Why not you? – Motivation By Mark Schwab

Why not you? It has to be somebody, and you’re somebody…right? Your goal can be independent from what seems possible. It does not have to be true or realistic; you just have to believe it. Why not you? It has been demonstrated time and time again that very often the expected happens. Conversely, equally as often the unexpected happens. Why not you?

Frequently, those who succeed are those who stick-with-it and are undeterred. It becomes your inner-vision, your reason to get up in the morning. It is going to be what you do today, and then you continue to put the “todays” together. I stress, whatever it is you romance or have passion about is worth the risk.

Often, we don’t want to act unless we have over-whelming confirmation that our choice will be safe or render a return. The truth is that most situations are ambiguous until we take action. Hey! If it does not work-out, you just received an education. If you’re 50/50 on taking action, then find one percent from somewhere. Fifty-one percent is enough reason to act. And if it does work, you will have a benefit you otherwise would never have. You know what, a little danger and dice-rolling in life is a good thing; I mean “face off with the challenge man/woman!” Go get it.

You have to see it in the mind’s eye long before you see it with your visual eyes. I believe it’s of paramount importance to see, feel, and experience “it” mentally again and again. Then do whatever necessary to bring it to life. Write down what you want, and take the steps to get there. With a “possibility mentality,” it’s all possible. Remember, there is no physician as skillful as the “approach and attitude of possibility.” You are wise to acquire an unshakable belief. Once you have your conviction up and running, you’re not asking “Why not me,” you know it’s going to be you.

You’re in control of your time, effort, and mind. You can mentally travel anywhere on earth. You can play it through with you as the vindicator. You can do what others thought could not be done. It’s not so much what you can do as what you believe you can do. Let’s even go further and get to a position where you KNOW you will.

We all know how to day-dream and create the perfect scenario. With this I have to ask, why not you? It has to be somebody. Why forfeit your dreams and goals to someone else. Don’t give it away, not without a severe confrontation anyway. Let the world watch you succeed. Allow others to open the morning paper and read about you. You are the one who will achieve the summit of your goals and dreams.

Again I ask, WHY NOT YOU? Every time you step out there, you have a 50% chance of your hand raised in victory. It’s either you or the opposition; these are good odds. You can up your percentage by what you do daily with your training and mind. The little things make the difference. In fact, it will be the little things done “consistently” that makes the entire difference. Give yourself every opportunity to succeed!

I always felt the beauty of competing was that you, the athlete, have final say over your results. Great competitors welcome having the final say. They don’t want or trust others to do it for them. They love that it’s on them. They’re the one who seek-out the toughest competition. They are the ones who compete and believe they can and will emerge regardless of what the outcome looks like. They are the ones who RISE to the occasion. When the stakes are high, they become even better!

Success is not something that randomly happens; it’s something that you dictate. There is no magic, and it’s not complex; great truths never are. Armed with this knowledge, I ask… why not you?

Mark Schwab was recently an assistant coach at the University of Northern Iowa. Previously he spent nine years as assistant coach at the University of Minnesota, helping the program to seven top-three team finishes at the NCAA Championships and two NCAA team titles. As a wrestler, Schwab was an All-American for the University of Northern Iowa during the late 1980s. Schwab earned his bachelor’s degree in 1990 from the University of Northern Iowa and his master’s degree from the University of Minnesota in 2003. Schwab returned to the University of Minnesota to get a second emphasis in sports psychology on his existing master’s and completed that in 2010. Email Mark at mark@opportunitiestosucceed.com.

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