Kerkvliet and Howard punch tickets to second-consecutive Cadet Worlds

AKRON, Ohio – Team USA’s Cadet World Team is completed after the Cadet Freestyle Trials wrapped up on Sunday afternoon with 10 talented, young athletes punching their tickets to the 2018 Cadet World Championships in Zagreb, Croatia, July 2-8.

Highlighting the 2018 squad are returning World Team members Daniel Kerkvliet at 110 kg and Robert Howard at 55 kg.

Kerkvliet will head to Croatia to defend his World title from 2017. In Akron, he went unscored on, winning three shutout technical falls to advance to the finals. There, Kerkvliet continued his dominance with two quick wins over Hunter Catka.

In May, Kerkvliet won a spot on the Junior World Team and will also represent the U.S. at Junior Worlds in Slovakia in September. Continue reading at

Cadet Freestyle World Team Trials Brackets/Results on

Cadet freestyle final results at Akron, Ohio, June 1-3

45 kg
1st – Chance Lamer (Orange Crush WC) def. Maxximus Martinez (Sunkist Kids Monster Garage), two matches to none
Bout one – Lamer dec. Martinez, 3-1
Bout two – Lamer dec. Martinez, 5-1

3rd – Stevo Poulin (Journeymen Wrestling Club) VPO1 Alex Almeyda (NYCRTC/EDGE), 6-2
5th – Jordan Williams (Threestyle Wrestling) VFA Casey Swiderski (BTWC), 2:17
7th – Eli Griffin (Threestyle Wrestling) VIN Drake Ayala (Sebolt Wrestling Academy)

48 kg
1st – Richard Figueroa II (Sunkist Kids Monster Garage) def. Kyle Rowan (Wrestling Factory of Cleveland), two matches to none
Bout one – Figueroa TF Rowan, 10-0
Bout two – Figueroa pin Rowan, 3:19

3rd – Sheldon Seymour (xcalibur) VPO Jacob Mann (USWA), 5-0
5th – Cole Skinner (USA-Ohio Wrestling) VSU Tommy Curran (Hurricane WC), 11-0
7th – Kase Mauger (Delchev Trained Academy) VSU Joe Scheeran (Journeymen Wrestling Club), 10-0

51 kg
1st – Matthew Ramos (Colt Wrestling) def. Anthony Ferrari (Best Trained Texas), two matches to none
Bout one – Ramos dec. Ferrari, 6-5
Bout two – Ramos dec. Ferrari, 6-1

3rd – Greg Diakomihalis (FLWC) VPO1 Cooper Flynn (McDonogh School), 8-1
5th – Carter Young (Team BIG) VFO Cullan Schriever (Sebolt Wrestling Academy)
7th – Tristan Lujan (Sons Of Thunder Academy) VPO1 Ryan Miller (Blairstown Wrestling Club), 4-1

55 kg
1st – Robert Howard (Titan Mercury/Bitetto Trained) def. Julian Tagg (USA-Ohio), two matches to none
Bout one – Howard dec. Tagg, 10-1
Bout two – Howard dec. Tagg, 4-1

3rd – Trevor Mastrogiovanni (Blairstown Wrestling Club) VSU Ryan Crookham (Lost Boys Wrestling Club), 10-0
5th – Teague Travis (Eierman Elite) VFA Dominick Serrano (Northern Colorado Wrestling Club), 3:57
7th – Maximo Renteria (Dethrone) VPO1 Dylan Ragusin (Izzy Style), 10-7

60 kg
1st – Joshua Saunders (Titan Mercury WC) def. Frankie Tal-shahar (SWAT), two matches to none
Bout one – Saunders win by forfeit over Tal-shahar
Bout two – Saunders dec. Tal-shahar, 8-3

3rd – Beau Bartlett (Sunkist Kids) VPO Ryan Franco (Darkhorse), 8-0
5th – Keegan O`toole (Askren Wrestling Academy) VSU Marckis Branford (LVWC), 11-0
7th – Joshua Edmond (Detroit Catholic Central) VFO Wyatt Henson (Sunkist Kids)

65 kg
1st – Carson Manville (Banditos) def. Fidel Mayora (Izzy Style), two matches to one
Bout one – Mayora pin Manville, 1:35
Bout two – Manville dec. Mayora, 4-2
Bout three – Manville pin Mayora, 1:22

3rd – Kevon Davenport (Detroit Catholic Central) VPO1 Bryce Andonian (The Wrestling Factory of Cleveland), 12-5
5th – Cade Devos (Iron Rams) VPO1 Luke Surber (Tuttle Wrestling), 10-7
7th – Victor Voinovich (Seasons) VSU Ed Scott (Young Guns), 10-0

71 kg
1st – Alex Facundo (Team Donahue) def. Joshua Otto (Askren Wrestling Academy), two matches to one
Bout one – Facundo dec. Otto, 8-0
Bout two – Otto dec. Facundo, 3-3
Bout three – Facundo dec. Otto, 6-0

3rd – Jace Luchau (Sons Of Thunder Academy) VSU Padraic Gallagher (The Wrestling Factory of Cleveland), 12-0
5th – Sonny Santiago (Sunkist Kids Monster Garage) VSU Lance Runyon (Iron Rams), 10-0
7th – Aaron Gandara (Wrestling Prep) VSU Donnell Washington (Portage High School), 10-0

80 kg
1st – Abe Assad (Izzy Style) def. Julian Ramirez (Blairstown WC), two matches to one
Bout one – Ramirez dec. Assad, 6-0
Bout two – Assad dec. Ramirez, 7-7
Bout three – Assad TF Ramirez, 10-0

3rd – Carter Starocci (Bad Karma) VPO1 David Key (Compound), 3-2
5th – Zach Glazier (Minnesota) VPO1 Ethan Hatcher (Seasons), 9-4
7th – Jacob Logan (GPS Wrestling) VPO1 Patrick Kennedy (Minnesota), 8-4

92 kg
1st – AJ Ferrari (Best Trained Texas) def. Konner Doucet (Oklahoma), two matches to none
Bout one – Ferrari TF Doucet, 10-0
Bout two – Ferrari dec. Doucet, 10-1

3rd – Braxton Amos (Team Miron) VPO1 Peter Christensen (Izzy Style), 6-4
5th – Jacob Cardenas (Rednose) VFA Niccolo Colucci (St. Peter’s Prep), 0:36
7th – Wyatt Hendrickson (Team Kansas) VPO1 Gabe Christenson (Iron Rams), 11-10

110 kg
1st – Daniel Kerkvliet (Titan Mercury/Pinnacle) def. Hunter Catka (LAB Trained), two matches to none
Bout one – Kervliet TF Catka, 10-0
Bout two – Kervliet TF Catka, 10-0

3rd – Luke Luffman (IRTC) VSU1 Hayden Copass (Unattached), 12-1
5th – Joshua Heindselman (Oklahoma) VSU1 Isaac Righter (MSJ Titans), 13-3
7th – Andy Garcia (La Gente WC) VSU William Taylor (Unattached), 10-0

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