Ogillvie Quadrangular

Ogillvie Quadrangular

Milaca-Faith Christian 44 Holdingford 27
106: Jack Schoenborn (MFC) over Drew Lange (HOLD) (Dec 4-3)
113: Gibson Kragt (MFC) over Evan Petron (HOLD) (MD 16-2)
120: Cohl Clear (HOLD) over Jack Nord (MFC) (Dec 8-7)
126: David Goebel (MFC) over (HOLD) (For.)
132: Leyton Black (MFC) over (HOLD) (For.)
138: William Danilyuk (MFC) over (HOLD) (For.)
145: Garrett Hall (MFC) over Blake Sigler (HOLD) (Fall 0:56)
152: Michael Miller (HOLD) over Owen VanderPlaats (MFC) (Fall 3:34)
160: James Welle (HOLD) over Austin Mollet (MFC) (Fall 3:02)
170: Ian Hanson (MFC) over Maxwell Secord (HOLD) (MD 11-3)
182: Alex Lange (HOLD) over Colbee Zens (MFC) (Fall 1:37)
195: Sam Harren (HOLD) over Ben Hanson (MFC) (Fall 3:21)
220: Bodee Zens (MFC) over (HOLD) (For.)
285: Brody Ash (MFC) over Brandon Doll (HOLD) (Dec 7-4)

Milaca-Faith Christian 63 Ogilvie 12
106: Jack Schoenborn (MFC) over Hayden Bolling (OGIL) (Fall 0:44)
113: Rhett Hudoba (OGIL) over Gibson Kragt (MFC) (Dec 7-3)
120: Jack Nord (MFC) over Alivia Sanborn (OGIL) (Fall 1:46)
126: David Goebel (MFC) over (OGIL) (For.)
132: Leyton Black (MFC) over (OGIL) (For.)
138: William Danilyuk (MFC) over (OGIL) (For.)
145: Garrett Hall (MFC) over Ethan Warren (OGIL) (Dec 10-6)
152: Hunter Anderson (OGIL) over Owen VanderPlaats (MFC) (DQ)
160: Austin Mollet (MFC) over Zach Peterson (OGIL) (Fall 0:42)
170: Ian Hanson (MFC) over (OGIL) (For.)
182: Colbee Zens (MFC) over Landen Halvorson (OGIL) (Fall 4:47)
195: Gavin McLevis (OGIL) over Ben Hanson (MFC) (Dec 11-8)
220: Bodee Zens (MFC) over Conor Hampton (OGIL) (Fall 0:21)
285: Brody Ash (MFC) over Gabe Hoffman (OGIL) (Fall 0:06)

Cloquet-Esko-Carlton 36 Milaca-Faith Christian 35
106: Cooper Abbett (CECL) over Jack Schoenborn (MFC) (Fall 1:11)
113: Gibson Kragt (MFC) over Aydan Mattson (CECL) (MD 18-6)
120: Alex Peterson (CECL) over Jack Nord (MFC) (Dec 8-3)
126: Deeken Fjeld (CECL) over David Goebel (MFC) (Fall 1:58)
132: Jordan Allen (CECL) over Leyton Black (MFC) (Fall 5:30)
138: Tyler Harms-Synkiew (CECL) over William Danilyuk (MFC) (Dec 5-3)
145: Garrett Hall (MFC) over Griffin Fjeld (CECL) (Dec 10-4)
152: Zeb Wehr (CECL) over Ryan Sailor (MFC) (Fall 1:59)
160: Austin Mollet (MFC) over Sam Bolling (CECL) (Fall 2:45)
170: Reese Sheldon (CECL) over Colbee Zens (MFC) (Fall 0:46)
182: Ian Hanson (MFC) over Hunter Senarighi (CECL) (MD 24-11)
195: Ben Hanson (MFC) over Gramm Neumeyer (CECL) (Fall 5:03)
220: Bodee Zens (MFC) over William Wilkenson (CECL) (Fall 1:11)
285: Brody Ash (MFC) over Gage Stankiewicz (CECL) (Fall 1:58)

Cloquet-Esko-Carlton 45 Holdingford 30
106: Drew Lange (HOLD) over Jordan Allen (CECL) (Dec 7-6)
113: Dylan Marciulonius (CECL) over (HOLD) (For.)
120: Alex Peterson (CECL) over Cohl Clear (HOLD) (Fall 3:26)
126: Deeken Fjeld (CECL) over (HOLD) (For.)
132: Jordan Allen (CECL) over (HOLD) (For.)
138: Tyler Harms-Synkiew (CECL) over (HOLD) (For.)
145: Griffin Fjeld (CECL) over Blake Sigler (HOLD) (Dec 10-4)
152: James Welle (HOLD) over Zeb Wehr (CECL) (Fall 2:21)
160: Michael Miller (HOLD) over Sam Bolling (CECL) (Fall 5:21)
170: Alex Lange (HOLD) over Reese Sheldon (CECL) (Dec 6-1)
182: Hunter Senarighi (CECL) over Maxwell Secord (HOLD) (Fall 3:10)
195: Sam Harren (HOLD) over Gramm Neumeyer (CECL) (Fall 0:35)
220: William Wilkenson (CECL) over (HOLD) (For.)
285: Brandon Doll (HOLD) over Gage Stankiewicz (CECL) (Fall 2:10)

Holdingford 48 Ogilvie 9
106: Double Forfeit
113: Rhett Hudoba (OGIL) over Drew Lange (HOLD) (Dec 8-3)
120: Cohl Clear (HOLD) over Chad Baumann (OGIL) (Fall 1:45)
126: Alivia Sanborn (OGIL) over (HOLD) (For.)
132: Double Forfeit
138: Double Forfeit
145: Blake Sigler (HOLD) over Ethan Warren (OGIL) (Fall 5:07)
152: James Welle (HOLD) over (OGIL) (For.)
160: Michael Miller (HOLD) over Aydan Peterson (OGIL) (Fall 1:24)
170: Maxwell Secord (HOLD) over Landen Halvorson (OGIL) (Fall 0:24)
182: Alex Lange (HOLD) over (OGIL) (For.)
195: Double Forfeit
220: Sam Harren (HOLD) over Gavin McLevis (OGIL) (Fall 0:26)
285: Brandon Doll (HOLD) over Gabe Hoffman (OGIL) (Fall 0:04)

Ogilvie 12 Cloquet-Esko-Carlton 65

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