Cloud Tech
4th Place – Carter Mathies of Eden Valley-Watkins
5th Place – Theron Dohm of Sartell-Saint Stephen
6th Place – Dylan Kolby of Becker
1st: Jack Wolfe (Foley) 11-1, Fr. over Ashton Hanan (Kimball) 2-1, 8th. (Fall 2:01)
3rd: Kaden Danford (Saint Cloud Tech) 9-6, Fr. over Carter Mathies (Eden Valley-Watkins) 19-15, Fr. (Fall 0:49)
5th: Theron Dohm (Sartell-Saint Stephen) 7-2, Fr. over Dylan Kolby (Becker) 7-13, 7th. (Fall 1:18)
1st Place – Carter Holtz of Kimball
2nd Place – Greg Miller of Foley
3rd Place – Austin Wensman of Royalton-Upsala
4th Place – Sam Harren of Holdingford
5th Place – Dom Adams of Mora
6th Place – Kieth Ellingson of Princeton
1st: Carter Holtz (Kimball) 4-0, 8th. over Greg Miller (Foley) 10-2, Fr. (Dec 4-0)
3rd: Austin Wensman (Royalton-Upsala) 13-3, Fr. over Sam Harren (Holdingford) 20-9, 8th. (Dec 3-2)
5th: Dom Adams (Mora) 4-3, . over Kieth Ellingson (Princeton) 17-5, 8th. (Dec 7-0)
1st Place – Bodee Zens of Milaca-Faith Christian
2nd Place – Justin Matson of Pine City/Hinkley-Finlayson
3rd Place – Nicholas Bowen of Kimball
4th Place – Bryce Holm of Royalton-Upsala
5th Place – Alex Hanrahan of Big Lake
6th Place – Levi Henry of Foley
1st: Bodee Zens (Milaca-Faith Christian) 14-7, Fr. over Justin Matson (Pine City/Hinkley-Finlayson) 5-1, 8th. (Fall 2:10)
3rd: Nicholas Bowen (Kimball) 2-1, 8th. over Bryce Holm (Royalton-Upsala) 7-11, 7th. (Fall 1:15)
5th: Alex Hanrahan (Big Lake) 13-8, 8th. over Levi Henry (Foley) 2-7, Fr. (Inj. 0:00)
1st Place – Elijah Novak of Foley
2nd Place – Mason Novitzki of Royalton-Upsala
3rd Place – Brody Ash of Milaca-Faith Christian
4th Place – Spencer Gustin of Saint Cloud Tech
5th Place – Sam Udstuen of Mora
6th Place – Brandon Doll of Holdingford
1st: Elijah Novak (Foley) 10-1, 8th. over Mason Novitzki (Royalton-Upsala) 10-15, Fr. (Fall 1:30)
3rd: Brody Ash (Milaca-Faith Christian) 8-12, Fr. over Spencer Gustin (Saint Cloud Tech) 8-8, Fr. (Fall 4:00)
5th: Sam Udstuen (Mora) 13-12, Fr. over Brandon Doll (Holdingford) 20-17, Fr. (Fall 2:21)

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