2018 MN/USA Wrestling Junior Freestyle State

2018 MN/USA Wrestling Junior Freestyle State results. May 13th at Mayo Civic Center – Rochester.

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Junior – 106
1st Place – Koua Thao of East Side Wrestling Club
Junior – 120
1st Place – Ryan Henningson of Winona Wrestling
2nd Place – Ashton Clark of Northwest Wrestling Club
3rd Place – Javon Taschuk of Afton
4th Place – Ryan Borris of West Central Wrestling Club
5th Place – Jonathan Svobodny of Coon Rapids Mat Bandits Wrestl
6th Place – Yim-leej Yang of East Side Wrestling Club
1st: Ryan Henningson (Winona Wrestling) over Ashton Clark (Northwest Wrestling Club) Fall 5:19
3rd: Javon Taschuk (Afton) over Ryan Borris (West Central Wrestling Club) Fall 1:24
5th: Jonathan Svobodny (Coon Rapids Mat Bandits Wrestl) over Yim-leej Yang (East Side Wrestling Club) Dec 21-14
Junior – 126
1st Place – Dayne Morton of MN Elite
2nd Place – Nic Cantu of Albert Lea
3rd Place – Andrew Sanders of minnetonka
4th Place – Jordan Driscoll of Ham Lake
5th Place – Owen Bertram of Mongoose
6th Place – Ben Zierdt-Thorson of Guerrilla Wrestling Club
1st: Dayne Morton (MN Elite) over Nic Cantu (Albert Lea) TF 11-0
3rd: Andrew Sanders (minnetonka) over Jordan Driscoll (Ham Lake) Dec 12-4
5th: Owen Bertram (Mongoose) over Ben Zierdt-Thorson (Guerrilla Wrestling Club) TF 10-0
Junior – 132
1st Place – Drew Woodley of Northfield
2nd Place – Samuel Kulseth of Brotherhood Wrestling
3rd Place – Gabriel Degris of Coon Rapids Mat Bandits Wrestl
4th Place – Cody Sele of Frontier
Round Robin Matches
Drew Woodley (Northfield) over Gabriel Degris (Coon Rapids Mat Bandits Wrestl) TF 13-2
Drew Woodley (Northfield) over Samuel Kulseth (Brotherhood Wrestling) TF 18-7
Samuel Kulseth (Brotherhood Wrestling) over Gabriel Degris (Coon Rapids Mat Bandits Wrestl) TF 17-7
Junior – 138
1st Place – Clay Carlson of Willmar
2nd Place – Cade Lundeen of Frontier
3rd Place – Brock Luthens of Hutchinson
4th Place – Adam Mickelson of Apple Valley
5th Place – Prestin Bradley of Central mn
6th Place – Nick Pelach of Central mn
1st: Clay Carlson (Willmar) over Cade Lundeen (Frontier) TF 10-0
3rd: Brock Luthens (Hutchinson) over Adam Mickelson (Apple Valley) Dec 18-14
5th: Prestin Bradley (Central mn) over Nick Pelach (Central mn) Fall 5:33
Junior – 145
1st Place – Sebas Swiggum of Apple Valley
2nd Place – Bret Wilson of Rogers
3rd Place – Xavier Judge of Bloomington Wrestling Club
4th Place – Jake Davis of Frontier
5th Place – Luke Pelarski of Scoring Edge
6th Place – Yared Ansera of East Side Wrestling Club
1st: Sebas Swiggum (Apple Valley) over Bret Wilson (Rogers) TF 10-0
3rd: Xavier Judge (Bloomington Wrestling Club) over Jake Davis (Frontier) TF 12-2
5th: Luke Pelarski (Scoring Edge) over Yared Ansera (East Side Wrestling Club) TF 13-3
Junior – 152
1st Place – Brady Gross of Apple Valley
2nd Place – Cael Carlson of Willmar
3rd Place – Chandler Mooney of Frontier
4th Place – Moses Madimba of Coon Rapids Mat Bandits Wrestl
5th Place – Royce Hogue of Maple Grove
6th Place – Tucker Gifferson of Hutchinson
1st: Brady Gross (Apple Valley) over Cael Carlson (Willmar) Dec 21-16
3rd: Chandler Mooney (Frontier) over Moses Madimba (Coon Rapids Mat Bandits Wrestl) TF 10-0
5th: Royce Hogue (Maple Grove) over Tucker Gifferson (Hutchinson) Dec 12-11
Junior – 160
1st Place – Jacob Tvinnereim of Flat Earth
2nd Place – Willie Bastyr of Lakeville
3rd Place – Carter Marx of Guerrilla Wrestling Club
4th Place – Devin Roberts of Apple Valley
5th Place – Gavin Christoffersen of SSP
6th Place – Braydon Johnson of Brotherhood Wrestling
1st: Jacob Tvinnereim (Flat Earth) over Willie Bastyr (Lakeville) Dec 8-6
3rd: Carter Marx (Guerrilla Wrestling Club) over Devin Roberts (Apple Valley) Dec 4-1
5th: Gavin Christoffersen (SSP) over Braydon Johnson (Brotherhood Wrestling) Dec 9-8
Junior – 170
1st Place – Riley Habisch of Buffalo
2nd Place – Kelby O’Reilly of Guerrilla Wrestling Club
3rd Place – Isaiah Thompson of Northwest Wrestling Club
4th Place – Tallin Johnson of Southern Minnesota Wrestling C
5th Place – Tanner Wiese of Forest Lake
6th Place – Alex O’Connor of HASTINGS
1st: Riley Habisch (Buffalo) over Kelby O’Reilly (Guerrilla Wrestling Club) TF 12-1
3rd: Isaiah Thompson (Northwest Wrestling Club) over Tallin Johnson (Southern Minnesota Wrestling C) TF 10-0
5th: Tanner Wiese (Forest Lake) over Alex O’Connor (HASTINGS) TF 14-4
Junior – 182
1st Place – Zach Glazier of Albert Lea
2nd Place – Colton Krell of Stewartville
3rd Place – Calvin Sund of Prior Lake Wrestling Club
4th Place – Michael Nelson of Stewartville
5th Place – Cody Dravis of Northwest Wrestling Club
6th Place – Dylan Stewart of Aftershock Wrestling
1st: Zach Glazier (Albert Lea) over Colton Krell (Stewartville) TF 13-2
3rd: Calvin Sund (Prior Lake Wrestling Club) over Michael Nelson (Stewartville) Dec 14-13
5th: Cody Dravis (Northwest Wrestling Club) over Dylan Stewart (Aftershock Wrestling) TF 10-0
Junior – 195
1st Place – Trey Rogers of HASTINGS
2nd Place – Rowan Morgan of Mounds View Mustang Wrestling
3rd Place – Gabe Zierden of Thorn Brothers
4th Place – Brennan Rutt of New Prague
5th Place – Jordan Skadsem of Northwest Wrestling Club
6th Place – William Storch of Waterville
1st: Trey Rogers (HASTINGS) over Rowan Morgan (Mounds View Mustang Wrestling) TF 12-1
3rd: Gabe Zierden (Thorn Brothers) over Brennan Rutt (New Prague) TF 12-1
5th: Jordan Skadsem (Northwest Wrestling Club) over William Storch (Waterville) FF
Junior – 220
1st Place – Cole Fibranz of Central mn
2nd Place – Wyatt Kruse of RUM RIVER WRESTLING
3rd Place – Morgen Moreno of Westfield
4th Place – Antonio Davis of Park Wrestling
5th Place – Jake Erckenbrack of Northwest Wrestling Club
6th Place – Noah Johnson of Park Wrestling
1st: Cole Fibranz (Central mn) over Wyatt Kruse (RUM RIVER WRESTLING) Fall 1:18
3rd: Morgen Moreno (Westfield) over Antonio Davis (Park Wrestling) Fall 1:54
5th: Jake Erckenbrack (Northwest Wrestling Club) over Noah Johnson (Park Wrestling) TF 10-0
Junior – 285
1st Place – Kaleb Haase of Thor Wrestling
2nd Place – Gavin Layton of Coon Rapids Mat Bandits Wrestl
3rd Place – Mitchell Trigg of Central mn
4th Place – Noah Carter of Guerrilla Wrestling Club
5th Place – Nick Pierce of St. Francis
6th Place – Braden Willis of Mayhem Wrestling
1st: Kaleb Haase (Thor Wrestling) over Gavin Layton (Coon Rapids Mat Bandits Wrestl) TF 10-0
3rd: Mitchell Trigg (Central mn) over Noah Carter (Guerrilla Wrestling Club) TF 11-0
5th: Nick Pierce (St. Francis) over Braden Willis (Mayhem Wrestling) TF 11-1