NYA Central Invitational

NYA Central Invitational
1 Hastings 215.5
2 Mankato West 182.5
3 Waseca 161.5
4 Hibbing 141.5
5 New Ulm Area 119.0
6 Robbinsdale Armstrong 79.0
7 Norwood-Young America 68.0
8 Sibley East 67.5
9 WEM-JWP 23.0
10 Madelia-Truman-Martin Luther Jayhawks 17.0

Final Brackets

1st Place – Mason Gehloff of Waseca
2nd Place – Drayden Morton of Sibley East
3rd Place – Josh Route of Hastings
4th Place – Cooper Hendrickson of Hibbing
5th Place – Aceyn Meyer of Robbinsdale Armstrong
6th Place – Isaiah Rieser of New Ulm Area
1st: Mason Gehloff (Waseca) 15-0, So. over Drayden Morton (Sibley East) 19-1, Fr. (Dec 1-0)
3rd: Josh Route (Hastings) 12-9, 8th. over Cooper Hendrickson (Hibbing) 5-10, 7th. (MD 11-3)
5th: Aceyn Meyer (Robbinsdale Armstrong) 5-5, Fr. over Isaiah Rieser (New Ulm Area) 3-6, Fr. (Dec 3-2)
1st Place – Derek Steele of Sibley East
2nd Place – Carter Brandes of New Ulm Area
3rd Place – Oliver O’Brien of Waseca
4th Place – Damian Riewe of Mankato West
5th Place – Dominic Cementina of Hibbing
6th Place – Diego Terriquez of Robbinsdale Armstrong
1st: Derek Steele (Sibley East) 20-2, So. over Carter Brandes (New Ulm Area) 11-7, Jr. (Dec 6-0)
3rd: Oliver O’Brien (Waseca) 10-5, 8th. over Damian Riewe (Mankato West) 3-6, 8th. (Fall 0:29)
5th: Dominic Cementina (Hibbing) 8-10, 8th. over Diego Terriquez (Robbinsdale Armstrong) 9-7, 8th. (Fall 4:18)
1st Place – Francis Fuenffinger of Hibbing
2nd Place – Luke Osweiler of Waseca
3rd Place – Jackson Bode of New Ulm Area
4th Place – Evan Ehmke of Mankato West
5th Place – Devin Ankeny of Robbinsdale Armstrong
6th Place – Blake Reamer of Hastings
1st: Francis Fuenffinger (Hibbing) 18-1, Sr. over Luke Osweiler (Waseca) 10-4, So. (TF-1.5 4:51 (15-0))
3rd: Jackson Bode (New Ulm Area) 8-7, Jr. over Evan Ehmke (Mankato West) 2-6, Fr. (Fall 1:34)
5th: Devin Ankeny (Robbinsdale Armstrong) 7-9, So. over Blake Reamer (Hastings) 6-8, Fr. (Fall 2:54)
1st Place – John Kendall of Hastings
2nd Place – Wyatt Lemke of Norwood-Young America
3rd Place – Dylan Novak of Mankato West
4th Place – Josh Cannata of Hibbing
5th Place – Mark Smith of Robbinsdale Armstrong
6th Place – Victor Feeley of Waseca
1st: John Kendall (Hastings) 9-7, Jr. over Wyatt Lemke (Norwood-Young America) 11-11, Sr. (Fall 1:20)
3rd: Dylan Novak (Mankato West) 5-4, Fr. over Josh Cannata (Hibbing) 10-11, Jr. (Dec 11-8)
5th: Mark Smith (Robbinsdale Armstrong) 5-11, Sr. over Victor Feeley (Waseca) 2-4, Fr. (MD 12-2)
1st Place – Christian Rodriguez of Waseca
2nd Place – Joash Lord of Norwood-Young America
3rd Place – Lynden Wilson of Hastings
4th Place – Gach Mar of Madelia-Truman-Martin Luther Jayhawks
5th Place – Jacob Bertrang of New Ulm Area
6th Place – Bryson Larrabee of Hibbing
1st: Christian Rodriguez (Waseca) 11-3, 8th. over Joash Lord (Norwood-Young America) 13-8, Sr. (Dec 3-2)
3rd: Lynden Wilson (Hastings) 13-9, Sr. over Gach Mar (Madelia-Truman-Martin Luther Jayhawks) 9-7, So. (Dec 5-0)
5th: Jacob Bertrang (New Ulm Area) 4-13, Jr. over Bryson Larrabee (Hibbing) 6-8, 8th. (Dec 8-3)
1st Place – Charlie Pickell of Mankato West
2nd Place – David Platt of Hibbing
3rd Place – Lincoln Carpenter of Sibley East
4th Place – Jesse Mimbach of Hastings
5th Place – Nolan Myers of Hastings
6th Place – John Mehlhop of New Ulm Area
1st: Charlie Pickell (Mankato West) 21-1, Jr. over David Platt (Hibbing) 19-5, So. (Dec 11-8)
3rd: Lincoln Carpenter (Sibley East) 21-2, Jr. over Jesse Mimbach (Hastings) 8-7, Sr. (Dec 7-6)
5th: Nolan Myers (Hastings) 3-2, So. over John Mehlhop (New Ulm Area) 10-12, Jr. (Dec 6-3)
1st Place – Sean Howk of New Ulm Area
2nd Place – Paul Kendall of Hastings
3rd Place – Amauri Easley of Robbinsdale Armstrong
4th Place – Tyler Klinger of Waseca
5th Place – Gannon Rosenfeld of Mankato West
6th Place – Jared Kleindl of Norwood-Young America
1st: Sean Howk (New Ulm Area) 19-1, Sr. over Paul Kendall (Hastings) 13-8, Sr. (MD 11-3)
3rd: Amauri Easley (Robbinsdale Armstrong) 12-8, Fr. over Tyler Klinger (Waseca) 9-6, So. (Dec 8-6)
5th: Gannon Rosenfeld (Mankato West) 5-10, Fr. over Jared Kleindl (Norwood-Young America) 11-13, Sr. (Dec 4-0)
1st Place – Mac Wilson of Hastings
2nd Place – Ben Mennenga of Robbinsdale Armstrong
3rd Place – Rhett Wiebers of Mankato West
4th Place – Blake Wendland of Waseca
5th Place – Amar Thomas of Hastings
6th Place – Dalton Klampe of WEM-JWP
1st: Mac Wilson (Hastings) 20-7, Sr. over Ben Mennenga (Robbinsdale Armstrong) 12-6, Sr. (Fall 4:45)
3rd: Rhett Wiebers (Mankato West) 9-6, Sr. over Blake Wendland (Waseca) 9-7, Jr. (Fall 0:33)
5th: Amar Thomas (Hastings) 1-2, Sr. over Dalton Klampe (WEM-JWP) 1-12, Sr. (Fall 3:48)
1st Place – Wyatt Block of Mankato West
2nd Place – Cole Verichak of Hibbing
3rd Place – Devon McSorley of Hastings
4th Place – John Larrabee of Hibbing
5th Place – Alex Ue of Robbinsdale Armstrong
1st: Wyatt Block (Mankato West) 13-5, So. over Cole Verichak (Hibbing) 14-7, Sr. (Dec 4-2)
3rd: Devon McSorley (Hastings) 8-10, Jr. over John Larrabee (Hibbing) 9-11, Jr. (MD 14-3)
5th: Alex Ue (Robbinsdale Armstrong) 0-4, Sr. over () , . (Bye)
1st Place – Corbin Leflay of Hastings
2nd Place – Jagger Greenwood of Hibbing
3rd Place – Lane Miller of New Ulm Area
4th Place – Logan Ehlenz of Robbinsdale Armstrong
5th Place – Jed Altenburg of Madelia-Truman-Martin Luther Jayhawks
6th Place – Caleb Meger of Mankato West
1st: Corbin Leflay (Hastings) 18-4, Sr. over Jagger Greenwood (Hibbing) 12-8, Jr. (Fall 1:12)
3rd: Lane Miller (New Ulm Area) 10-10, Sr. over Logan Ehlenz (Robbinsdale Armstrong) 7-3, Sr. (Dec 7-4)
5th: Jed Altenburg (Madelia-Truman-Martin Luther Jayhawks) 2-2, Fr. over Caleb Meger (Mankato West) 0-4, Sr. (Dec 6-1)
1st Place – Zack Neuman of Hibbing
2nd Place – Noah Langsjoen of Mankato West
3rd Place – Mukhtar Ali of Hastings
4th Place – Daniel Kuhns of Waseca
5th Place – James Tilson of Hibbing
6th Place – Jacob Hernandez of Sibley East
1st: Zack Neuman (Hibbing) 17-4, Sr. over Noah Langsjoen (Mankato West) 12-8, Jr. (Dec 6-4)
3rd: Mukhtar Ali (Hastings) 8-8, Jr. over Daniel Kuhns (Waseca) 5-8, So. (Fall 0:55)
5th: James Tilson (Hibbing) 2-2, Jr. over Jacob Hernandez (Sibley East) 8-12, So. (Inj. 0:00)
1st Place – Godswill Pepple of Hastings
2nd Place – Avery Miller of Mankato West
3rd Place – Sam Meeker of Norwood-Young America
4th Place – Marcus Hansen of Waseca
5th Place – Mauricio Fridlund of Hibbing
6th Place – Ben Quast of Sibley East
1st: Godswill Pepple (Hastings) 24-7, Sr. over Avery Miller (Mankato West) 12-8, Sr. (Fall 2:23)
3rd: Sam Meeker (Norwood-Young America) 12-7, Sr. over Marcus Hansen (Waseca) 9-9, So. (Fall 2:46)
5th: Mauricio Fridlund (Hibbing) 10-11, So. over Ben Quast (Sibley East) 7-12, So. (Fall 4:52)
1st Place – Jacob Hertzog of Waseca
2nd Place – Brant Melchert of WEM-JWP
3rd Place – Mason Theissen of Mankato West
4th Place – Brandon Klym of Hastings
5th Place – Brady Schiller of Hastings
6th Place – James Ohm of Robbinsdale Armstrong
1st: Jacob Hertzog (Waseca) 12-1, Jr. over Brant Melchert (WEM-JWP) 8-5, Jr. (Fall 3:05)
3rd: Mason Theissen (Mankato West) 9-7, Jr. over Brandon Klym (Hastings) 2-2, Sr. (Dec 5-2)
5th: Brady Schiller (Hastings) 2-4, Sr. over James Ohm (Robbinsdale Armstrong) 9-6, Jr. (Dec 5-1)
1st Place – Colby Wenninger of New Ulm Area
2nd Place – Luke Chamberlain of Hastings
3rd Place – Matthew Pipes of Mankato West
4th Place – Sean Franck of Norwood-Young America
5th Place – Payten Haack of Waseca
1st: Colby Wenninger (New Ulm Area) 17-3, Jr. over Luke Chamberlain (Hastings) 14-7, Sr. (Fall 3:09)
3rd: Matthew Pipes (Mankato West) 3-9, Jr. over Sean Franck (Norwood-Young America) 10-12, So. (Fall 5:10)
5th: Payten Haack (Waseca) 0-2, 8th. over () , . (Bye)

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