Gophers Claim Seven Titles in Brookings

The University of Minnesota wrestling team started their season by claiming seven titles at the Daktronics Open in Brookings, S.D. Sunday.

“I was happy with the effort from the team today,” head coach Brandon Eggum said. “Our energy was good when we wrestled. I thought that the guys had good passion and it looked like they were having fun out there.”

The Gophers won seven out of ten weight classes at the tournament and placed 17 in top-3 places at the open. Sean Russell, Ethan Lizak, Mitch McKee, Steven Bleise, Carson Brolsma, Dylan Anderson and Gable Steveson all took first-place in their respective weight classes.

minnlogoEthan Lizak won his third Daktronics title while finishing first at 133-pounds. After moving up a weight class in the off-season, Lizak scored 52 points and conceded only three while gaining three technical falls at the tournament. Lizak rounded out his 4-0 record with a fall in 1:28 in his opening match. The senior now has 92 career wins, moving him into 49th on the all-time wins record for the Gophers.

Sean Russell and Gable Steveson each won a title in their first tournament donning the Maroon & Gold for Minnesota. Russell finished 3-0 with a tech fall at 125-pounds while Gable Steveson won the heavyweight bracket with three wins of his own. Steveson looked in control throughout the tournament, picking up a 12-6 major decision in his first match and a 12-6 decision in the semifinals. The 285-pound final was an all Gopher affair with Steveson ultimately gaining an 8-6 decision over redshirt junior Rylee Streifel.

Bleise, Brolsma, and Anderson all wrestled tough and won their championship matches by narrow margins. Bleise had his 149-pound final decided by riding time as the Chelsea, Mich. native rode tough throughout the match and gained the victory by a score of 8-7. Brolsma claimed a sudden victory takedown to defeat fellow Gopher Jake Allar in dramatic fashion at 165-pounds. Brolsma and Allar took their match into overtime after finishing 1-1 after seven minutes on the mat, where Brolsma defended an Allar takedown and scrambled for two. Anderson stepped up to 197-pounds and wrestled confidently throughout the day. Anderson posted two falls early in the tournament and reached the final on the back of an 18-3 technical fall. In the final, Anderson scored a third-period takedown and defended a last ditch effort to win the 197-pound bracket.

Mitch McKee went 3-0 in Brookings on his way to the 141-pound championship. McKee gained two falls and received a forfeit in the final to win his second Daktronics title in two seasons.

Seven Gophers finished second in South Dakota. Skyler Petry, Hunter Marko, Tommy Thorn, Jake Allar, Devin Skatzka, Owen Webster and Rylee Streifel all took second in their respective weight classes. Minnesota additionally had ten wrestlers place at the tournament: Patrick McKee (Third), Steve Polakowski (Fourth), Jake Gliva (Sixth), Brent Jones (Third), Brayton Lee (Third), Ryan Thomas (Fifth), Kasper McIntosh (Sixth), Bailee O’Reilly (Third), Caden Steffen (Third) and Garrett Joles (Fifth).

Warren Williamson/Daktronics Open Results

Minnesota will next travel to Colorado to take on Air Force in their first daul of the season on Friday, Nov. 9 at 8:00 p.m.

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Sean Russell (First Place)
Quarterfinals – Sean Russell tech fall. over E. Cota (Augustana), 21-6
Semifinals – Sean Russell dec. over S. Polakowski (Minnesota), 8-2
Finals – Sean Russell dec. over S. Petry (Minnesota), 3-2

Patrick McKee (Third Place)
Quarterfinals – S. Polakowski (Minnesota) dec. over Patrick McKee, 8-6
Consolation of 4 – Patrick McKee fall over C. Watson (BCU), 0:53
Consolation semifinal – Patrick McKee dec. over A Thomsen (Nebraska), 6-2
Third-place match – Patrick McKee MF over S. Polakowski (Minnesota)

Steve Polakowski (Fourth Place)
Quarterfinals – Steve Polakowski dec. over P. McKee (Minnesota), 8-6
Semifinals – S. Russell (Minnesota) dec. over Steve Polakowski, 8-2
Consolation of 4 – Steve Polakowski dec. over B Clopton (BCU), 8-2
Third-place match – P. McKee (Minnesota) MF over Steve Polakowski

Skyler Petry (Second Place)
Quarterfinals – Skyler Petry major dec. over G. Coapstick (SDSU), 12-2
Semifinals – Skyler Petry dec. over A. Thomsen (Nebraska), 6-4
Finals – S. Russell (Minnesota) dec. over Skyler Petry, 3-2

Ethan Lizak (First Place)
Round of 16 – Ethan Lizak fall over B. Carroll (Augustana), 1:28
Quarterfinals – Ethan Lizak tech fall. over J. Parrish (Nebraska), 20-3
Semifinals – Ethan Lizak tech fall. over T. Sjomeling (Nebraska), 16-0
Finals – Ethan Lizak tech fall. over C. Miller (Nebraska), 16-0

Jake Gliva
Round of 16 – Jake Gliva dec. over B. Peska (Nebraska), 6-4
Quarterfinals – Jake Gliva major dec. over J. Kelber (Nebraska), 15-6
Semifinals – C. Miller (Nebraska) major dec. over Jake Gliva, 11-3
Consolation semifinals – B. Peska (Nebraska) dec. over Jake Gliva, 8-6

Mitch McKee (First Place)
Quarterfinals – Mitch McKee fall over L. Hardy (BCU), 2:44
Semifinals – Mitch McKee fall over Z. Price (SDSU), 6:39
Finals – Mitch McKee MF over H. Marko (Minnesota)

Brent Jones (Third Place)
Quarterfinals – Brent Jones dec. over C. Carlson (SDSU), 6-1
Semifinals – H. Marko (Minnesota) dec. over Brent Jones, 5-1
Consolation semifinals – Brent Jones major dec. over A. Shino (Nebraska), 16-7
Third-place match – Brent Jones major dec. over C. Carlson (SDSU), 17-8

Hunter Marko (Second Place)
Quarterfinals – Hunter Marko fall over M. Lanier (BCU), 2:33
Semifinals – Hunter Marko dec. over B. Jones (Minnesota), 5-1
Finals – M. McKee (Minnesota) MF over Hunter Marko

Brenn Olson
Round of 16 – Z. Baptista (Nebraska) major dec. over Brenn Olson, 21-12
Consolation of 8 #1 – Brenn Olson dec. over C. Reis (BCU), 4-3
Consolation round 3 – K. Ruettiger (Nebraska) fall over Brenn Olson, 3:59

Brayton Lee (Third Place)
Round of 16 – Brayton Lee DQ over K. Schorr (Augustana), 3:30
Quarterfinals – J. Shearer (Nebraska) dec. over Brayton Lee, SV1 3-1
Consolation of 8 #2 – Brayton Lee dec. over B. Brancale (Minnesota), 8-3
Consolation of 4 – Brayton Lee tech fall. over K. Ruettiger (Nebraska), 22-4
Consolation semifinals – Brayton Lee dec. over C. Purinton (Nebraska), 5-4
Third-place match – Brayton Lee dec. over J. Shearer (Nebraska), 3-1

Tommy Thorn (Second Place)
Round of 16 – Tommy Thorn Tech Fall. Over Z. Funderburk (BCU) 15-0
Quarterfinals – Tommy Thorn dec. over K. Ruettiger (Nebraska) 8-2
Semifinals – Tommy Thorn dec. over J. Shearer (Nebraska) 3-1
Finals – H. Pohlmeyer (SDSU) dec. over Tommy Thorn, 4-3

Ben Brancale
Round of 16 – C. Purinton (Nebraska) dec. over Ben Brancale, 10-4
Consolation of 8 #1 – Ben Brancale fall over N. North (Augustana), 0:57
Consolation of 8 #2 – B. Lee (Minnesota) dec. over Ben Brancale, 8-3

Steve Bleise (First Place)
Round of 16 – Steve Bleise fall. Over D. Lakmann (SDSU), 4:40
Quarterfinals – Steve Bleise dec. over P. Robb (Nebraska), 7-3
Semifinals – Steve Bleise major dec. over J. Silverstein (Nebraska), 14-3
Finals – Steve Bleise dec. over L. Weber (Nebraska), 8-7

Ryan Thomas (Fifth Place)
Round of 16 – Ryan Thomas major dec. over B. Meyer (BCU), 11-3
Quarterfinals – Ryan Thomas dec. over C. Carlson (SDSU), 7-6
Semifinals – L. Weber (Nebraska) major dec. over Ryan Thomas, 10-1
Consolation semifinals – P. Robb (Nebraska) dec. over Ryan Thomas, 11-8
Fifth-place match – Ryan Thomas dec. over K. McIntosh (Minnesota), 9-6

James Berg
Round of 16 – J. Silverstein (Nebraska) major dec. over James Berg, 14-5
Consolation of 8 #1 – James Berg dec. over Z. Davis (BCU), 12-3
Consolation of 8 #2 – C. Carlson (SDSU) dec. over James Berg, 4-2

Kasper McIntosh
Round of 16 – Kasper McIntosh dec. over C. Licking (Nebraska), 6-4
Quarterfinals – L. Weber (Nebraska) major dec. over Kasper McIntosh, 11-3
Consolation of 8 #2 – Kasper McIntosh tech fall. over D. Schuck (Augustana), 19-3
Consolation of 4 – Kasper McIntosh dec. over C. Carlson (SDSU), 3-2
Consolation semifinals – J. Silverstein (Nebraska) dec. over Kasper McIntosh, 9-4

Miles Patton
Round of 16 – C. Carlson (SDSU) dec. over Miles Patton, 5-3
Consolation of 8 #1 – Miles Patton dec. over B. Meyer (BCU), 8-2
Consolation of 8 #2 – L. Cook (SDSU) fall over Miles Patton, 5:29

Carson Brolsma (First Place)
Quarterfinals – Carson Brolsma fall over K. Hawkins (SDSU), 5:16
Semifinals – Carson Brolsma dec. over L. Petersen (SDSU), 10-5
Finals – Carson Brolsma dec. over J. Allar (Minnesota), 3-1

Jake Allar (Second Place)
Quarterfinals – Jake Allar dec. over D. Peters (Nebraska), 15-8
Semifinals – Jake Allar dec. over J. Blankenship (Nebraska), 4-2
Finals – C. Brolsma (Minnesota) dec. over Jake Allar, 3-1

Bailee O’Reilly (Third Place)
Round Robin 1 – M. Labrola (Nebreaska) major dec. over Bailee O’Reilly, 17-1
Round Robin 2 – Bailee O’Reilly dec. over G. Jordan (SDSU), 9-7
Round Robin 3 – D. Skatzka (Minnesota) major dec. over Bailee O’Reilly, 8-0
Round Robin 4 – Bailee O’Reilly fall over Z. Ardoin-Dural (BCU), 2:20
Round Robin 5 – Bailee O’Reilly dec. over B. Bye (SDSU), 6-3

Devin Skatzka (Second Place)
Round Robin 1 – Devin Skatzka major dec. over G. Jordan (SDSU), 11-2
Round Robin 2 – Devin Skatzka major dec. over B. Bye (SDSU), 9-0
Round Robin 3 – Devin Skatzka major dec. over Bailey O’Reilly (Minnesota), 8-0
Round Robin 4 – M. Labriola (Nebraska) dec. over Devin Skatzka, 10-5
Round Robin 5 – Devin Skatzka tech fall over Z. Ardoin-Dural (BCU), 18-0

Owen Webster (Second Place)
Quarterfinals – Owen Webster dec. over L. Poloncic (Augustana), 6-5
Semifinals – Owen Webster dec. over C. Wolfe (Nebraska), 4-1
Finals – Z. Carlson (SDSU) dec. over Owen Webster, 4-3

Caden Steffen (Third Place)
Quarterfinals – Caden Steffen major dec. over R. Rucklos (SDSU), 12-3
Semifinals – Z. Carlson (SDSU) dec. over Caden Steffen, 5-1
Consolation semifinals – Caden Steffen fall over L. Poloncic (Augustana), 0:33
Third-place match – Caden Steffen dec. over D. Bishop, 9-7

Garrett Joles (Fifth Place)
Round of 16 – E. Schultz (Nebraska) dec. over Garrett Joles, 11-6
Consolation of 8 #2 – Garrett Joles dec. over W. Balow (Minnesota), 9-4
Consolation of 4 – Garrett Joles major decision over A. Gaona (Nebraska), 14-3
Consolation semifinals – E. Schultz (Nebraska) fall over G. Joles, 4:20
Fifth-place match – Garrett Joles MF over M. Mueller (SDSU)

Dylan Anderson (First Place)
Round of 16 – Dylan Anderson fall over J. Garcia (BCU), 2:30
Quarterfinals – Dylan Anderson fall over C. Svoboda (Nebraska), 2:00
Semifinals – Dylan Anderson tech. fall over M. Mueller (SDSU), 18-3
Finals – Dylan Anderson dec. over T. Sloan (SDSU), 3-2

Chase O’Connor
Quarterfinals – E. Schultz (Nebraska) major dec. over Chase O’Connor, 10-2
Consolation of 8 #2 – C. Wahlstrom (Augustana) fall over Chase O’Connor, 5:41

Brandon Krone
Round of 16 – Brandon Krone fall over J. Glise (BCU), 4:03
Quarterfinals – T. Sloan (SDSU) dec. over Brandon Krone (SDSU), 7-5

Will Balow
Quarterfinals – M. Mueller (SDSU) dec. over Will Balow, 9-6
Consolation of 8 #2 – G. Joles (Minnesota) dec. over Will Balow, 9-4

Rylee Streifel (Second Place)
Quarterfinal – Rylee Streifel fall over B. McConville (SDSU), 2:09
Semifinals – Rylee Streifel dec. over P. Grayson (Nebraska), 2-0
Finals – G. Steveson (Minnesota) dec. over Rylee Streifel, 8-4

Gable Steveson (First Place)
Quarterfinals – Gable Steveson major dec. over A. Emmerson (Nebraska), 15-6
Semifinals – Gable Steveson dec. over C. Lance (Nebraska), 12-6
Finals – Gable Steveson dec. over R. Streifel (Minnesota), 8-4

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