Pipestone Area’s Suda is super-talented in wrestling

PIPESTONE — Michael Suda arrived in the United States from Ethiopia as a grade schooler, and upon enrolling in the Pipestone Area public school system he soon learned that he could wrestle other kids and be applauded for it.

“To be fighting other kids is something I kind of like,” said the Arrow senior recently. “To be able to do it without getting in trouble makes me feel even better.”

Before organized wrestling beckoned to him, young Suda enjoyed wrestling with his friends. But it was the usual roughhousing that kids do. But in Pipestone, he learned to win titles. Years later, when he entered high school, he won more titles.

Suda, who also is a state-caliber cross country runner, won state wrestling championships in both his sophomore and junior seasons at PAHS, right alongside his teammate and friend, Hunter Burnett, another two-time state titleist. This year, as a senior, Suda is rated No. 1 in Class A in the 126-pound weight class, and Burnett is rated No. 2 at 132. View/continue reading at www.dglobe.com

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