College Recruiting: four-time state entrant Lockwood to New York University

Patrick Lockwood of Minneapolis Washburn has committed to wrestling for New York University in 2019-20.

Lockwood is a four-time state entrant. He wrestled at 113 pounds in 2018 as a junior. He competed at 106 pounds as a sophomore, freshman, and eighth-grader. Lockwood holds the record for most wins in school history (154).

Lockwood is projected to wrestle at 125 pounds for the Violets.

The Guillotine Wrestler Files
Patrick Lockwood, Minneapolis Washburn
2018 MN HS State Tournament 3A 11th 113 DNP 41-5
2017 USA Wrestling Nationals FS Junior 113 DNP
2017 MN HS State Tournament 3A 10th 106 DNP 35-3
2016 USA Wrestling Nationals GR Cadet 106 DNP
2016 MN/USA Wrestling State FS Cadet 113 6th
2016 MN HS State Tournament 3A 9th 106 DNP 32-9
2015 MN HS State Tournament 2A 8th 106 DNP 28-8

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