Simley 56 Hastings 10

Simley 56 Hastings 10
106-Corey Primeau (SIM) win by Dec over Z Hallis (HAS) 8-4
113-Zac Miller (SIM) win by Dec over C Mader (HAS) 2-0
120-Cael Berg (SIM) win by MD over M Myers (HAS) 15-5
126-Gavin Nelson (SIM) win by fall over J Schumacher (HAS) 1:01
132-Jake Gliva (SIM) win by fall over B Weber (HAS) 2:46
138-Antonio Everett (SIM) win by Dec over M Wilson (HAS) 6-3
145-Nolan Wanzek (SIM) win by fall over R Zeitlow (HAS) 3:18
152-Quayin Short (SIM) win by Dec over C Leflay (HAS) 10-4
160-Jacob Hageman (SIM) win by MD over A O’Connor (HAS) 11-2
170-Bennett Tabor (SIM) win by fall over G Peeples (HAS) 5:29
182-Blake Holzem (SIM) loss by MD to TJ Pottinger (HAS) 19-6
195-Freddy Rivera (SIM) loss by MFF to T Rogers (HAS)
220-Greg Kerkvliet (SIM) win by fall over D Guck (HAS) :18
285-Luke Zaiser (SIM) win by fall over L Chamberlain (HAS) 1:07

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