Whole Again: Carter Nielsen On Recovering In Time To Make Two World Teams

Sometimes, things just click and life makes sense. Like Carter Nielsen (82 kg) deciding to attend Northern Michigan last year. Athletes, coaches, fans — “Greco people”, as it were — couldn’t help but be tantalized over the prospect of young Mr. Nielsen entering the world of full-time Greco-Roman competition, though not all of that was his own doing. Folks in and around the US had become very well acquainted with Nielsen’s older brother Zac during the latter’s time on the Senior circuit. Revered for his technical prowess and unflappable gameness, Zac was thought of as one of the best overall Greco practitioners in the country before he prematurely stepped away a few years ago. Carter portrays differences, has his own individual way of doing things; but just the fact that the Nielsen DNA is carrying on a presence in the sport has resulted in an optimistic brand of curiosity regarding what “little brother” might be capable of down the road.

Only “down the road” for Carter Nielsen doesn’t mean years from now. Because if you ask the man himself, he’ll tell you that he’s preparing to make his mark this year. This month. Continue reading at fivepointmove.com

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