Enthusiasm Wins – Motivation By Mark Schwab

There’s no better cure for lack of enthusiasm than learning something new; by staying in a constant state of learning, you will find it much more feasible to be and stay enthusiastic. Additionally, there is no better cure for lack of enthusiasm than setting concrete goals, something to labor for that is meaningful, has purpose and then pursue tenaciously.

Enthusiasm is crucial in life, training, competition, business, etc. In times when a situation can go one way or the other, enthusiasm is convincing. Enthusiasm creates oomph! Think of all the conditions in life that are won-over by enthusiasm. Your health and quality of existence are upgraded. Your performance, assignment, results, and persuasion are enhanced and reinforced.

Listen to a speaker, professor, or coach, with a dull voice; it’s awful & does nothing to move you. Now watch a competitor who competes with life, zeal, and hustle, they command respect, raise the level of everyone. You can feel the excitement. Enthusiasm moves, motivates, and connects your attention and focus.

Communities, team, employees, competitors, etc. respond to enthusiasm. It’s convincing and noticeable. I’m not talking about being phony; we already have enough counterfeit people and groups. I am not talking about uncontrolled mannerisms; although, sometimes it comes to that. I’m talking about hustle, determination, and stimulation that sustains. It’s raw, real, pure and comes from within.

Going through the motions will never render the necessary ingredients to come from beginning to end or draw closer from behind in a tough, hard, and critical circumstance. You cannot rumble without emotion! Though with it, you can shave time off the clock. You attain an edge and declare victory over the more talented. Yes, emotion is a tool used to insight, energize and sway people. Enthusiasm makes all the difference. It’s obvious who has it and who does not. Enthusiasm’s in all of us. Although enthusiasm may not be as visible with some people, that’s ok. What’s significant always comes from within and translates into results. Unfortunately, enthusiasm can lay dormant for years unless you have goals, purpose, something to believe in and labor for.

You will never mistake enthusiasm. You can draw from it. Yes, enthusiasm is a winner in any arena. Enthusiasm is contagious and necessary. Enthusiasm has authority, focused energy and will get you up in the morning. If you’ve seriously invested, enthusiasm will be the blood running through your veins.

Enthusiasm is an emotional weapon; use it when you drill, lift, run, compete, work, write, or striving to influence. Enthusiasm will give you the results you’re looking for. Enthusiasm is hustle, a cannon, tank, and army all in one. Without enthusiasm, the prediction is often far less than potential.

There is a lack of enthusiasm in too many people, coaches, athletes, training sessions, professors, presentations, and life in general. Maybe if enthusiasm was available in a text, tweet, or twerk, more people would have it. In my opinion, fervor comes from within by discovering your purpose, setting goals, and making a firm decision to run a race that matters. Once you do, you ignite potential for attainment. Enthusiasm is one of the strongest armors a human can wear.

The best of you has yet to emerge. I urge you to discover your greatest Passions. You have layers and potential yet to be tapped. Enthusiasm is necessary to progress, bring about possibilities, cross finish lines and raise the temperature when necessary. They say no person ever fully discovers or develops all their potential within; nobody ever digs the deepest well, not yet anyway. Maybe you’ll drill the deepest well within.

Give enthusiasm a test drive and evaluate its influence for yourself. You will discover this unshakable desire has wheels that can go the distance. In fact, enthusiasm has wheels that can turn the world. Wake it up? “Enthusiasm Wins”

Mark Schwab was recently an assistant coach at the University of Northern Iowa. Previously he spent nine years as assistant coach at the University of Minnesota, helping the program to seven top-three team finishes at the NCAA Championships and two NCAA team titles. As a wrestler, Schwab was an All-American for the University of Northern Iowa during the late 1980s. Schwab earned his bachelor’s degree in 1990 from the University of Northern Iowa and his master’s degree from the University of Minnesota in 2003. Schwab returned to the University of Minnesota to get a second emphasis in sports psychology on his existing master’s and completed that in 2010. Email Mark at mark@opportunitiestosucceed.com.

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