Augsburg wrestlers are ready for the “Battle of Burgs”

When it comes to wrestling, the rivalry between Augsburg and Wartburg is one of the best in the country.

“It’s a great rivalry. It’s been Augsburg or Wartburg that’s won the last 26 national titles in Division III wrestling. It’s always an honor to compete against those guys. It’s real, it’s a real rivalry,” says Augsburg coach Jim Moulsoff.

“It’s a pretty good one. It’s always been two teams that always battle. It’s good competition every time it’s just a battle: The Battle of the burgs,” says Augsburg junior Lucas Jeske.

“It’s a cool atmosphere for sure, iron sharpens iron, kind of like the rivalry. We want to keep getting better. They want to keep getting better, so it’s whoever is on their game that night shows whose the best,” says Augsburg junior Ryan Epps. View/continue reading at