Mora Invitational

Mora Invitational
1 Waconia 236.5
2 Mora 173.5
3 Alexandria 118.0
4 Aitkin 114.0
5 Mille Lacs Raiders 103.0
6 Andover 98.5
7 Chisago Lakes 86.0
8 Spectrum 55.5
9 Nashwauk-Keetwatin-Greenway 50.0
10 Rush City-Braham 42.0

Results on TrackWrestling

1st Place – Peitz Tyson of Waconia
2nd Place – Tate Wishnack (alt) of Waconia
3rd Place – Marshall Larson of Aitkin
4th Place – Avery Nelson of Mora
5th Place – Kelly Johnson of Alexandria
6th Place – Gavin Gould of Spectrum
1st: Peitz Tyson (Waconia) 15-7, Sr. over Tate Wishnack (alt) (Waconia) 5-5, Fr. (Fall 0:36)
3rd: Marshall Larson (Aitkin) 7-7, Fr. over Avery Nelson (Mora) 8-10, 8th. (MD 13-5)
5th: Kelly Johnson (Alexandria) 4-9, 8th. over Gavin Gould (Spectrum) 10-8, Fr. (Dec 4-3)
1st Place – John Babineau of Andover
2nd Place – Reice White of Waconia
3rd Place – Walker Jones of Aitkin
4th Place – Trevor Thielen of Mora
5th Place – Andrew Novack of Chisago Lakes
6th Place – Cam Wilkes of Mille Lacs Raiders
1st: John Babineau (Andover) 22-3, Jr. over Reice White (Waconia) 10-8, Jr. (MD 12-3)
3rd: Walker Jones (Aitkin) 7-8, 7th. over Trevor Thielen (Mora) 8-10, So. (Fall 1:37)
5th: Andrew Novack (Chisago Lakes) 13-9, 8th. over Cam Wilkes (Mille Lacs Raiders) 3-9, 8th. (Fall 1:24)
1st Place – Ryan Borris of Alexandria
2nd Place – Carson Kullhem of Aitkin
3rd Place – Connor Gmahl of Mora
4th Place – Lucas Mathison of Chisago Lakes
5th Place – Josh Wagener of Waconia
6th Place – Brock Folkma (Alt) of Mora
1st: Ryan Borris (Alexandria) 17-6, Jr. over Carson Kullhem (Aitkin) 10-5, Fr. (Dec 7-2)
3rd: Connor Gmahl (Mora) 9-9, 8th. over Lucas Mathison (Chisago Lakes) 4-8, Fr. (M. For.)
5th: Josh Wagener (Waconia) 8-9, Fr. over Brock Folkma (Alt) (Mora) 5-8, 7th. (Fall 0:44)
1st Place – Alex Riley (Alt) of Waconia
2nd Place – AJ Sparr of Alexandria
3rd Place – Tucker Hass of Mora
4th Place – Bradee Dwinell of Waconia
5th Place – Cody Stark of Mille Lacs Raiders
6th Place – Thomas Jones of Andover
1st: Alex Riley (Alt) (Waconia) 5-4, 8th. over AJ Sparr (Alexandria) 13-8, So. (Dec 3-0)
3rd: Tucker Hass (Mora) 9-10, 8th. over Bradee Dwinell (Waconia) 3-6, 7th. (Fall 3:34)
5th: Cody Stark (Mille Lacs Raiders) 6-2, So. over Thomas Jones (Andover) 7-11, Jr. (Fall 0:54)
1st Place – Max McEnelly of Waconia
2nd Place – Carson Shockman of Rush City-Braham
3rd Place – Jack Gravelle of Aitkin
4th Place – Adam Devine of Spectrum
5th Place – Cody Haggberg of Mora
6th Place – Kyler Miller of Alexandria
1st: Max McEnelly (Waconia) 12-5, 8th. over Carson Shockman (Rush City-Braham) 11-7, So. (Fall 0:45)
3rd: Jack Gravelle (Aitkin) 11-7, Sr. over Adam Devine (Spectrum) 10-7, Sr. (Fall 3:10)
5th: Cody Haggberg (Mora) 10-9, So. over Kyler Miller (Alexandria) 6-7, So. (Fall 1:14)
1st Place – Gage Mueller of Waconia
2nd Place – Thomas Deboer of Spectrum
3rd Place – Tate Runge of Alexandria
4th Place – Tristan Corrow of Nashwauk-Keetwatin-Greenway
5th Place – Parker Voss of Mora
6th Place – Nolan Huffman of Chisago Lakes
1st: Gage Mueller (Waconia) 13-5, Fr. over Thomas Deboer (Spectrum) 11-6, So. (TF-1.5 4:40 (15-0))
3rd: Tate Runge (Alexandria) 12-11, So. over Tristan Corrow (Nashwauk-Keetwatin-Greenway) 10-7, Sr. (Fall 1:19)
5th: Parker Voss (Mora) 4-7, Jr. over Nolan Huffman (Chisago Lakes) 7-16, So. (Fall 2:40)
1st Place – Luke Pelarski of Aitkin
2nd Place – Will Burroughs of Waconia
3rd Place – JP Rodel of Alexandria
4th Place – Eric Thompson of Mille Lacs Raiders
5th Place – Charlie Schumacher of Chisago Lakes
6th Place – Tommy Schroeder of Mora
1st: Luke Pelarski (Aitkin) 10-5, Sr. over Will Burroughs (Waconia) 7-8, Sr. (Dec 4-1)
3rd: JP Rodel (Alexandria) 13-11, So. over Eric Thompson (Mille Lacs Raiders) 6-8, Jr. (Fall 5:10)
5th: Charlie Schumacher (Chisago Lakes) 3-16, Jr. over Tommy Schroeder (Mora) 3-15, So. (MD 13-1)
1st Place – Tim Stapleton of Waconia
2nd Place – Jon Smith of Mora
3rd Place – Quin Miller of Aitkin
4th Place – Bradley Bernu of Mille Lacs Raiders
5th Place – Ethan Aune of Spectrum
6th Place – Domonick Holcomb of Nashwauk-Keetwatin-Greenway
1st: Tim Stapleton (Waconia) 13-1, Jr. over Jon Smith (Mora) 10-5, Sr. (Fall 0:49)
3rd: Quin Miller (Aitkin) 9-8, Sr. over Bradley Bernu (Mille Lacs Raiders) 9-5, Jr. (Dec 14-9)
5th: Ethan Aune (Spectrum) 1-2, Sr. over Domonick Holcomb (Nashwauk-Keetwatin-Greenway) 1-7, Fr. (Fall 0:20)
1st Place – Cade Mueller of Waconia
2nd Place – Trappier Botz of Alexandria
3rd Place – Mitchell Nowlan of Andover
4th Place – Daniel Mielke of Rush City-Braham
5th Place – Austin Voss of Mora
6th Place – Ethan Benson of Mille Lacs Raiders
1st: Cade Mueller (Waconia) 19-1, Sr. over Trappier Botz (Alexandria) 8-5, Sr. (Fall 0:54)
3rd: Mitchell Nowlan (Andover) 20-7, So. over Daniel Mielke (Rush City-Braham) 12-3, Jr. (TF-1.5 5:52 (17-2))
5th: Austin Voss (Mora) 8-4, Sr. over Ethan Benson (Mille Lacs Raiders) 7-7, Jr. (Fall 0:53)
1st Place – Danny Reynolds of Andover
2nd Place – Mitch Garnatz of Waconia
3rd Place – Matthew Jeska of Nashwauk-Keetwatin-Greenway
4th Place – Danny Schroeder of Mora
5th Place – Isaiah Sistrunk of Chisago Lakes
6th Place – Cody Richardson of Alexandria
1st: Danny Reynolds (Andover) 20-5, Jr. over Mitch Garnatz (Waconia) 18-6, Sr. (Dec 12-5)
3rd: Matthew Jeska (Nashwauk-Keetwatin-Greenway) 13-4, Sr. over Danny Schroeder (Mora) 8-2, Sr. (Fall 1:37)
5th: Isaiah Sistrunk (Chisago Lakes) 11-12, Sr. over Cody Richardson (Alexandria) 1-10, Jr. (Dec 9-4)
1st Place – Jackson Boberg of Waconia
2nd Place – Eric Bassett of Mille Lacs Raiders
3rd Place – Aidan Winter of Andover
4th Place – Dylan Nelson (alt) of Mora
5th Place – Dom Adams of Mora
6th Place – Jack Workman of Aitkin
1st: Jackson Boberg (Waconia) 12-7, Sr. over Eric Bassett (Mille Lacs Raiders) 11-3, Sr. (Fall 1:22)
3rd: Aidan Winter (Andover) 11-8, So. over Dylan Nelson (alt) (Mora) 10-7, So. (Fall 5:21)
5th: Dom Adams (Mora) 12-8, So. over Jack Workman (Aitkin) 4-7, Sr. (Fall 4:00)
1st Place – Bram Fitzsimmonds of Waconia
2nd Place – Bryce Smith of Nashwauk-Keetwatin-Greenway
3rd Place – Tanner Grangruth of Mora
4th Place – Colin Gore of Mille Lacs Raiders
5th Place – Craig Ashton of Aitkin
1st: Bram Fitzsimmonds (Waconia) 10-7, So. over Bryce Smith (Nashwauk-Keetwatin-Greenway) 7-2, Sr. (Dec 4-2)
3rd: Tanner Grangruth (Mora) 9-6, So. over Colin Gore (Mille Lacs Raiders) 2-4, Jr. (Fall 2:17)
5th: Craig Ashton (Aitkin) 2-10, 8th. over () , . (Bye)
1st Place – Zach Carlson of Chisago Lakes
2nd Place – Deryk Neu of Alexandria
3rd Place – Sam McEnelly of Waconia
4th Place – Steven Rosekrans of Mille Lacs Raiders
5th Place – Collin McCarthy of Mora
6th Place – Vincent Johnson of Andover
1st: Zach Carlson (Chisago Lakes) 2-1, Sr. over Deryk Neu (Alexandria) 3-3, Jr. (Fall 3:13)
3rd: Sam McEnelly (Waconia) 14-8, So. over Steven Rosekrans (Mille Lacs Raiders) 6-6, Sr. (Fall 2:42)
5th: Collin McCarthy (Mora) 10-6, Jr. over Vincent Johnson (Andover) 6-10, Jr. (Fall 5:17)
1st Place – Austin Surgenor of Andover
2nd Place – Connor Bleymeyer of Chisago Lakes
3rd Place – Braden Willis of Mille Lacs Raiders
4th Place – Devin Shellito of Rush City-Braham
5th Place – Sam Cooper of Spectrum
6th Place – Jace Morneau of Mora
1st: Austin Surgenor (Andover) 14-7, Sr. over Connor Bleymeyer (Chisago Lakes) 10-6, Jr. (Fall 4:43)
3rd: Braden Willis (Mille Lacs Raiders) 12-2, Sr. over Devin Shellito (Rush City-Braham) 6-5, Sr. (Dec 5-2)
5th: Sam Cooper (Spectrum) 7-5, Sr. over Jace Morneau (Mora) 5-8, Sr. (Fall 0:38)

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