PEM Invitational

PEM Invitational
1 Plainview Elgin Millville 199.0
2 Caledonia-Houston 164.0
3 Lewiston-Altura/Rushford-Peterson 132.0
4 Lake City 124.0
5 Wabasha Kellogg 121.0
6 Austin 111.5
7 Byron 106.0
8 Winona 97.0
9 LaCrescent 83.5
10 Cochrane Fountain City 77.5
11 Eau Claire North 63.0
12 Burnsville 32.0
13 Richfield 30.0
14 Fillmore C-Lanesboro-M-C 22.0

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Outstanding Wrestler – Mason Phillips – Eau Claire North
Most Pins Least Time – Isaac Arjes – Austin

1st Place – Maxwell Petersen of Byron
2nd Place – Ross Herber of LARP
3rd Place – Joey Schreier of LaCrescent
4th Place – Tucker Ginther of Caledonia-Houston
5th Place – Mason West of Lake City
6th Place – Eddie Lopez of Byron
7th Place – Logan Henningson of Winona
8th Place – Jacob Tapp of Austin
1st: Maxwell Petersen (Byron) 23-2, 8th. over Ross Herber (LARP) 18-5, So. (Dec 11-9)
3rd: Joey Schreier (LaCrescent) 18-8, 8th. over Tucker Ginther (Caledonia-Houston) 12-8, 7th. (Dec 5-1)
5th: Mason West (Lake City) 13-7, So. over Eddie Lopez (Byron) 8-9, 8th. (Dec 6-4)
7th: Logan Henningson (Winona) 14-9, 7th. over Jacob Tapp (Austin) 5-14, . (TF-1.5 4:41 (16-0))
1st Place – Ryan Henningson of Winona
2nd Place – Garrett Olson of Plainview Elgin Millville
3rd Place – Carter Jonsgaard of LARP
4th Place – Tristan Haque of Cochrane Fountain City
5th Place – Talon Freerken of Byron
6th Place – Nash Nelson of Lake City
7th Place – Chase Holtorf of Wabasha Kellogg
8th Place – Jacob Cripps of Caledonia-Houston
1st: Ryan Henningson (Winona) 24-0, So. over Garrett Olson (Plainview Elgin Millville) 14-10, Fr. (MD 15-2)
3rd: Carter Jonsgaard (LARP) 17-7, Fr. over Tristan Haque (Cochrane Fountain City) 15-8, Sr. (Fall 1:28)
5th: Talon Freerken (Byron) 8-7, So. over Nash Nelson (Lake City) 10-8, So. (Dec 8-4)
7th: Chase Holtorf (Wabasha Kellogg) 6-6, So. over Jacob Cripps (Caledonia-Houston) 9-8, Jr. (Dec 8-3)
1st Place – Mitchel Petersen of Byron
2nd Place – Nick Miller of Plainview Elgin Millville
3rd Place – Cale Anderson of Fillmore C-Lanesboro-M-C Wolves, MN
4th Place – Gable Speltz of LARP
5th Place – Joey Kozlowski of Lake City
6th Place – Parker Kline of Byron
7th Place – William Voigt of Richfield
8th Place – Zach Foley of Cochrane Fountain City
1st: Mitchel Petersen (Byron) 20-2, So. over Nick Miller (Plainview Elgin Millville) 20-5, Sr. (Fall 1:34)
3rd: Cale Anderson (Fillmore C-Lanesboro-M-C Wolves, MN) 11-8, Fr. over Gable Speltz (LARP) 13-7, Fr. (Inj. 0:00)
5th: Joey Kozlowski (Lake City) 10-8, Fr. over Parker Kline (Byron) 6-12, Fr. (Dec 7-0)
7th: William Voigt (Richfield) 10-10, Jr. over Zach Foley (Cochrane Fountain City) 14-10, Fr. (Inj. 0:00)
1st Place – Tanner Frank of Lake City
2nd Place – Cael Marx of Plainview Elgin Millville
3rd Place – Andrew Rothering of Cochrane Fountain City
4th Place – Connor Swetala of Richfield
5th Place – Ethan Johnson of Eau Claire North
6th Place – Tanner Sanderson of Wabasha Kellogg
7th Place – Jordan Scott of Burnsville
8th Place – Moo Thaw of Austin
1st: Tanner Frank (Lake City) 14-3, Sr. over Cael Marx (Plainview Elgin Millville) 23-5, Fr. (Dec 2-1)
3rd: Andrew Rothering (Cochrane Fountain City) 11-7, Sr. over Connor Swetala (Richfield) 21-4, Sr. (Inj. 0:00)
5th: Ethan Johnson (Eau Claire North) 14-8, So. over Tanner Sanderson (Wabasha Kellogg) 11-10, Jr. (Fall 3:00)
7th: Jordan Scott (Burnsville) 16-7, Jr. over Moo Thaw (Austin) 8-8, . (Inj. 0:00)
1st Place – Tate Murty of Cochrane Fountain City
2nd Place – Carter Duerkop of Eau Claire North
3rd Place – Nolan Rommel of Wabasha Kellogg
4th Place – Cooper Hofschulte of Plainview Elgin Millville
5th Place – Kolton Riser of LARP
6th Place – Cole Pehrson of Eau Claire North
7th Place – Drake Elling of Richfield
8th Place – Josh Laredo of Burnsville
1st: Tate Murty (Cochrane Fountain City) 19-2, Sr. over Carter Duerkop (Eau Claire North) 16-8, Jr. (MD 13-0)
3rd: Nolan Rommel (Wabasha Kellogg) 9-5, So. over Cooper Hofschulte (Plainview Elgin Millville) 13-13, Fr. (Dec 4-0)
5th: Kolton Riser (LARP) 2-1, So. over Cole Pehrson (Eau Claire North) 7-11, Sr. (MD 13-5)
7th: Drake Elling (Richfield) 10-11, Jr. over Josh Laredo (Burnsville) 4-13, Fr. (Dec 11-9)
1st Place – Mason Phillips of Eau Claire North
2nd Place – Max Dascher of Cochrane Fountain City
3rd Place – Tagen Miller of Wabasha Kellogg
4th Place – Gavin Osterhaus of Burnsville
5th Place – Joe Stucky of Plainview Elgin Millville
6th Place – Reese Riebel of LARP
7th Place – Matt Hughes of Richfield
8th Place – Aaron Francis of Caledonia-Houston
1st: Mason Phillips (Eau Claire North) 12-2, Sr. over Max Dascher (Cochrane Fountain City) 13-3, Jr. (MD 12-3)
3rd: Tagen Miller (Wabasha Kellogg) 22-3, Jr. over Gavin Osterhaus (Burnsville) 12-5, So. (Fall 1:13)
5th: Joe Stucky (Plainview Elgin Millville) 20-8, So. over Reese Riebel (LARP) 16-6, Sr. (Fall 1:39)
7th: Matt Hughes (Richfield) 16-12, Sr. over Aaron Francis (Caledonia-Houston) 5-12, Jr. (Fall 4:32)
1st Place – Kyle Cavanaugh of Caledonia-Houston
2nd Place – Jack Vaselaar of Winona
3rd Place – Dominic Jenkins of LARP
4th Place – Aiden Wilson of Austin
5th Place – Dylan Worrel of LaCrescent
6th Place – Elliot Mahn of Lake City
7th Place – Devin Beier of Wabasha Kellogg
8th Place – Austin Freerksen of Byron
1st: Kyle Cavanaugh (Caledonia-Houston) 16-3, Jr. over Jack Vaselaar (Winona) 22-3, Sr. (Dec 4-2)
3rd: Dominic Jenkins (LARP) 15-5, Jr. over Aiden Wilson (Austin) 15-8, . (Dec 10-8)
5th: Dylan Worrel (LaCrescent) 10-11, Jr. over Elliot Mahn (Lake City) 4-7, Sr. (Dec 9-4)
7th: Devin Beier (Wabasha Kellogg) 8-13, Jr. over Austin Freerksen (Byron) 14-5, Fr. (Inj. 0:00)
1st Place – Carter Marx of Plainview Elgin Millville
2nd Place – Isaac Denstad of Caledonia-Houston
3rd Place – Derek Meincke of Lake City
4th Place – Jon Frazier of Wabasha Kellogg
5th Place – Ty Mallicoat of LaCrescent
6th Place – Jacob Meyer of LARP
7th Place – Cole Carter of Austin
8th Place – Triston Larson of Burnsville
1st: Carter Marx (Plainview Elgin Millville) 22-5, Jr. over Isaac Denstad (Caledonia-Houston) 5-2, So. (Dec 7-2)
3rd: Derek Meincke (Lake City) 12-7, So. over Jon Frazier (Wabasha Kellogg) 6-10, Fr. (Dec 8-5)
5th: Ty Mallicoat (LaCrescent) 5-10, Jr. over Jacob Meyer (LARP) 1-2, 8th. (Fall 3:21)
7th: Cole Carter (Austin) 3-5, Sr. over Triston Larson (Burnsville) 3-14, Fr. (Fall 2:30)
1st Place – Zach Schneider of Caledonia-Houston
2nd Place – Cooper Holtorf of Wabasha Kellogg
3rd Place – Trevor Pomeroy of Winona
4th Place – Sam Puetz of LARP
5th Place – Thomas Frank of Lake City
6th Place – Chance Brady of Austin
7th Place – Connor Jones of Plainview Elgin Millville
1st: Zach Schneider (Caledonia-Houston) 17-1, Sr. over Cooper Holtorf (Wabasha Kellogg) 16-3, Sr. (Dec 10-5)
3rd: Trevor Pomeroy (Winona) 14-4, So. over Sam Puetz (LARP) 10-5, Sr. (Dec 5-0)
5th: Thomas Frank (Lake City) 9-8, So. over Chance Brady (Austin) 5-12, . (Dec 2-1)
7th: Connor Jones (Plainview Elgin Millville) 4-12, Jr. over () , . (Bye)
1st Place – Kyle Stahler of Byron
2nd Place – Colton Jorgenson of LaCrescent
3rd Place – Ryan Wagner of Caledonia-Houston
4th Place – Martin Preito of Plainview Elgin Millville
5th Place – Ethan Sence of LARP
6th Place – Max Balow of Lake City
7th Place – Kaden Igou of Austin
8th Place – Michael Haller of Eau Claire North
1st: Kyle Stahler (Byron) 14-7, So. over Colton Jorgenson (LaCrescent) 14-3, Jr. (Fall 5:31)
3rd: Ryan Wagner (Caledonia-Houston) 8-4, Jr. over Martin Preito (Plainview Elgin Millville) 4-4, 8th. (Fall 0:37)
5th: Ethan Sence (LARP) 3-1, Jr. over Max Balow (Lake City) 6-7, 8th. (MD 14-5)
7th: Kaden Igou (Austin) 9-11, . over Michael Haller (Eau Claire North) 6-6, Sr. (Fall 0:59)
1st Place – Austin Rother of Plainview Elgin Millville
2nd Place – Noah Herber of LARP
3rd Place – Clayton Jorgenson of LaCrescent
4th Place – Lucas Birch of Byron
5th Place – Cody Irish of Wabasha Kellogg
6th Place – Vicente Deleon of Byron
7th Place – Spencer Stemper of Caledonia-Houston
8th Place – Devon Spencer of Burnsville
1st: Austin Rother (Plainview Elgin Millville) 17-3, Sr. over Noah Herber (LARP) 19-7, Jr. (MD 11-3)
3rd: Clayton Jorgenson (LaCrescent) 16-10, Jr. over Lucas Birch (Byron) 8-12, Jr. (Fall 4:21)
5th: Cody Irish (Wabasha Kellogg) 15-9, Sr. over Vicente Deleon (Byron) 1-11, Fr. (MD 9-1)
7th: Spencer Stemper (Caledonia-Houston) 8-9, Sr. over Devon Spencer (Burnsville) 0-8, Fr. (Fall 0:38)
1st Place – Payton Schott of Caledonia-Houston
2nd Place – Phillip Zynda of Austin
3rd Place – Jon Norgrant of Wabasha Kellogg
4th Place – Lance Thorn of Winona
5th Place – Ivan Vargas of Lake City
6th Place – Michael Barrett of Fillmore C-Lanesboro-M-C Wolves, MN
7th Place – Lucas Bednar of Austin
8th Place – Jerrett Berg of Burnsville
1st: Payton Schott (Caledonia-Houston) 6-2, Jr. over Phillip Zynda (Austin) 11-5, . (Dec 7-2)
3rd: Jon Norgrant (Wabasha Kellogg) 11-10, Jr. over Lance Thorn (Winona) 8-14, So. (MD 13-2)
5th: Ivan Vargas (Lake City) 11-6, Jr. over Michael Barrett (Fillmore C-Lanesboro-M-C Wolves, MN) 6-11, So. (MD 8-0)
7th: Lucas Bednar (Austin) 7-7, So. over Jerrett Berg (Burnsville) 7-10, Sr. (Fall 1:59)
1st Place – Isaac Arjes of Austin
2nd Place – Riley Wingert of Plainview Elgin Millville
3rd Place – Tyler Nachtigal of Winona
4th Place – Zach Bolyard of LaCrescent
5th Place – Mason Staggemeyer of Caledonia-Houston
6th Place – Albert Schuna of Lake City
7th Place – Devin Hollins of Eau Claire North
8th Place – Carter Wood of Burnsville
1st: Isaac Arjes (Austin) 3-0, . over Riley Wingert (Plainview Elgin Millville) 17-7, So. (Fall 1:54)
3rd: Tyler Nachtigal (Winona) 14-6, So. over Zach Bolyard (LaCrescent) 11-7, Sr. (Dec 6-3)
5th: Mason Staggemeyer (Caledonia-Houston) 3-3, Sr. over Albert Schuna (Lake City) 2-2, So. (Fall 5:01)
7th: Devin Hollins (Eau Claire North) 4-6, So. over Carter Wood (Burnsville) 3-13, Sr. (TB-1 4-2)
1st Place – Elijah Marks of Austin
2nd Place – Brent Robley of Caledonia-Houston
3rd Place – Logan Wingert of Plainview Elgin Millville
4th Place – Alec Francis of Caledonia-Houston
5th Place – Ben Tentis of Wabasha Kellogg
6th Place – Enrique Martinez of Austin
7th Place – Nick Hudson of Burnsville
8th Place – Zander Rusert of Winona
1st: Elijah Marks (Austin) 17-3, . over Brent Robley (Caledonia-Houston) 6-1, Sr. (Fall 1:04)
3rd: Logan Wingert (Plainview Elgin Millville) 15-8, So. over Alec Francis (Caledonia-Houston) 5-3, So. (Fall 1:43)
5th: Ben Tentis (Wabasha Kellogg) 13-9, Sr. over Enrique Martinez (Austin) 6-6, Jr. (Dec 4-1)
7th: Nick Hudson (Burnsville) 6-7, Sr. over Zander Rusert (Winona) 5-14, Fr. (Fall 1:32)