Andover Husky Invite

Andover Husky Invite
1 Kasson-Mantorville 298.0
2 Plainview-Elgin-Millville 147.5
3 Princeton 124.0
4 Royalton-Upsala 112.5
5 Orono 106.0
6 Fridley 105.0
7 Centennial 97.5
8 Andover 90.5
9 Mille Lacs Raiders 50.0
10 Minneapolis South 42.0
11 Chippewa Falls 41.0
12 North 21.0
13 St. Paul Como Park 20.0

Final Brackets

Results on TrackWrestling

1st Place – Sam Costanzo of Royalton-Upsala
2nd Place – Parker Adkins of Princeton
3rd Place – Devan Andrist of Kasson-Mantorville
4th Place – David Hughes of Chippewa Falls
5th Place – Keyan Laganiere of Kasson-Mantorville
6th Place – Tai Nguyen of Fridley
1st: Sam Costanzo (Royalton-Upsala) 2-1, Sr. over Parker Adkins (Princeton) 1-1, 8th. (Dec 10-4)
3rd: Devan Andrist (Kasson-Mantorville) 3-1, Fr. over David Hughes (Chippewa Falls) 6-3, Fr. (Fall 0:33)
5th: Keyan Laganiere (Kasson-Mantorville) 1-2, 8th. over Tai Nguyen (Fridley) 3-6, Jr. (Fall 4:59)
1st Place – Jace Minelli of Kasson-Mantorville
2nd Place – Jacob Nguyen of Fridley
3rd Place – Will Gorecki of Royalton-Upsala
4th Place – Jake Whitcomb of Princeton
5th Place – Isacc Fang of North
6th Place – John Ripienski of Chippewa Falls
1st: Jace Minelli (Kasson-Mantorville) 2-0, Sr. over Jacob Nguyen (Fridley) 8-2, Fr. (Dec 6-4)
3rd: Will Gorecki (Royalton-Upsala) 4-3, 8th. over Jake Whitcomb (Princeton) 1-2, So. (Dec 10-3)
5th: Isacc Fang (North) 8-5, Sr. over John Ripienski (Chippewa Falls) 0-3, Fr. (Fall 1:20)
1st Place – Logan Vaughan of Kasson-Mantorville
2nd Place – Landen Parent of Princeton
3rd Place – John Babineau of Andover
4th Place – Jason Nguyen of Fridley
5th Place – Teet Soe of St. Paul Como Park
6th Place – Gerrick Beasley of St. Paul Como Park
1st: Logan Vaughan (Kasson-Mantorville) 3-0, Fr. over Landen Parent (Princeton) 2-1, So. (Dec 4-2)
3rd: John Babineau (Andover) 5-1, Jr. over Jason Nguyen (Fridley) 5-5, So. (Fall 5:22)
5th: Teet Soe (St. Paul Como Park) 6-1, Jr. over Gerrick Beasley (St. Paul Como Park) 5-2, Sr. (Dec 6-5)
1st Place – Robby Horsman of Kasson-Mantorville
2nd Place – Garrett Olson of Plainview-Elgin-Millville
3rd Place – Kaleb Adkins of Princeton
4th Place – Alonte Johnson of St. Paul Como Park
5th Place – Brian Finley of Kasson-Mantorville
6th Place – Thomas Jones of Andover
1st: Robby Horsman (Kasson-Mantorville) 2-0, Sr. over Garrett Olson (Plainview-Elgin-Millville) 4-2, So. (TF-1.5 0:00 (22-7))
3rd: Kaleb Adkins (Princeton) 3-1, Jr. over Alonte Johnson (St. Paul Como Park) 4-2, Sr. (Dec 7-3)
5th: Brian Finley (Kasson-Mantorville) 2-2, Fr. over Thomas Jones (Andover) 1-3, Jr. (Fall 0:45)
1st Place – Matthew Harfmann of Kasson-Mantorville
2nd Place – Kyle Boeke of Princeton
3rd Place – Wyatt Lahr of Royalton-Upsala
4th Place – Kael Lamb of Plainview-Elgin-Millville
5th Place – Dereck Boyum of Plainview-Elgin-Millville
6th Place – Tairu Thao of North
1st: Matthew Harfmann (Kasson-Mantorville) 3-0, Sr. over Kyle Boeke (Princeton) 3-1, So. (Fall 1:26)
3rd: Wyatt Lahr (Royalton-Upsala) 5-2, Sr. over Kael Lamb (Plainview-Elgin-Millville) 3-4, So. (Dec 8-2)
5th: Dereck Boyum (Plainview-Elgin-Millville) 4-3, So. over Tairu Thao (North) 5-8, Jr. (Fall 2:48)
1st Place – Tanner Paulson of Kasson-Mantorville
2nd Place – Cael Marx of Plainview-Elgin-Millville
3rd Place – Zack Wells of Princeton
4th Place – Henry Beck of Orono
5th Place – Jonah Hylton of Centennial
6th Place – Gideon Cole of Minneapolis South
1st: Tanner Paulson (Kasson-Mantorville) 3-0, Jr. over Cael Marx (Plainview-Elgin-Millville) 4-2, So. (Dec 7-3)
3rd: Zack Wells (Princeton) 3-1, So. over Henry Beck (Orono) 5-2, Sr. (Fall 3:21)
5th: Jonah Hylton (Centennial) 2-1, Jr. over Gideon Cole (Minneapolis South) 3-3, Jr. (Fall 0:51)
1st Place – Nic VanOort of Kasson-Mantorville
2nd Place – Jacob Schmid of Orono
3rd Place – Gabe Allen of Fridley
4th Place – Cooper Hofschulte of Plainview-Elgin-Millville
5th Place – Gabe Gorecki of Royalton-Upsala
6th Place – Micah Reff of Minneapolis South
1st: Nic VanOort (Kasson-Mantorville) 4-0, Sr. over Jacob Schmid (Orono) 5-1, Jr. (Dec 3-2)
3rd: Gabe Allen (Fridley) 9-3, Sr. over Cooper Hofschulte (Plainview-Elgin-Millville) 4-4, So. (Dec 4-0)
5th: Gabe Gorecki (Royalton-Upsala) 4-3, Fr. over Micah Reff (Minneapolis South) 4-3, Sr. (Fall 1:02)
1st Place – Kail Wynia of Kasson-Mantorville
2nd Place – Brian Avre of Minneapolis South
3rd Place – Dylan Baker of Kasson-Mantorville
4th Place – Jacob Keller of Kasson-Mantorville
5th Place – Connor Ramthun of Plainview-Elgin-Millville
6th Place – Zach Mulberry of Centennial
1st: Kail Wynia (Kasson-Mantorville) 4-0, Fr. over Brian Avre (Minneapolis South) 6-1, Sr. (Dec 7-3)
3rd: Dylan Baker (Kasson-Mantorville) 3-1, So. over Jacob Keller (Kasson-Mantorville) 1-2, Jr. (MD 14-1)
5th: Connor Ramthun (Plainview-Elgin-Millville) 4-1, So. over Zach Mulberry (Centennial) 3-2, Jr. (Fall 3:33)
1st Place – Bennett Berge of Kasson-Mantorville
2nd Place – Carter Marx of Plainview-Elgin-Millville
3rd Place – Ross Kaz of Chippewa Falls
4th Place – Malachi Kolhoff of Princeton
5th Place – Carter Benson of Centennial
6th Place – Luke Gerhard of Fridley
1st: Bennett Berge (Kasson-Mantorville) 3-0, Fr. over Carter Marx (Plainview-Elgin-Millville) 5-2, Sr. (Dec 8-1)
3rd: Ross Kaz (Chippewa Falls) 6-3, Fr. over Malachi Kolhoff (Princeton) 2-2, So. (TF-1.5 0:00 (17-0))
5th: Carter Benson (Centennial) 2-2, Sr. over Luke Gerhard (Fridley) 5-6, So. (MD 16-6)
1st Place – Jackson Held of Royalton-Upsala
2nd Place – Mitchell Nowlan of Andover
3rd Place – Isaiah Bettinger of Centennial
4th Place – John McCuskey of Orono
5th Place – Michael Ude of Fridley
6th Place – Connor Jones of Plainview-Elgin-Millville
1st: Jackson Held (Royalton-Upsala) 3-0, Sr. over Mitchell Nowlan (Andover) 2-1, So. (TF-1.5 0:00 (17-2))
3rd: Isaiah Bettinger (Centennial) 3-1, Jr. over John McCuskey (Orono) 4-2, Jr. (Fall 2:34)
5th: Michael Ude (Fridley) 8-2, So. over Connor Jones (Plainview-Elgin-Millville) 1-4, Sr. (Dec 6-1)
1st Place – Patrick Kennedy of Kasson-Mantorville
2nd Place – Nick Phillips of Fridley
3rd Place – Danny Reynolds of Andover
4th Place – Eric Bassett of Mille Lacs Raiders
5th Place – Martin Prieto of Plainview-Elgin-Millville
6th Place – Johnny Harstad of Orono
1st: Patrick Kennedy (Kasson-Mantorville) 4-0, Jr. over Nick Phillips (Fridley) 6-2, Sr. (Fall 4:17)
3rd: Danny Reynolds (Andover) 2-1, Jr. over Eric Bassett (Mille Lacs Raiders) 2-2, Sr. (Fall 4:23)
5th: Martin Prieto (Plainview-Elgin-Millville) 7-2, Fr. over Johnny Harstad (Orono) 4-3, So. (Dec 13-6)
1st Place – David Wilfert of Orono
2nd Place – Aidan Winter of Andover
3rd Place – Josh Franklin of Fridley
4th Place – Steven Rosekrans of Mille Lacs Raiders
5th Place – Owen Bradford of Kasson-Mantorville
6th Place – Gage Louden of Royalton-Upsala
1st: David Wilfert (Orono) 6-0, So. over Aidan Winter (Andover) 2-1, So. (Fall 1:23)
3rd: Josh Franklin (Fridley) 8-2, So. over Steven Rosekrans (Mille Lacs Raiders) 1-2, Sr. (Fall 3:07)
5th: Owen Bradford (Kasson-Mantorville) 3-1, Fr. over Gage Louden (Royalton-Upsala) 4-3, Jr. (Fall 2:53)
1st Place – John Noll of Centennial
2nd Place – Garsen Schorr of Kasson-Mantorville
3rd Place – Riley Wingert of Plainview-Elgin-Millville
4th Place – Danny Striggow of Orono
5th Place – Jacob Loge of Kasson-Mantorville
6th Place – Vincent Johnson of Andover
1st: John Noll (Centennial) 3-0, Sr. over Garsen Schorr (Kasson-Mantorville) 2-1, Sr. (Fall 2:46)
3rd: Riley Wingert (Plainview-Elgin-Millville) 2-1, Jr. over Danny Striggow (Orono) 5-2, Jr. (M. For.)
5th: Jacob Loge (Kasson-Mantorville) 3-1, Jr. over Vincent Johnson (Andover) 2-2, Jr. (Fall 2:56)
1st Place – Logan Wingert of Plainview-Elgin-Millville
2nd Place – Braden Willis of Mille Lacs Raiders
3rd Place – Luke Breuning of Centennial
4th Place – Shea Albrecht of Orono
5th Place – Anthony Moe-Tucker of Kasson-Mantorville
6th Place – Mason Novitzki of Royalton-Upsala
1st: Logan Wingert (Plainview-Elgin-Millville) 7-0, Jr. over Braden Willis (Mille Lacs Raiders) 7-1, Sr. (Fall 1:45)
3rd: Luke Breuning (Centennial) 2-1, Sr. over Shea Albrecht (Orono) 4-2, So. (Fall 4:46)
5th: Anthony Moe-Tucker (Kasson-Mantorville) 3-1, Fr. over Mason Novitzki (Royalton-Upsala) 3-3, So. (Fall 1:58)