Redwood River Riot

December 21-22, 2018

Redwood River Riot
1 Fairmont-Martin County West 249.0
2 Sartell-Saint Stephen 148.5
3 Marshall 140.0
4 Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove 135.0
5 Windom-Mountain Lake 118.5
6 Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City 111.5
7 Redwood-River Valley 108.5
8 Litchfield 88.0
9 Blue Earth Area 87.0
10 Maple River 86.0
11 Saint James Area 85.5
12 Sibley East 82.0
13 St. Peter 79.0
13 Tri-City United 79.0
15 Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg 70.5
16 Worthington 68.5
17 Mankato West 66.5
18 Canby 59.0
19 Maple Grove 58.0
20 New Ulm Area 55.5
21 New London-Spicer 42.5
22 Alexandria Area 37.5
23 Dawson-Boyd – Lac Qui Parle – Montevideo United 34.5
24 Minneapolis South 34.0
25 Adrian Area 33.5
26 Wabasso – Red Rock Central 33.0
27 BOLD 32.0
28 Rocori 30.0
29 Holdingford 28.0
29 New Richland-H-E-G 28.0
31 St. Paul Johnson 18.5
32 Luverne 14.0
33 Madelia-Truman-Martin Luther Jayhawks 9.0
34 LeSueur-Henderson 2.0
35 Fulda-Murray Cty Central 0.0

Final Brackets

Results on TrackWrestling

OW: Charlie Pickell of Mankato West, 132 pounds

1st Place – Drayden Morton of Sibley East
2nd Place – Coy Gunderson of Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg
3rd Place – Dylan Enriquez of Sartell-Saint Stephen
4th Place – Dylan Louwagie of Marshall
5th Place – Jesse Potts of Fairmont-Martin County West
6th Place – Riley Cowell of Luverne
7th Place – Troy Parulski of Saint James Area
8th Place – Luke Knudsen of New London-Spicer
1st: Drayden Morton (Sibley East) 15-0, Fr. over Coy Gunderson (Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg) 14-2, Fr. (Dec 1-0)
3rd: Dylan Enriquez (Sartell-Saint Stephen) 13-1, Fr. over Dylan Louwagie (Marshall) 11-3, 7th. (MD 10-0)
5th: Jesse Potts (Fairmont-Martin County West) 8-5, Fr. over Riley Cowell (Luverne) 7-5, So. (Dec 5-2)
7th: Troy Parulski (Saint James Area) 10-5, Jr. over Luke Knudsen (New London-Spicer) 12-6, 7th. (Dec 9-3)
1st Place – Lucas Jagodzinske of Fairmont-Martin County West
2nd Place – Derek Steele of Sibley East
3rd Place – Ayden Horner of Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove
4th Place – Brady Holien of Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City
5th Place – Ty Peterson of Blue Earth Area
6th Place – Boden Simon of Maple River
7th Place – Yim-Leej Yang of St. Paul Johnson
8th Place – Nikolas Petsinger of New Richland-H-E-G
1st: Lucas Jagodzinske (Fairmont-Martin County West) 10-2, So. over Derek Steele (Sibley East) 14-2, So. (MD 10-1)
3rd: Ayden Horner (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) 11-1, Fr. over Brady Holien (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) 12-2, Fr. (Dec 4-0)
5th: Ty Peterson (Blue Earth Area) 14-2, So. over Boden Simon (Maple River) 11-5, Fr. (MD 11-2)
7th: Yim-Leej Yang (St. Paul Johnson) 9-4, Jr. over Nikolas Petsinger (New Richland-H-E-G) 8-7, Fr. (Fall 1:26)
1st Place – Jaxson Rohman of Fairmont-Martin County West
2nd Place – Will Magaard of Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg
3rd Place – Hsa Law Eh of Marshall
4th Place – Erik Artiga of Worthington
5th Place – Nick Johnson of Tri-City United
6th Place – Ryan Borris of Alexandria Area
7th Place – Davis Sunken of Blue Earth Area
8th Place – Micah Holmberg of Windom-Mountain Lake
1st: Jaxson Rohman (Fairmont-Martin County West) 10-3, So. over Will Magaard (Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg) 16-1, Jr. (Dec 5-2)
3rd: Hsa Law Eh (Marshall) 14-1, Jr. over Erik Artiga (Worthington) 11-2, Sr. (MD 8-0)
5th: Nick Johnson (Tri-City United) 13-4, Sr. over Ryan Borris (Alexandria Area) 15-6, Jr. (MD 11-3)
7th: Davis Sunken (Blue Earth Area) 13-3, Jr. over Micah Holmberg (Windom-Mountain Lake) 3-6, Fr. (Fall 1:07)
1st Place – Connor Simmonds of Fairmont-Martin County West
2nd Place – Brett Willaby of Windom-Mountain Lake
3rd Place – Sam Kulseth of Saint James Area
4th Place – Blake Vagle of New London-Spicer
5th Place – Eddie Simes of Litchfield
6th Place – Damon Schutz of Worthington
7th Place – Caleb Whipps of Tri-City United
8th Place – Ramzee Molinaro of Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City
1st: Connor Simmonds (Fairmont-Martin County West) 12-2, So. over Brett Willaby (Windom-Mountain Lake) 10-2, Jr. (MD 9-0)
3rd: Sam Kulseth (Saint James Area) 13-2, Sr. over Blake Vagle (New London-Spicer) 12-3, Jr. (Fall 0:46)
5th: Eddie Simes (Litchfield) 13-4, Fr. over Damon Schutz (Worthington) 13-5, So. (Dec 9-3)
7th: Caleb Whipps (Tri-City United) 12-3, Fr. over Ramzee Molinaro (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) 11-4, Jr. (Dec 6-5)
1st Place – Charlie Pickell of Mankato West
2nd Place – Dereck Ellingson of Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove
3rd Place – Jackson Penk of Sartell-Saint Stephen
4th Place – Kade Sammons of Windom-Mountain Lake
5th Place – Hayden Straumann of Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City
6th Place – Cale Steuber of Fairmont-Martin County West
7th Place – Austin Moscho of Rocori
8th Place – Lay K Paw of Worthington
1st: Charlie Pickell (Mankato West) 10-1, Jr. over Dereck Ellingson (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) 11-1, Sr. (TF-1.5 4:24 (22-7))
3rd: Jackson Penk (Sartell-Saint Stephen) 13-1, Sr. over Kade Sammons (Windom-Mountain Lake) 11-3, So. (Dec 7-3)
5th: Hayden Straumann (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) 11-3, So. over Cale Steuber (Fairmont-Martin County West) 11-6, Jr. (M. For.)
7th: Austin Moscho (Rocori) 8-3, Fr. over Lay K Paw (Worthington) 9-7, Sr. (MD 13-2)
1st Place – Lincoln Carpenter of Sibley East
2nd Place – Nick Pelach of Sartell-Saint Stephen
3rd Place – Jordan Wolter of Fairmont-Martin County West
4th Place – Jaxen Klinkner of Blue Earth Area
5th Place – Lucas Hodges of Marshall
6th Place – Omar Arredondo of Redwood-River Valley
7th Place – Michael Connor of St. Peter
8th Place – Gach Mar of Madelia-Truman-Martin Luther Jayhawks
1st: Lincoln Carpenter (Sibley East) 15-1, Jr. over Nick Pelach (Sartell-Saint Stephen) 12-1, Sr. (Dec 7-2)
3rd: Jordan Wolter (Fairmont-Martin County West) 12-3, Sr. over Jaxen Klinkner (Blue Earth Area) 11-4, Jr. (Dec 11-4)
5th: Lucas Hodges (Marshall) 11-3, Sr. over Omar Arredondo (Redwood-River Valley) 10-6, Sr. (Fall 3:41)
7th: Michael Connor (St. Peter) 10-4, Jr. over Gach Mar (Madelia-Truman-Martin Luther Jayhawks) 6-5, So. (Fall 1:28)
1st Place – Gavin Peterson of Maple Grove
2nd Place – Sean Howk of New Ulm Area
3rd Place – Payton Anderson of Fairmont-Martin County West
4th Place – Matthew Pettis of St. Peter
5th Place – Sam Fernholz of Sartell-Saint Stephen
6th Place – Noah Jensen of Marshall
7th Place – Anthony Axford of Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove
8th Place – Trevon Johnson of Dawson-Boyd – Lac Qui Parle – Montevideo United
1st: Gavin Peterson (Maple Grove) 11-1, Jr. over Sean Howk (New Ulm Area) 15-1, Sr. (Dec 4-3)
3rd: Payton Anderson (Fairmont-Martin County West) 11-3, Jr. over Matthew Pettis (St. Peter) 7-5, Sr. (SV-1 3-1)
5th: Sam Fernholz (Sartell-Saint Stephen) 13-4, Jr. over Noah Jensen (Marshall) 12-3, Jr. (SV-1 3-1)
7th: Anthony Axford (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) 10-2, Sr. over Trevon Johnson (Dawson-Boyd – Lac Qui Parle – Montevideo United) 10-6, So. (Fall 2:39)
1st Place – Tayte Harazin of Redwood-River Valley
2nd Place – Caden Ochsendorf of Maple River
3rd Place – Zach Spinks of Windom-Mountain Lake
4th Place – Miles Fitzgerald of Fairmont-Martin County West
5th Place – Brian Avre of Minneapolis South
6th Place – Wareke Gillette of St. Peter
7th Place – Koby Nagel of Blue Earth Area
8th Place – Jackson Hughes of Marshall
1st: Tayte Harazin (Redwood-River Valley) 12-1, Sr. over Caden Ochsendorf (Maple River) 10-2, Jr. (Dec 6-4)
3rd: Zach Spinks (Windom-Mountain Lake) 9-3, Sr. over Miles Fitzgerald (Fairmont-Martin County West) 7-5, Jr. (Dec 1-0)
5th: Brian Avre (Minneapolis South) 18-3, Sr. over Wareke Gillette (St. Peter) 9-5, Jr. (MD 13-5)
7th: Koby Nagel (Blue Earth Area) 5-2, Jr. over Jackson Hughes (Marshall) 9-3, Sr. (MD 13-2)
1st Place – Tallin Johnson of Saint James Area
2nd Place – Alex Borsgard of Windom-Mountain Lake
3rd Place – Nathan Simmonds of Fairmont-Martin County West
4th Place – Austin Axford of Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove
5th Place – Anthony Maher of BOLD
6th Place – Sage Loredo – Hollon of St. Peter
7th Place – Trappier Botz of Alexandria Area
8th Place – Grant Louwagie of Marshall
1st: Tallin Johnson (Saint James Area) 12-1, Jr. over Alex Borsgard (Windom-Mountain Lake) 12-1, Sr. (Fall 1:53)
3rd: Nathan Simmonds (Fairmont-Martin County West) 10-3, Jr. over Austin Axford (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) 10-2, Sr. (Fall 1:15)
5th: Anthony Maher (BOLD) 11-5, Jr. over Sage Loredo – Hollon (St. Peter) 3-3, Sr. (M. For.)
7th: Trappier Botz (Alexandria Area) 6-4, Sr. over Grant Louwagie (Marshall) 9-4, So. (Dec 7-3)
1st Place – Logan Nelson of Litchfield
2nd Place – Wyatt Simon of Maple River
3rd Place – Jace Paplow of Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove
4th Place – Alex Lange of Holdingford
5th Place – Elijah Sterner of Marshall
6th Place – Tyler Jacobson of New Richland-H-E-G
7th Place – Mario Maldonado of Fairmont-Martin County West
8th Place – Taylor Fester of Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City
1st: Logan Nelson (Litchfield) 13-0, Sr. over Wyatt Simon (Maple River) 11-1, Jr. (Dec 7-2)
3rd: Jace Paplow (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) 10-2, Jr. over Alex Lange (Holdingford) 15-3, Sr. (Dec 5-2)
5th: Elijah Sterner (Marshall) 8-4, Sr. over Tyler Jacobson (New Richland-H-E-G) 10-4, Sr. (Fall 1:21)
7th: Mario Maldonado (Fairmont-Martin County West) 6-4, Sr. over Taylor Fester (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) 10-4, So. (MD 12-3)
1st Place – Trevor Eisfeld of Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove
2nd Place – Eli Hunt of St. Peter
3rd Place – Tristan Lange of Fairmont-Martin County West
4th Place – Dominic Whitlow of Blue Earth Area
5th Place – Nathan Trio of Maple River
6th Place – Logan Sherwood of Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City
7th Place – Noah Langsjoen of Mankato West
8th Place – Jack Engle of Sartell-Saint Stephen
1st: Trevor Eisfeld (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) 9-2, Jr. over Eli Hunt (St. Peter) 8-2, Jr. (Dec 8-1)
3rd: Tristan Lange (Fairmont-Martin County West) 8-3, Sr. over Dominic Whitlow (Blue Earth Area) 9-7, Sr. (Fall 4:08)
5th: Nathan Trio (Maple River) 11-3, Jr. over Logan Sherwood (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) 10-5, Sr. (Fall 4:33)
7th: Noah Langsjoen (Mankato West) 7-5, Jr. over Jack Engle (Sartell-Saint Stephen) 11-6, Jr. (M. For.)
1st Place – Evan Hull of Maple Grove
2nd Place – Jaiden Bahr of Marshall
3rd Place – Jaden Kindopp of Canby
4th Place – Derek Werner of Wabasso – Red Rock Central
5th Place – Sam Miller of Tri-City United
6th Place – Jacob Neuberger of Worthington
7th Place – Avery Miller of Mankato West
8th Place – Jacob Brey of Saint James Area
1st: Evan Hull (Maple Grove) 6-0, Sr. over Jaiden Bahr (Marshall) 10-3, Jr. (Dec 4-0)
3rd: Jaden Kindopp (Canby) 15-2, Sr. over Derek Werner (Wabasso – Red Rock Central) 16-4, Jr. (Dec 2-1)
5th: Sam Miller (Tri-City United) 12-6, Sr. over Jacob Neuberger (Worthington) 10-7, Sr. (Dec 3-2)
7th: Avery Miller (Mankato West) 8-4, Sr. over Jacob Brey (Saint James Area) 8-7, Sr. (Fall 2:35)
1st Place – Cole Fibranz of Sartell-Saint Stephen
2nd Place – Kaleb Haase of Redwood-River Valley
3rd Place – Jose Reyes of Tri-City United
4th Place – Nick McKenzie of New London-Spicer
5th Place – Tim Peppel of BOLD
6th Place – Jacob Rahn of Fairmont-Martin County West
7th Place – Josh Steffen of Canby
8th Place – Jabari Carlton of Windom-Mountain Lake
1st: Cole Fibranz (Sartell-Saint Stephen) 14-0, Sr. over Kaleb Haase (Redwood-River Valley) 8-2, Jr. (Fall 1:22)
3rd: Jose Reyes (Tri-City United) 14-1, Jr. over Nick McKenzie (New London-Spicer) 13-3, So. (Dec 4-1)
5th: Tim Peppel (BOLD) 13-2, So. over Jacob Rahn (Fairmont-Martin County West) 5-7, Jr. (Fall 1:59)
7th: Josh Steffen (Canby) 13-3, So. over Jabari Carlton (Windom-Mountain Lake) 9-4, Sr. (Dec 12-6)
1st Place – Chase Liestman of Litchfield
2nd Place – Tanner Berghuis of Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City
3rd Place – Scot Edwards of Adrian Area
4th Place – Chad Maddock of Redwood-River Valley
5th Place – Colby Wenninger of New Ulm Area
6th Place – Nate Evens of Rocori
7th Place – Ryan Liebl of Wabasso – Red Rock Central
8th Place – Cole Felcyn of Marshall
1st: Chase Liestman (Litchfield) 14-0, Sr. over Tanner Berghuis (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) 13-1, Jr. (MD 14-3)
3rd: Scot Edwards (Adrian Area) 19-1, Jr. over Chad Maddock (Redwood-River Valley) 8-2, Jr. (Fall 0:24)
5th: Colby Wenninger (New Ulm Area) 14-3, Jr. over Nate Evens (Rocori) 5-8, Sr. (Fall 1:29)
7th: Ryan Liebl (Wabasso – Red Rock Central) 16-5, Sr. over Cole Felcyn (Marshall) 5-4, So. (Dec 7-1)

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