2018 Big 12 Wrestling Championships

2018 Big 12 Wrestling Championships results. March 3-4 at Tulsa, Okla.

1. Oklahoma State (4) – 137
2. Northern Iowa (2) – 96.5
3. South Dakota State (2) – 94
4. Wyoming (2) – 82.5
5. North Dakota State – 57
6. Oklahoma – 52
7. Iowa State – 51
8. Utah Valley – 50.5
9. West Virginia – 50
10. Northern Colorado – 30.5
11. Fresno State – 26.5
12. Air Force – 22.5
Note: Number of individual champions in parentheses

Final Brackets

Brackets/Results on arena.flowrestling.org

*NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships Automatic Qualifiers in Bold

125 LBS
1st Nick Piccininni (Oklahoma State) F Zeke Moisey (West Virginia), 1:11
3rd Taylor Lamont (Utah Valley) DEC Jay Schwarm (Northern Iowa), 6-4
5th Connor Brown (South Dakota State) DEC Christian Moody (Oklahoma), 8-3
7th Paul Bianchi (North Dakota State) DEC Sean Williams (Fresno State), 9-4
133 LBS
1st Seth Gross (South Dakota State) DEC Kaid Brock (Oklahoma State), 8-5
3rd Montorie Bridges (Wyoming) DEC Matt Schmitt (West Virginia), 2-1
5th Cam Sykora (North Dakota State) TF Rico Montoya (Northern Colorado), 17-2 2:21
141 LBS
1st Bryce Meredith (Wyoming) DEC Dean Heil (Oklahoma State), 6-5
3rd Josh Alber (Northern Iowa) DEC Henry Pohlmeyer (South Dakota State), 5-3
5th Ian Parker (Iowa State) DEC Mike Longo (Oklahoma), 2-1
149 LBS
1st Boo Lewallen (Oklahoma State) DEC Max Thomsen (Northern Iowa), 9-3
3rd Jarrett Degen (Iowa State) TF Sam Turner (Wyoming), 20-5 6:41
5th Dane Robbins (Air Force) DEC Davion Jeffries (Oklahoma), 8-4
157 LBS
1st Archie Colgan (Wyoming) DEC Clay Ream (North Dakota State), 4-3
3rd Luke Zilverberg (South Dakota State) DEC Chase Straw (Iowa State), 2-0
5th Logan Ryan (Northern Iowa) DEC Alex Mossing (Air Force), 3-2
165 LBS
1st Chandler Rogers (Oklahoma State) DEC Andrew Fogarty (North Dakota State), 12-9
3rd Branson Ashworth (Wyoming) TF Keilan Torres (Northern Colorado), 18-0 2:46
5th Dawaylon Barnes (Oklahoma) MD Demetrius Romero (Utah Valley), 15-2
7th Isaiah Patton (Northern Iowa) NC Skyler St. John (Iowa State)
174 LBS
1st Taylor Lujan (Northern Iowa) DEC David Kocer (South Dakota State), 6-3
3rd Jacobe Smith (Oklahoma State) DEC Yoanse Mejias (Oklahoma), 6-4
5th Kimball Bastian (Utah Valley) MD Parker Vonegidy (West Virginia), 9-1
184 LBS
1st Drew Foster (Northern Iowa) DEC Dylan Gabel (Northern Colorado), 5-1
3rd Keegan Moore (Oklahoma State) MD Martin Mueller (South Dakota State), 13-5
5th Chaz Polson (Wyoming) TF Dane Pestano (Iowa State), 16-0 2:43
197 LBS
1st Nate Rotert (South Dakota State) DEC Jake Smith (West Virginia), 3-2
3rd Preston Weigel (Oklahoma State) DEC Jacob Holschlag (Northern Iowa), 8-4
5th Josh Hokit (Fresno State) DEC Andrew Dixon (Oklahoma), 3-1
285 LBS
1st Derek White (Oklahoma State) DEC Aj Nevills (Fresno State), 13-6
3rd Dustin Dennison (Utah Valley) DEC Marcus Harrington (Iowa State), 6-5
5th Dan Stibral (North Dakota State) F Carter Isley (Northern Iowa), 9:00

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