#1 SCSU Wrestling to host 48th annual Holiday Inn/Huskies Open on Dec. 8

The tradition continues in Halenbeck Hall!

#1 St. Cloud State (7-0, 2-0 NSIC) is proud to host the 48th annual Holiday Inn and Suites Huskies Open on Saturday, Dec. 8 in the Halenbeck Hall Fieldhouse. The Huskies Open will feature many of the region’s top NCAA Division I, NCAA Division II, NCAA Division III and NJCAA programs and athletes.

The teams scheduled to participate in the Huskies Open this year include St. Cloud State, Mary, Southwest State, Northern State, North Dakota State, South Dakota State, Northern Iowa, Minnesota, Augsburg, St. Johns, Ridgewater CC, Rochester Tech, Northland CC and Itasca CC.

scsulogoFor many years this annual tournament featured a team tournament format. In 2006-07, the tournament changed to its current open format without team scores.

The Huskies Open features two awards presented annually during the tournament. The award that is presented to the outstanding wrestler of the day is the John Oxton Award, while the award presented to the wrestler with the most pins is the Jack Gause Award. Both awards are named after former SCSU wrestling coaches. St. Cloud State University wrestling would like to thank the St. Cloud Holiday Inn and Suites and All-Star Trophy for their support of this year’s Huskies Open.

The Huskies Open has also been designated as Parent’s Day for the Huskies this season. A post-tournament social will be held for all SCSU wrestling parents at the St. Cloud Holiday Inn and Suites.

A special thanks also goes out to the St. Cloud Holiday Inn and Suites and All-Star Trophy and Award for their support of the Huskies Open this year.

Complete results from this tournament will be available throughout the day on www.trackwrestling.com

Check out Huskies Wrestling at scsuhuskies.com and on Twitter and Facebook.

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HOLIDAY INN/Huskies Open Weight Champions

(Open era only)

2006: Seth Flodeen (Augsburg UA)
2007: Zach Sanders (Minnesota)
2008: Cody Zimmerman (UW-P)
2009: Chris Heilman (unattached)
2010: Alex Johnson (Indianapolis)
2011: Jordan Kingsley (Minnesota)
2012: Mike Fuenffinger (Augsburg)
2013: Mike Fuenffinger (Augsburg)
2014: Mike Fuenffinger (Augsburg)
2015: Steven Polakowski (Minnesota)
2016: Brett Velasquez (SCSU)
2017: Brett Velasquez (SCSU)

2006: Jeff Pfaffinger (MSU)
2007: Travis Lang (Augsburg)
2008: Travis Lang (Augsburg)
2009: Paul Bjorkstrand (Augsburg)
2010: Drew Lexvold (Minnesota)
2011: Zach Stewart (SCSU)
2012: Andy Pokorny (SCSU)
2013: Zach Stewart (SCSU)
2014: Jarred Oftedahl (SCSU)
2015: Jarred Oftedahl (SCSU)
2016: Jarred Oftedahl (SCSU)
2017: Garrett Vos (SCSU)

2006: Travis Elg (Minnesota State)
2007: Travis Elg (Minnesota State)
2008: Travis Elg (Minnesota State)
2009: Gabe Suarez (SCSU)
2010: Nick Dardanes (Minnesota)
2011: Seth Lange (Minnesota)
2012: Trevor Johnson (Mary)
2013: Joe Munos (Rochester CC)
2014: Curt Zachmeier (SCSU)
2015: Taner Trembley (SCSU)
2016: Nathan Smith (NDSU)
2017: Jarred Oftedahl (SCSU)

2006: Jason Rhoten (MSU)
2007: Wily Holst (Augsburg)
2008: Craig Becker (UW-Parkside)
2009: Trevor Kittleson (UNI)
2010: Dylan Ness (Minnesota)
2011: Tony Valek (Augsburg)
2012: Dan Argueta (UW-Parkside)
2013: Josh Howk (SCSU)
2014: Josh Howk (SCSU)
2015: Jay Hildreth (SCSU)
2016: Ryan Epps (Augsburg)
2017: James Pleski (SCSU)

2006: Jeremy Anderson (Augsburg)
2007: Eddie Stefonek (UW-Parkside)
2008: Jason Adams (Augsburg)
2009: Jason Adams (Augsburg)
2010: Nick Warpole (Indianapolis)
2011: Tel Todd (Minnesota)
2012: Clint Poster (SCSU)
2013: Craig Brecker (Unattached)
2014: Clint Poster (SCSU)
2015: Brad Dolezal (Minnesota)
2016: Larry Bomstad (SCSU)
2017: Larry Bomstad (SCSU)

2006: Scott Dorn (UW-LaCrosse)
2007: Kyle Becker (UW-Parkside)
2008: Tad Merritt (SCSU)
2009: Tad Merritt (SCSU)
2010: Tad Merritt (SCSU)
2011: Dan Dick (SCSU)
2012: Nick Fishback (UW-Parkside)
2013: Nick Fishback (UW-Parkside)
2014: Gabe Fogarty (SCSU)
2015: Clint Poster (SCSU)
2016: Colton Clingenpeel (NDSU)
2017: Travis Holt/Devin Donovan (SCSU)

2006: Josh Chelf (UW-LaCrosse)
2007: Kaleb Young (Minnesota)
2008: Tim Matheson (MSU)
2009:Luke Rynish (UW-Parkside)
2010: Zach Molitor (Augsburg)
2011: Tad Merritt (SCSU)
2012: Josh Kohler (Augsburg)
2013: Montrail Johnson (UW-P)
2014: Nick Becker (UW-Parkside)
2015: Clayton Jennissen (SCSU)
2016: Adam Cooling (MSU Mankato)
2017: Kolton Eischens (SCSU)

2006: Jason Lullof (Upper Iowa)
2007: Sonny Yohn (Minnesota – UA)
2008: Luke Munkelwitz (SCSU)
2009: Ryan Lader (UNI – UA)
2010: Aaron Norgren (MSU)
2011: Joel Bauman (Minnesota)
2012: Shamus O’Grady (SCSU)
2013: Josh Anthony (UW-Parkside)
2014: Dylon Braun (SCSU)
2015: Uthman Rabiu (SCSU)
2016: Owen Webster (Augsburg)
2017: Luke Dodd (St. John’s)

2006: Ryan Phillips (Upper Iowa)
2007: Nick Wilkes (SCSU)
2008: Josh Holforty (UW-EC)
2009: Luke Munkelwitz (SCSU)
2010: Luke Munkelwitz (SCSU)
2011: Scott Schiller (Minnesota)
2012: Nick Wilkes (Unattached)
2013: Matthew Hechsel (Augsburg)
2014: Matthen Hechsel (Augsburg)
2015: V.J. Guilio (SCSU)
2016: Vince Dietz./Uthman Rabiu (SCSU)
2017: Vince Dietz/Noah Ryan (SCSU)

2006: Brady Wilson (MSU)
2007: Brady Wilson (MSU)
2008: Brady Wilson (MSU)
2009: Brady Wilson (MSU)
2010: Jake Kahnke (SCSU)
2011: Jake Kahnke (SCSU)
2012: Chad Johnson (Augsburg)
2013: Chad Johnson (Augsburg)
2014: Austin Goergen (SCSU)
2015: Austin Goergen (SCSU)
2016: Austin Goergen (SCSU)
2017: Nate Rose (Minnesota)

John Oxton Award (MVP) Winners:
2006: Travis Elg, Minnesota State (141)
2007: Zach Sanders, Minnesota UA (125)
2008: Tad Merritt, SCSU (165)
2009: Tad Merritt, SCSU (165)
2010: Dylan Ness, UM (149)
2011: Tad Merritt, SCSU (174)
2012: Shamus O’Grady, SCSU (184)
2013: Chad Johnson, Augsburg (285)
2014: Clinit Poster, SCSU (157)
2015: Austin Goergen, SCSU (285)
2016: Austin Goergen, SCSU (285)
2017: Larry Bomstad, SCSU (157)

Jack Gause Award (Most Pins) Winners:
2007: Phil Moenkedick, Concordia (174)
2008: Skip Johnson, Itasca C.C.
2009: Brady Wilson, Minnesota State (285)
2010: Sam Schad, Rochester (157)
2011: Jake Kahnke, SCSU (285) & Matt Wyss, Iowa Lakes CC (285)
2012: Shamus O’Grady, SCSU (184)
2013: Jarred Oftedahl, SCSU (125)
2014: Travis Holt, SCSU (157)
2015: Clint Poster, SCSU (165)
2016: Austin Goergen, SCSU (285)
2017: Nate Rose, Minnesota (285)

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