Huron Invitational

Huron Invitational
1 Winner 215.5
2 Minneota 171.0
3 Aberdeen Central 154.0
4 Huron 139.0
5 Wolsey/Wessington 130.0
6 Bon Homme/Scotland 114.5
7 Clark/Willow Lake 102.5
8 Webster 97.0
9 Yankton 85.5
10 Milbank 70.0
11 Beresford/Alcester-Hudson 55.5

Results on TrackWrestling

1st Place – Brenden Salfrank of Aberdeen Central
2nd Place – Cael Larson of Webster
3rd Place – Zack Fier of Minneota
4th Place – Joey Hoverson of Wolsey/Wessington
5th Place – Brady Bierema of Bon Homme/Scotland
6th Place – Gunnar Kvistad of Clark/Willow Lake
1st Brenden Salfrank (Aberdeen Central) 35-0, Jr. over Cael Larson (Webster) 30-8, Fr. (MD 16-7)
3rd Zack Fier (Minneota) 22-11, 8th. over Joey Hoverson (Wolsey/Wessington) 33-16, 8th. (Fall 2:16)
5th Brady Bierema (Bon Homme/Scotland) 26-20, 8th. over Gunnar Kvistad (Clark/Willow Lake) 37-17, Fr. (MD 11-3)
1st Place – Keegan Haider of Wolsey/Wessington
2nd Place – Cruz Dyer of Yankton
3rd Place – Brock Martin of Aberdeen Central
4th Place – Jeran Sammons of Huron
5th Place – Will Radke of Huron
6th Place – Cade Roerig of Webster
1st Keegan Haider (Wolsey/Wessington) 30-6, 8th. over Cruz Dyer (Yankton) 26-16, Jr. (Dec 4-1)
3rd Brock Martin (Aberdeen Central) 21-16, Fr. over Jeran Sammons (Huron) 10-12, Fr. (Fall 2:55)
5th Will Radke (Huron) 5-11, Fr. over Cade Roerig (Webster) 12-21, Fr. (Dec 3-2)
1st Place – Kaden Keiser of Winner
2nd Place – Isaac Crownover of Bon Homme/Scotland
3rd Place – Eli Fischer of Milbank
4th Place – Taten Bahm of Yankton
5th Place – Jovey Christensen of Beresford/Alcester-Hudson
6th Place – Lucas Kannegieter of Clark/Willow Lake
1st Kaden Keiser (Winner) 39-1, Fr. over Isaac Crownover (Bon Homme/Scotland) 36-15, 8th. (TF-1.5 2:46 (21-6))
3rd Eli Fischer (Milbank) 3-1, Jr. over Taten Bahm (Yankton) 18-13, Sr. (Dec 5-0)
5th Jovey Christensen (Beresford/Alcester-Hudson) 34-20, Fr. over Lucas Kannegieter (Clark/Willow Lake) 30-12, Fr. (Dec 3-1)
1st Place – Jacob Moore of Aberdeen Central
2nd Place – Kade Lozinski of Minneota
3rd Place – Kyler Lillie of Yankton
4th Place – Kaden Krause of Milbank
5th Place – Ethan Mcelhone of Clark/Willow Lake
6th Place – Dawson Bietz of Bon Homme/Scotland
1st Jacob Moore (Aberdeen Central) 17-5, Sr. over Kade Lozinski (Minneota) 17-12, Fr. (Fall 1:01)
3rd Kyler Lillie (Yankton) 19-19, Jr. over Kaden Krause (Milbank) 13-15, Fr. (Fall 3:46)
5th Ethan Mcelhone (Clark/Willow Lake) 12-21, Fr. over Dawson Bietz (Bon Homme/Scotland) 8-13, Fr. (Dec 2-1)
1st Place – Teddy Pesch of Minneota
2nd Place – Logan Serck of Beresford/Alcester-Hudson
3rd Place – Jack Kruger of Winner
4th Place – Carter Grohs of Wolsey/Wessington
5th Place – Riley Hellmann of Bon Homme/Scotland
6th Place – Will Pavlish of Yankton
1st Teddy Pesch (Minneota) 25-4, Sr. over Logan Serck (Beresford/Alcester-Hudson) 34-7, So. (MD 11-1)
3rd Jack Kruger (Winner) 27-15, 8th. over Carter Grohs (Wolsey/Wessington) 18-19, Fr. (Fall 2:39)
5th Riley Hellmann (Bon Homme/Scotland) 22-21, Jr. over Will Pavlish (Yankton) 9-17, Fr. (Fall 1:37)
1st Place – Wyatt Turnquist of Winner
2nd Place – Chipper Shillingstad of Huron
3rd Place – Tate Haider of Wolsey/Wessington
4th Place – Blake Reiss of Minneota
5th Place – Andrew Johnson of Webster
6th Place – Riley Shippy of Winner
1st Wyatt Turnquist (Winner) 39-2, Sr. over Chipper Shillingstad (Huron) 25-7, Sr. (Dec 5-2)
3rd Tate Haider (Wolsey/Wessington) 32-5, Sr. over Blake Reiss (Minneota) 27-11, Jr. (Dec 7-4)
5th Andrew Johnson (Webster) 28-15, So. over Riley Shippy (Winner) 19-15, Fr. (Fall 4:05)
1st Place – Garrett Mitzel of Aberdeen Central
2nd Place – Aaron Gilchrist of Winner
3rd Place – Carlos Yanes of Huron
4th Place – Sterling Rausch of Webster
5th Place – Camden Jost of Wolsey/Wessington
6th Place – Daynon Huber of Huron
1st Garrett Mitzel (Aberdeen Central) 20-20, Jr. over Aaron Gilchrist (Winner) 30-18, So. (Fall 3:15)
3rd Carlos Yanes (Huron) 10-4, Sr. over Sterling Rausch (Webster) 7-5, Jr. (Dec 6-2)
5th Camden Jost (Wolsey/Wessington) 25-18, 8th. over Daynon Huber (Huron) 16-16, Sr. (Fall 2:22)
1st Place – Trevor Peters of Winner
2nd Place – Gage Burke of Clark/Willow Lake
3rd Place – Tyson Lien of Huron
4th Place – Cole Vanoverbeke of Minneota
5th Place – Landon Wolter of Wolsey/Wessington
6th Place – Trevor Stene of Beresford/Alcester-Hudson
1st Trevor Peters (Winner) 37-5, Jr. over Gage Burke (Clark/Willow Lake) 33-5, Fr. (MD 14-2)
3rd Tyson Lien (Huron) 17-10, So. over Cole Vanoverbeke (Minneota) 30-5, Sr. (Dec 7-6)
5th Landon Wolter (Wolsey/Wessington) 22-16, Jr. over Trevor Stene (Beresford/Alcester-Hudson) 22-15, Sr. (Fall 4:04)
1st Place – Sam Kruger of Winner
2nd Place – Will Jarrott of Aberdeen Central
3rd Place – TahJae Jenkins Harris of Huron
4th Place – Alec Bien of Milbank
5th Place – Brandan Gehrke of Clark/Willow Lake
6th Place – Wyatt Knudson of Beresford/Alcester-Hudson
1st Sam Kruger (Winner) 35-3, So. over Will Jarrott (Aberdeen Central) 32-5, Sr. (Dec 3-1)
3rd TahJae Jenkins Harris (Huron) 10-4, Jr. over Alec Bien (Milbank) 10-9, Sr. (MD 11-2)
5th Brandan Gehrke (Clark/Willow Lake) 39-13, Sr. over Wyatt Knudson (Beresford/Alcester-Hudson) 33-18, Sr. (Dec 8-3)
1st Place – Matthew Katz of Huron
2nd Place – Landon Werdel of Clark/Willow Lake
3rd Place – Josh Laleman of Minneota
4th Place – Toby Schneck of Milbank
5th Place – Joey Cole of Winner
6th Place – Dj Rueb of Bon Homme/Scotland
1st Matthew Katz (Huron) 20-11, Sr. over Landon Werdel (Clark/Willow Lake) 28-5, Sr. (Dec 7-3)
3rd Josh Laleman (Minneota) 20-16, Sr. over Toby Schneck (Milbank) 21-17, So. (Fall 3:48)
5th Joey Cole (Winner) 22-20, Fr. over Dj Rueb (Bon Homme/Scotland) 11-11, Fr. (Fall 0:46)
1st Place – Caleb Orris of Clark/Willow Lake
2nd Place – Josh Crownover of Bon Homme/Scotland
3rd Place – Brock Baker of Aberdeen Central
4th Place – Shawn Buysse of Minneota
5th Place – Gabriel Rieger of Huron
6th Place – Brodie Holtquist of Milbank
1st Caleb Orris (Clark/Willow Lake) 41-0, Sr. over Josh Crownover (Bon Homme/Scotland) 35-5, Jr. (Fall 4:38)
3rd Brock Baker (Aberdeen Central) 23-9, Sr. over Shawn Buysse (Minneota) 26-8, Sr. (Dec 2-1)
5th Gabriel Rieger (Huron) 25-11, Sr. over Brodie Holtquist (Milbank) 9-11, Jr. (MD 14-4)
1st Place – Owen Warren of Yankton
2nd Place – Preston Norrid of Winner
3rd Place – Layne Lozinski of Minneota
4th Place – Jordan Gall of Bon Homme/Scotland
5th Place – Andrew Jensen of Beresford/Alcester-Hudson
6th Place – Rylie Stevens of Wolsey/Wessington
1st Owen Warren (Yankton) 31-4, Fr. over Preston Norrid (Winner) 22-8, So. (Dec 11-5)
3rd Layne Lozinski (Minneota) 18-15, Sr. over Jordan Gall (Bon Homme/Scotland) 27-15, So. (SV-1 8-6)
5th Andrew Jensen (Beresford/Alcester-Hudson) 31-23, Sr. over Rylie Stevens (Wolsey/Wessington) 25-18, Sr. (Fall 1:39)
1st Place – Tristen Bent of Webster
2nd Place – Elijah Blare of Winner
3rd Place – Alex Hopfinger of Aberdeen Central
4th Place – Jackson Esping of Minneota
5th Place – Tristan Cardona of Huron
6th Place – Alex Jensen of Beresford/Alcester-Hudson
1st Tristen Bent (Webster) 21-9, Sr. over Elijah Blare (Winner) 31-13, Sr. (SV-1 4-2)
3rd Alex Hopfinger (Aberdeen Central) 19-18, So. over Jackson Esping (Minneota) 12-6, Fr. (Dec 6-0)
5th Tristan Cardona (Huron) 6-3, So. over Alex Jensen (Beresford/Alcester-Hudson) 14-27, 8th. (Fall 1:32)
1st Place – Chase Sigdestad of Webster
2nd Place – Micah Deboer of Bon Homme/Scotland
3rd Place – Achilles Willuweit of Winner
4th Place – Sebastian Cardona of Huron
5th Place – Barry Gronke of Minneota
6th Place – Henry Eichstadt of Wolsey/Wessington
1st Chase Sigdestad (Webster) 26-5, Sr. over Micah Deboer (Bon Homme/Scotland) 22-11, Jr. (Fall 0:58)
3rd Achilles Willuweit (Winner) 32-7, Fr. over Sebastian Cardona (Huron) 16-13, So. (Dec 6-4)
5th Barry Gronke (Minneota) 10-17, So. over Henry Eichstadt (Wolsey/Wessington) 17-13, Sr. (Fall 0:44)

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