Maryville, Colorado School of Mines headline Division II All-Academic team; Four NCAA Champions Highlight Individual Honors

Manheim, Pennsylvania — It was a banner year for Division II wrestling programs as the National Wrestling Coaches Association released its annual All-Academic team and individual standings for the 2017-18 season.

With more than 300 individuals and 51 teams represented, it was the largest collective group of Division II athletes and teams ever named to the team.

“What we’ve seen across all levels of wrestling is the importance of the student part of the term student-athlete,” NWCA Executive Director Mike Moyer said. “Coaches around the country understand the importance to the health of our sport isn’t just putting out good wrestlers and winning championships, but providing an environment where we foster growth in the classroom and in turn, develop the next generation of teachers and coaches to continue that mindset.”

Colorado School of Mines led the honorees with 16 All-Academic selections, while Maryville was a close second with 15 honorees, followed by 13 Upper Iowa Peacocks and 12 apiece from the University of Indianapolis, Nebraska-Kearney and St. Cloud State. Team-wise, Maryville came out as the top individual team with an average GPA of 3.4532, edging Colorado School of Mines, which was second with an average of 3.4384.

Four NCAA Champions and a total of 36 All-Americans at the NCAA Division II Championships earned individual honors.  The four NCAA Champions included Bret Romanzak of Ashland, Noel Torres of Newman, Cody Law of Pitt-Johnstown, and Josh Walker of Upper Iowa.

In order for a student-athlete to be nominated to the Division II All-Academic Team, he must have a minimum 3.2 cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 scale, with that benchmark at 3.0 for those who qualified for the 2018 NCAA Division II Wrestling Championships. The athlete must also be in at least a second full year at his school, and have competed in a minimum of six dates of competition.

“Each college and university brings a special set of academic challenges to our educational system,” said Moyer. “What we’ve seen from our annual All-Academic teams is that among student-athletes, wrestlers are excelling in the classroom, and that’s not only great for their respective schools, but it’s also great for our respective sport as we continue to add new program after new program and emphasize the quality of student-athlete these schools can bring to their campuses,” said Moyer.

Twelve student-athletes on the All-Academic listing earned a 4.0 GPA, including three student-athletes each from Central Missouri and New Mexico Highlands. Coker, Lindenwood, Maryville, Nebraska-Kearney, West Liberty and the Indianapolis each also had a student-athlete post a 4.0 GPA.

Five student-athletes earned All-Academic honors for the fourth time in their career: Aero Amo (Augustana), Nick Crume (Indianapolis), Hunter Haralson (Lindenwood), Travis Holt (St. Cloud State), and Damon Sims (Pitt.-Johnstown).

Top 20 All-Academic Teams

Rank Institution Team GPA
1 Maryville 3.4532
2 Colorado School of Mines 3.4384
3 Limestone College 3.3422
4 University of Indianapolis 3.2921
5 Coker College 3.2855
6 Belmont Abbey 3.2342
7 Findlay 3.1817
8 Lindenwood 3.1531
9 Minnesota State-Mankato 3.1469
10 East Stroudsburg 3.1332
11 Newman 3.1254
12 LIU Post 3.1191
13 Northern State 3.1034
14 Western State Colorado 3.0976
15 Drury 3.0918
16 Mary 3.0828
17 California Baptist 3.0776
18 Central Missouri 3.0766
19 Mercyhurst 3.0651
20 Colorado Mesa 3.0644

NWCA Division II All-Academic Individuals

Name School Yr Wgt Major
Morell, Dan Ashland Jr 125 Sport Management
Vidika, Sebastian Ashland Sr 125 Philosophy
Fenner, Jerry Ashland Jr 133 Sport Management
Wilcox, Justin Ashland Fr 133 Integrated Social Studies
Diven, John Ashland RSr 149 MBA
Hall, Garrett Ashland So 157 Business management
Romanzak, Bret Ashland Jr 165 Finance
Price, Christian Ashland So 174 Accounting
Murphy, Jordan Ashland Sr 184 MBA
Ramirez, Oscar Augustana (S.D.) Sr 149 Spanish
Neises, Bailey Augustana (S.D.) So 157 Exercise Science
Bye, Regan Augustana (S.D.) So 165 Elementary Education
Kelvington, Ben Augustana (S.D.) RFr 165 Biochemistry
Amo, Aero Augustana (S.D.) Sr 184 Nursing
Bishop, Daniel Augustana (S.D.) Fr 184 Biology
Fletcher, Connor Bellarmine Fr 157 History and Environmental Studies
Hanson, Clayton Bellarmine Fr 157 Psychology
Sams, Andrew Bellarmine Fr 165 Secondary Education: Math
McCorckle, Josh Bellarmine Fr 285 Music and Political Science
Sheridan, Daniel Bellarmine Jr 285 Actuarial Science and Economics
Spano, Christopher Bellarmine Fr Exercise Science
Payne, Justin Belmont Abbey Fr 125 Undeclared
Gregor, Troy Belmont Abbey Jr 141 Business Management
Glunt, Jake Belmont Abbey Sr 174 Business Management
Glunt, Luke Belmont Abbey Jr 184 Biology
Girard, Brian Belmont Abbey Jr 197 Biology
Kistler, Nolan California Baptist Sr 174 Criminal Justice
Strang, Garrett California Baptist So 197 Civil Engineering
Schridde, Zachary Central Missouri Sr 141 BS Engineering Technology
Brunnert, Martin Central Missouri So 174 BS Construction Management
Person, Allan Central Missouri Sr 174 BS Engineering Technology
Best, Braden Central Missouri RSo 184 BS Biology
Hampton, Dominique Central Missouri So 197 BS Digital Media Production
Morris, Ryan Central Missouri Fr 285 BS Criminal Justice
Karst, Chance Chadron State RFr 133 Rangeland Management
Miller, Joshua Chadron State Jr 141 Rangeland Management
Thumm, Brock Chadron State Jr 141 Education
Haskell, Caleb Chadron State Fr 149 Education
Navarro, Chris Coker Fr 125 Biology (Pre-Medical)
Crabtree, Drew Coker Fr 133 Elementary Education
Kieta,Matthew Coker So 149 Biology (Pre-Medical)
Maund, Ian Coker Fr 174 Undeclared
Garlow, Jordon Coker Sr 184 Business Administration (Sport Management)
Peguero, Luis Coker Sr 197 Business Administration (Management)
Parland, Robert Coker Gr 285 College Athletic Administration
Wilson, Jeremy Coker So 285 Biology (Pre-Medical)
Lewis, Channing Colorado Mesa Sr 125 Landman/energy management
McDaniel, Michael Colorado Mesa Jr 133 Sport Management
Farina, Marc Colorado Mesa So 141 Landman/Energy Management
VanHoose, Daniel Colorado Mesa Fr 141 Pre-mechanical engineering
Buhr, Jason Colorado Mesa Jr 165 Exercise Science
Negus, Donnie Colorado Mesa So 174 Health and Fitness Promotion
Nicoletti, Bruno Colorado Mesa Sr 174 Finance
Mooring, Hunter Colorado Mesa Fr 197 Pre-nursing
Gracia, Zachary Colorado School of Mines Sr 125 Electrical Engineering
Stogdill, Jake Colorado School of Mines Fr 125 Civil Engineering
Woods, Jake Colorado School of Mines So 133 Civil Engineering
Erickson, Lukas Colorado School of Mines Jr 141 Mechanical Engineering
Carpenter, Ryan Colorado School of Mines RJr 149 Mechanical Engineering
Ottum, Noah Colorado School of Mines Fr 149 Engineering Physics
Damenti, Jonathon Colorado School of Mines Fr 157 Undecided
Ruby, Ethan Colorado School of Mines Sr 157 Electrical Engineering
Hinkle, Andrew Colorado School of Mines Fr 174 Electrical Engineering
Shelton, Trenton Colorado School of Mines Fr 174 Petroleum Engineering
Saunders, Brandon Colorado School of Mines Jr 184 Mechanical Engineering
Ventura, Connor Colorado School of Mines Fr 184 Electrical Engineering
Saunders, Brandon Colorado School of Mines Jr 197 Mechanical Engineering
Spallino, Anthony Colorado School of Mines So 197 Mechanical Engineering
Feldman, Jacob Colorado School of Mines RJr 285 Engineering Physics
Hunt, Weston Colorado School of Mines Fr 285 Civil Engineering
Seaton, Josiah Colorado State-Pueblo Jr 125 Accounting
Fantin, Kyle Colorado State-Pueblo Gr 157 EXHPR (Recreation)
Otis, Seth Drury Fr 141 Undecided
Stahlman, Ben Drury So 157 Organizational and Leadership Communication
Taylor, Grant Drury So 165 Architecture
Brune, Jacob Drury Fr 174 Marketing
Clines, Trenton Drury RFr 174 Finance/Accounting
Oss, John Drury Sr 184 Management
Curnutt, Cody Drury Fr 285 Biochemistry
Melton, Ben Drury Jr 285 Secondary Education
Cohen, Blake East Stroudsburg RJr 149 Health & Physical Education
Silva, Christian East Stroudsburg Sr 157 Exercise Science
Makagon, Daniel East Stroudsburg So 197 Exercise Science
Stewart, Michael Findlay Sr 133 Strength & Conditioning
Turner, Alonzo Findlay Sr 165 Business Management
Vandermeer, Nathan Findlay So 174 Undeclared
Metz, Bradley Findlay Sr 184 Biology
Beck, Gerald Findlay Sr 285 Physical Therapy
Lytle, Mimmo Findlay Sr 285 Health & Physical Education
Cole, Conrad Fort Hays State Jr 125 Finance
Carney, Dy’Juan Fort Hays State Sr 133 Math
Ball, Brandon Fort Hays State Jr 141 Technology Studies
Lewis, Brody Fort Hays State Fr 157 Agriculture
Robinson, Micquille Fort Hays State Sr 184 Technology Studies
Dean, Rakim Fort Hays State Sr 197 Health and Human Performance
Hertel, Austin Gannon Fr 133 Biology
Ciotti, Carmine Gannon So 141 Finance
Messai,Faris Gannon So 149 Accounting
Ciotti, Giovanni Gannon Jr 157 Accounting
Day, Connor Gannon Fr 157 Pre med
Felkins, Brandon Gannon Fr 157 Criminal justice
Sample,Jared Gannon Sr 165 Sport and ex science
Crawford, Louis Gannon Sr 174 Criminal justice
Smith, DJ Indianapolis RJr 125 Health & Physical Education
Hurst, Dillon Indianapolis So 133 Exercise Science
Crume, Nick Indianapolis Sr 141 Sport Management
McKinney, Matt Indianapolis So 141 Finance
Smiley, Evan Indianapolis Jr 141 Political Science
Lange, Heath Indianapolis Jr 157 Finance
Vaughn, Tony Indianapolis So 157 Nursing
Robbins, Austin Indianapolis RSo 165 Biology Pre-Med
Waters, JD Indianapolis Jr 165 Exercise Science
Kriech, Luke Indianapolis Sr 174 Actuarial Science
Conner, Brody Indianapolis So 184 Business Mgmt & Administration
Wagner, Brian Indianapolis Jr 197 Exercise Science
Killian, Bryce King Sr 141 Business
Seay, Elijah King So 197 Mathematics
Glogouski, Blake Lake Erie So 125 Sport Management & Sport Studies
Glogouski, Forrest Lake Erie Sr 125 Business Administration
O’Hearon, Sean Lake Erie Fr 141 Marketing & Entrepreneurship
Siemaz, John Lake Erie Fr 149 Criminal Justice
Corbett, Majid Limestone So 125 Sport Management
Rose, Matthew Limestone So 141 Business
DiCarlo, Devin Limestone Fr 149 Business
Leitten, Nicholas Limestone Sr 149 Business
Reggler, Raekwon Limestone Jr 174 Psychology
Sandlin, Jimmy Limestone Sr 174 Professional Biology
Wilson, Daquon Limestone Sr 174 Social Work
Grizzle, Parker Limestone So 184 Strength and Conditioning
Rudy, Matthew Limestone Jr 197 Strength and Conditioning
Bland, Daniel Limestone So 285 Sport Management
Haralson, Hunter Lindenwood RSr 133 Exercise Science
Heil, Derek Lindenwood Jr 141 Biological Sciences
Trepanier, Nathaniel Lindenwood Fr 149 Biological Sciences
Bogar, Timothy Lindenwood So 157 Accounting
Stofer, Austin Lindenwood Fr 165 Business Administration
Kristin, Patrick Lindenwood Jr 184 Criminal Justice & Public Health
Borgmeyer, Jacob Lindenwood Sr 285 Elementary Education
Conetta, Nicholas LIU Post Fr 125 Health Education & Physical Education
Sparacio, Anthony LIU Post So 133 Criminal Justice
Calderone, Joseph LIU Post Sr 141 Physical Education
Espineira, Daniel LIU Post Fr 149 Business Administration
Nichols, Ryan LIU Post Fr 157 Undecided
Arkow, Dan LIU Post Jr 174 Health Sciences
Malico, Mark LIU Post Fr 184 Accountancy
McClure, Daniel LIU Post So 184 Criminal Justice
Humann, Nate Mary Sr 125 Elementary Education
Barnhardt, Tate Mary Jr 133 Biology
Huff, Noah Mary Jr 141 Athletic Training
Leatherman, Chris Mary So 157 Business Administration
Jaime, Gerardo Mary Fr 197 Sport and Leisure Management
Kreith, Tyler Maryville Fr 125 Finance
Singh, Jaret Maryville Sr 125 business administration
Jokerst, Taylor Maryville Fr 133 biochemistry
Waggoner, Alex Maryville So 133 Exercise Science
Roak, Will Maryville So 141 education
Krischke, James Maryville Sr 149 business administration
Peters, Mike Maryville Fr 149 exercise science
Swaney, Derrick Maryville Sr 157 Business/ finance
McGhee, Nick Maryville So 165 biomedical sciences
Anderson, John Maryville RFr 174 Exercise Science
Harrington, Tyler Maryville RSo 174 education
Vasilev, Mladen Maryville So 174 cyber security
Kelly, Baily Maryville Fr 184 education
Radik, Logan Maryville Fr 285 undeclared
Sherertz, Ethan Maryville Jr 285 education
Povlick, Marcus Mckendree So 125 BS–Math
Braunagel, Jarrid Mckendree So 141 BA–Math/Finance and Actuary
Kemper, Isaiah Mckendree Jr 149 BS Exercise Science and Sports Performance
Strope, Ryan Mckendree 157 Masters in Business Administration
Foster, Nick Mckendree So 174 BA–Math
Bartos, Eric Mercyhurst Fr 125 Finance Accounting
Burke, Aidan Mercyhurst Fr 133 Biology
Grass, Logan Mercyhurst So 149 Biology
Watkins, Owen Mercyhurst Fr 157 Early Childhood and Special Education
Breeden, Zachary Mercyhurst So 174 Bio-Chemistry
Konyk, Nick Mercyhurst So 174 Biology
Phipps, Wes Mercyhurst Sr 197 Criminal Justice Administration
Robb, Jacob Mercyhurst Fr 285 Biology
Constantine, Kevin Millersville Fr 141 Chemistry
Worley, Keegan Millersville Sr 141 English Education
Decker, Seth Millersville Sr 157 Technology and Engineering Ed
Heng, Anthony Minnesota State-Mankato Fr 141 Mechanical Engineering
Rathman, Kyle Minnesota State-Mankato Fr 141 Interdisciplinary Studies
Herman, Dylan Minnesota State-Mankato Sr 157 Management
Kinney, Etienne Minnesota State-Mankato Fr 157 Psychology
Elwood, Seth Minnesota State-Mankato Jr 165 Psychology
Johnston, Zach Minnesota State-Mankato So 165 Management
Abernathy, Corey Minnesota State-Mankato Sr 184 Psychology; Philosophy, Politics & Economics
Zimmer, Chris Minnesota State-Mankato Sr 285 Mechanical Engineering
Berry, Zach Minot State So 157 Biology
Osterman, Parker Minot State So 174 Athletic Training
Berry, Keegan Minot State So 184 Geology
Dean, James Rader Nebraska-Kearney So 133 Sports Management
Bizzle, Jeff Nebraska-Kearney Jr 141 Exercise Science
Killingsworth, Jonathan Nebraska-Kearney RFr 141 Business Administration
Harrington, Seth Nebraska-Kearney Sr 157 Recrecation Park Tourism Mgmt.
Hernandez, Dakota Nebraska-Kearney So 157 Psychology
Johnson, Walker Nebraska-Kearney So 157 Physics
Malcom, Matt Nebraska-Kearney Fr 157 Deciding
Stodden, Zach Nebraska-Kearney RJr 174 Elementary Education K-6
Deaton, Isacc Nebraska-Kearney Jr 184 Construction Management
Bila, Chace Nebraska-Kearney Sr 197 Exercise Science
Searle, Logan Nebraska-Kearney So 197 Chemistry 7-12
Radik, Brady Nebraska-Kearney Jr 285 Exercise Science
Gaylor, Jack New Mexico Highlands Gr 125 Human Performance & Sport
Garcia, Isaac New Mexico Highlands Fr 133 Pre-Proffesional Health
Logan, John Pine New Mexico Highlands Jr 141 Business Administration, Marketing
Michel, Allen New Mexico Highlands So 165 Political Science, Law
Yara, Kenneth New Mexico Highlands Jr 174 Pre-Professional Health
Betchloff, Jonathan New Mexico Highlands Gr 184 Human Performance of Sport, Sports Administration
Neal, Austin Newberry Fr 125 Biology
Crocker, Austin Newberry Jr 184 Criminology
Eremita, Vincent Newman Fr 133 Nursing
Mies, Tyler Newman Sr 157 Healthcare Science
Torres, Noel Newman Sr 184 MBA
Stoneberger, Jacob Newman So 197 Biology
Balavage, Thor Newman So 285 Nursing
Castellanos, Cortez Northern State Fr 125 Human Performance and Fitness
Holtan, Billy Northern State So 149 Biology
Perryman, Blake Northern State Sr 165 Human Performance and Fitness
Lura, Riley Northern State So 184 Business
Horn, Justice Northern State So 285 Business
McClay, Ivan Notre Dame Sr 125 Social Studies
Bavery, David Notre Dame Sr 133 Sports Mgmt.
Walker, Drew Notre Dame Sr 141 Sports Management
Silva, Fernando Notre Dame So 157 Education
Dailey, Anthony Notre Dame Sr 165 Education
Vezzetti, Antonio Notre Dame So 184 Education
George, Dalton Ohio Valley RJr 174 Magt. and Production Eng.
Law, Cody Pitt-Johnstown Sr 157 Psychology
Sims Jr. Damon Pitt-Johnstown Sr 285 Business Marketing
Vu, Brandon San Francisco State Jr 125 English Education
Clem, Kurtis San Francisco State Fr 149 Dietetics
Boutain, Mason San Francisco State RFr 157 Nursing
Pichedwatana, Justin San Francisco State So 174 Sociology
Rosales, Elias San Francisco State Fr 184 Nursing
Diltz, Alan Seton Hill So 133 Undecided
Cawoski, Joel Seton Hill Fr 141 Undecided
Alessandro, Joey Seton Hill Sr 149 Elementary Ed Pre K – Grade 4
Voytek, Zach Seton Hill Gr 157 MBA, Management Spec
Greenwald, Damon Seton Hill So 174 Biology – BS
Bowlen, Nathan Seton Hill So 184 Biology – BS
McChesney, Tommy Seton Hill Fr 184 Exercise Science, Health/Fitness
Temple, Jake Seton Hill Sr 197 Sociology
Reagan, David Shippensburg Jr 125 Marketing
Rush, Cole Shippensburg So 133 Biology
Brinkac, Sara Simon Fraser Fr 133 undeclared
Medvinsky, Nadia Simon Fraser Fr 157 undeclared
Curtis, Taylor Southwest Minnesota State Sr 125 exercise science
Butcher, Trent Southwest Minnesota State Sr 141 business management
Beaumaster, Zach Southwest Minnesota State Jr 149 justice administration
Arredondo, Cortez Southwest Minnesota State Jr 157 justice administration
Osing, Griffin Southwest Minnesota State Jr 174 physical education
Velasquez, Brett St. Cloud State Jr 125 Biomedical Science
Vos, Garrett St. Cloud State Fr 125 Criminal Justice
Oftedahl, Jarred St. Cloud State Sr 141 Liberal Studies
Roddick, John St. Cloud State RSo 141 Nursing
Swanson, Travis St. Cloud State Jr 141 Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering
Barzowski, Joshua St. Cloud State Fr 157 General Studies
Bomstad, Larry St. Cloud State Sr 157 Technology Management
Holt, Travis St. Cloud State Sr 157 Health and Physical Education
Fitzpatrick, Devin St. Cloud State Fr 165 General Business
Eischens, Kolton St. Cloud State So 174 Health and Physical Education
Nelson, Brady St. Cloud State So 184 Criminal Justice
Reigstad, Brady St. Cloud State Fr 285 Technology Management
LaVearn, Bryan Tiffin So 141 Homeland Security/Terrorism
Boyd, Chase Tiffin Sr 174 Management
Komotos, Luke Truman State Sr 174 Exercise Science
Reeves, Sam Truman State Jr 197 Exercise Science
Daggett, Nick UNC Pembroke Fr 125 Biology
Hnasko, Ethan UNC Pembroke Fr 133 Business Administration
Makosy, Tyler UNC Pembroke Jr 149 Exercise and Sport Science
Joyner, Eric UNC Pembroke Sr 157 Criminal Justice
Milks, Eric UNC Pembroke RSr 157 Criminal Justice
Walker, Josh Upper Iowa Sr 133 Business Administration
Prochaska, Tanner Upper Iowa Fr 149 Psychology
Nelson, Dalton Upper Iowa Fr 157 Conservation Management
Spotts, Mac Upper Iowa Fr 157 Ag Business
Black, Tucker Upper Iowa Jr 165 Ag Business
Nelson, Cody Upper Iowa Jr 165 Industrial Technology
Gundrum, Jordan Upper Iowa Jr 174 Information Systems
Gehling, Jamie Upper Iowa So 184 Ag Business
Hahn, Dalton Upper Iowa Fr 184 Ag Business
Baumler, Nick Upper Iowa So 197 Accounting
Sorensen, Brock Upper Iowa So 197 Industrial Technology
Hopp, Logan Upper Iowa Sr 285 Criminal Justice
Maloy, Aaron Upper Iowa Fr 285 Business Administration
Scoles, Brett UW-Parkside Sr 165 Health Professions
Price, Connor UW-Parkside Jr 184 Communications
Lehman, James UW-Parkside RJr 197 Psychology/Sociology
Arneson, Logan West Liberty Fr 141 Journalism
Cornell, Joshua West Liberty Jr 149 Health & Physical Education
Sutton, Tanner West Liberty Sr 149 MA Business Administration
Morgan, Chase West Liberty Fr 174 Undeclared
Ramsey, Jacob West Liberty
Duncan, Colby Western State Colorado RFr 133 Exercise Sport Science
Slaughter, Jason Western State Colorado So 157 Elementary Education
Pellow, Ryan Western State Colorado Sr 165 Biology
Self, Tyler Western State Colorado So 165 Biology
Thelen, Micahael Western State Colorado So 165 Business Administration
Supernaw, Brandon Western State Colorado Jr 174 Chemistry
Bunker, Ladd Western State Colorado Jr 184 Business Administration
Gonzales, Brendan Western State Colorado So 184 Business Administration
Price, Ben Western State Colorado Sr 197 Biology
Schmidt, Konnor Western State Colorado So 197 Business Administration
Deseriere, Sammy Western State Colorado Fr 285 Mathematics
Adkins, Logan Wheeling Jesuit So 141 Nursing
Donahue, Jared Wheeling Jesuit Fr 141 Biology
Driscoll, Keegan Wheeling Jesuit Jr 165 Engineering
Pasiuk, Aidan Wheeling Jesuit Fr 184 Exercise Science

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