2018 Midwest Classic

2018 Midwest Classic Results. December 15-16 at Indianapolis, Ind.

1 McKendree University 127.5
2 Maryville University 87.0
3 Lindenwood (Mo.) 85.0
4 Indianapolis 82.0
5 Tiffin University 76.0
6 Central Oklahoma 72.0
7 Lake Erie College 69.0
8 Ashland 63.0
9 Upper Iowa 61.0
10 North Carolina-Pembroke 58.5
11 Marian University (IN) 57.0
12 Drury University 55.5
13 Mercyhurst 53.5
14 Wisconsin-Parkside 52.5
15 Mary 50.0
16 Augustana (SD) 47.0
17 Minnesota State Moorhead 44.0
18 Adams State 40.5
19 Findlay 39.0
20 Western Colorado 38.5
21 Newman 37.0
22 Seton Hill 34.0
23 Newberry 33.0
23 West Liberty University 33.0
25 Northern State 29.0
26 Gannon 27.0
27 Chadron State 24.0
27 Ouachita Baptist University 24.0
29 King College (TN) 23.0
30 Emmanuel 20.5
31 Ohio Valley University 16.0
32 Bellarmine University 14.0
33 Limestone 11.5
34 Coker College 11.0
35 Central Missouri 6.5
36 Davenport (MI) 4.5
37 Kentucky Wesleyan 3.5
37 Queens University 3.5
39 Urbana 3.0

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Final Brackets

1st Place – Carlos Jacquez of Lindenwood (Mo.)
2nd Place – Nick Daggett of North Carolina-Pembroke
3rd Place – Tyler Kreith of Maryville University
4th Place – Joe Arroyo of Wisconsin-Parkside
5th Place – Cole Jones of Minnesota State Moorhead
6th Place – Blake Glogouski of Lake Erie College
7th Place – Marcus Povlick of McKendree University
8th Place – Corey Secrist of West Liberty University
1st: Carlos Jacquez (Lindenwood (Mo.)) 11-0, RS Jr. over Nick Daggett (North Carolina-Pembroke) 13-5, So. (MD 12-1)
3rd: Tyler Kreith (Maryville University) 16-6, So. over Joe Arroyo (Wisconsin-Parkside) 16-6, So. (Dec 4-3)
5th: Cole Jones (Minnesota State Moorhead) 17-4, So. over Blake Glogouski (Lake Erie College) 9-7, Jr. (M. For.)
7th: Marcus Povlick (McKendree University) 13-5, Jr. over Corey Secrist (West Liberty University) 7-9, So. (Dec 2-0)

1st Place – Brandon James of Marian University (IN)
2nd Place – Darek Huff of Adams State
3rd Place – Tate Barnhardt of Mary
4th Place – Justin Folley of Upper Iowa
5th Place – Danny Swan of Lindenwood (Mo.)
6th Place – Charles Mcneal of McKendree University
7th Place – Airk Furseth of Wisconsin-Parkside
8th Place – Brandon Kile of Chadron State
1st: Brandon James (Marian University (IN)) 15-2, RS Jr. over Darek Huff (Adams State) 9-5, RS Jr. (Dec 6-3)
3rd: Tate Barnhardt (Mary) 12-4, Sr. over Justin Folley (Upper Iowa) 17-4, Jr. (Dec 10-4)
5th: Danny Swan (Lindenwood (Mo.)) 11-3, RS Jr. over Charles Mcneal (McKendree University) 17-10, RS Jr. (Dec 8-6)
7th: Airk Furseth (Wisconsin-Parkside) 12-3, RS Jr. over Brandon Kile (Chadron State) 8-8, RS Jr. (Dec 5-3)

1st Place – Chandler Minnard of Ashland
2nd Place – Isiah Royal of Newberry
3rd Place – Kevin Kissane of Newman
4th Place – Ryan Skonieczny of Findlay
5th Place – Jebben Keyes of Augustana (SD)
6th Place – Forrest Glogouski of Lake Erie College
7th Place – Tyler Kenney of Seton Hill
8th Place – Dylan Udero of Adams State
1st: Chandler Minnard (Ashland) 9-4, Sr. over Isiah Royal (Newberry) 12-6, So. (Dec 3-2)
3rd: Kevin Kissane (Newman) 14-2, RS Jr. over Ryan Skonieczny (Findlay) 12-7, RS Fr. (Dec 5-4)
5th: Jebben Keyes (Augustana (SD)) 9-7, RS So. over Forrest Glogouski (Lake Erie College) 9-8, RS Sr. (M. For.)
7th: Tyler Kenney (Seton Hill) 9-4, Sr. over Dylan Udero (Adams State) 5-5, Jr. (Fall 7:53)

1st Place – Blake Clevenger of Drury University
2nd Place – Gavin Londoff of Lindenwood (Mo.)
3rd Place – Trey Grine of Tiffin University
4th Place – Noah Warren of Marian University (IN)
5th Place – Isaiah Kemper of McKendree University
6th Place – Caden Moore of Northern State
7th Place – Kyle Barkovich of Indianapolis
8th Place – Dalton Flint of Emmanuel
1st: Blake Clevenger (Drury University) 9-0, RS Sr. over Gavin Londoff (Lindenwood (Mo.)) 13-4, Jr. (TB-1 2-1)
3rd: Trey Grine (Tiffin University) 6-1, Sr. over Noah Warren (Marian University (IN)) 14-5, Fr. (Fall 3:44)
5th: Isaiah Kemper (McKendree University) 21-6, Sr. over Caden Moore (Northern State) 16-4, Fr. (Dec 7-3)
7th: Kyle Barkovich (Indianapolis) 7-2, RS Jr. over Dalton Flint (Emmanuel) 16-7, So. (MD 12-4)

1st Place – Tyler Mies of Newman
2nd Place – Tyler Mann of Ouachita Baptist University
3rd Place – Nate Smalling of McKendree University
4th Place – Nick Boggs of Lake Erie College
5th Place – Beau Minnick of Tiffin University
6th Place – George Mcguire of Gannon
7th Place – James Wimer of Findlay
8th Place – Tyler Makosy of North Carolina-Pembroke
1st: Tyler Mies (Newman) 13-1, RS Sr. over Tyler Mann (Ouachita Baptist University) 16-4, RS Sr. (Dec 7-1)
3rd: Nate Smalling (McKendree University) 15-7, RS Jr. over Nick Boggs (Lake Erie College) 16-3, RS Sr. (TB-1 9-7)
5th: Beau Minnick (Tiffin University) 10-5, RS Fr. over George Mcguire (Gannon) 14-4, . (M. For.)
7th: James Wimer (Findlay) 17-8, Jr. over Tyler Makosy (North Carolina-Pembroke) 11-10, RS Jr. (Dec 10-8)

1st Place – Nick Foster of McKendree University
2nd Place – Tyler Harrington of Maryville University
3rd Place – Rodney Shepard of North Carolina-Pembroke
4th Place – Logan Grass of Mercyhurst
5th Place – Bret Romanzak of Ashland
6th Place – Dalton George of Ohio Valley University
7th Place – Shelden Struble of Indianapolis
8th Place – Billy Holtan of Northern State
1st: Nick Foster (McKendree University) 19-3, Jr. over Tyler Harrington (Maryville University) 11-6, RS Jr. (Dec 18-11)
3rd: Rodney Shepard (North Carolina-Pembroke) 10-4, RS Sr. over Logan Grass (Mercyhurst) 13-4, RS Jr. (Dec 7-3)
5th: Bret Romanzak (Ashland) 20-4, RS Jr. over Dalton George (Ohio Valley University) 11-4, RS Sr. (M. For.)
7th: Shelden Struble (Indianapolis) 9-3, Sr. over Billy Holtan (Northern State) 12-8, RS So. (Dec 4-1)

1st Place – Phillip Springsteen of Mary
2nd Place – Adam Blees of Minnesota State Moorhead
3rd Place – Cayden Whitaker of Indianapolis
4th Place – Dan Fillipek of McKendree University
5th Place – Jack Servies of Marian University (IN)
6th Place – Nathan Vandermeer of Findlay
7th Place – Andrew Sams of Bellarmine University
8th Place – Damon Greenwald of Seton Hill
1st: Phillip Springsteen (Mary) 8-2, RS So. over Adam Blees (Minnesota State Moorhead) 10-5, Sr. (Dec 3-0)
3rd: Cayden Whitaker (Indianapolis) 11-2, RS So. over Dan Fillipek (McKendree University) 16-8, Jr. (Dec 12-6)
5th: Jack Servies (Marian University (IN)) 18-8, Fr. over Nathan Vandermeer (Findlay) 13-7, RS So. (Dec 6-1)
7th: Andrew Sams (Bellarmine University) 19-4, So. over Damon Greenwald (Seton Hill) 8-5, Jr. (Dec 10-3)

1st Place – Michael Pixley of McKendree University
2nd Place – Heath Gray of Central Oklahoma
3rd Place – Hayden Bronne of Tiffin University
4th Place – Brandon Sloop of North Carolina-Pembroke
5th Place – Dalton Hahn of Upper Iowa
6th Place – Brody Conner of Indianapolis
7th Place – Colton Clingenpeel of Lindenwood (Mo.)
8th Place – Bailey Kelly of Maryville University
1st: Michael Pixley (McKendree University) 5-0, RS Sr. over Heath Gray (Central Oklahoma) 15-1, RS So. (Fall 3:57)
3rd: Hayden Bronne (Tiffin University) 16-3, Sr. over Brandon Sloop (North Carolina-Pembroke) 13-9, Sr. (Fall 4:14)
5th: Dalton Hahn (Upper Iowa) 20-4, So. over Brody Conner (Indianapolis) 9-5, RS Jr. (M. For.)
7th: Colton Clingenpeel (Lindenwood (Mo.)) 8-4, RS So. over Bailey Kelly (Maryville University) 11-5, RS So. (MD 10-2)

1st Place – Jared Rennick of Drury University
2nd Place – Logan Kemp of West Liberty University
3rd Place – Ethan Sherertz of Maryville University
4th Place – Colton Looper of Central Oklahoma
5th Place – Elijah Seay of King College (TN)
6th Place – Konnor Schmidt of Western Colorado
7th Place – Nicholas Mason of Tiffin University
8th Place – Clayton Wahlstrom of Augustana (SD)
1st: Jared Rennick (Drury University) 15-0, Jr. over Logan Kemp (West Liberty University) 8-4, Jr. (Fall 0:28)
3rd: Ethan Sherertz (Maryville University) 11-4, RS Sr. over Colton Looper (Central Oklahoma) 12-3, Sr. (MD 8-0)
5th: Elijah Seay (King College (TN)) 8-3, Jr. over Konnor Schmidt (Western Colorado) 12-4, RS Jr. (M. For.)
7th: Nicholas Mason (Tiffin University) 13-5, Jr. over Clayton Wahlstrom (Augustana (SD)) 15-10, RS Sr. (MD 16-3)

1st Place – Dylan Faulkenberg of Indianapolis
2nd Place – Blake Berryhill of Central Oklahoma
3rd Place – Jacob Robb of Mercyhurst
4th Place – Tristen Weirich of Ashland
5th Place – Courvoisier Morrow of Lindenwood (Mo.)
6th Place – Evan Loughman of Lake Erie College
7th Place – Luke Nohns of Augustana (SD)
8th Place – Sammy Deseriere of Western Colorado
1st: Dylan Faulkenberg (Indianapolis) 9-2, RS Sr. over Blake Berryhill (Central Oklahoma) 15-4, RS So. (Fall 3:38)
3rd: Jacob Robb (Mercyhurst) 18-7, RS So. over Tristen Weirich (Ashland) 16-6, RS So. (Fall 2:34)
5th: Courvoisier Morrow (Lindenwood (Mo.)) 7-4, RS So. over Evan Loughman (Lake Erie College) 3-3, Sr. (Dec 10-6)
7th: Luke Nohns (Augustana (SD)) 15-8, RS Sr. over Sammy Deseriere (Western Colorado) 9-8, So. (Fall 5:29)

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