College Recruiting: three-time state placewinner Geving to Itasca

Jace Geving of Deer River has committed to wrestling for Itasca next season.

Geving is a three-time state place winner. He was the Class A 120-pound third-place finisher this season. He placed fourth at 120 pounds as a junior and was runner-up at 113 pounds as a sophomore. As a freshman Geving was a state entrant at 113 pounds.

Itasca Head Coach Nick Wilkes said, “I’m excited to add some more local talent to the team and even more excited to watch Jace kick off his collegiate career as a Viking.”

Geving is projected to wrestle at 125 pounds for the Vikings.

The Guillotine Wrestler Files
Jace Geving, Deer River
2018 MN HS State Tournament 1A 12th 120 3rd 49-3
2017 Big Bear Tournament 1A 12th 120 2nd
2017 MN HS State Tournament 1A 11th 120 4th 33-6
2016 Big Bear Tournament 1A 11th 120 1st
2016 MN HS State Tournament 1A 10th 113 2nd 40-1
2015 Big Bear Tournament 1A 10th 113 1st
2015 MN HS State Tournament 1A 9th 113 DNP 36-6
2014 Big Bear Tournament 1A 9th 113 4th

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