Gophers U23 Nationals Recap: Skatzka Earns Alternate Sp

Devin Skatzka (86kg) finished as runner-up at the U23 Men’s Freestyle Nationals in Akron where he earns his spot as an alternate on the team competing in Budapest, Hungary, this October.

Skatzka dominantly ran through his first five matches with all victories coming by superiority or fall. Skatzka spent a total of 14:24 on the mat out of a total of 30 potential minutes, capped off by a 29 second pin in the semifinals.

He then fell to 2019 NCAA Finalist Max Dean of Cornell in the final best-of-three series.

Jake Gliva had an excellent tournament himself as the Gophers lone other placer. After dropping his first bout, Gliva won seven consecutive bouts, including four by superiority. Gliva avenged his opening round loss by defeating Anthony Madrigal in the consolation round of four before finishing his tournament in sixth place.

Gliva’s nine matches across the two-day tournament led all Gophers.

In his first tournament in over a year, Alex Crowe won his first match with four late points from a takedown and back exposure in the final four seconds.

Mitch McKee advanced to the quarterfinals round while Owen Webster advanced to the round of 16 himself.


Jake Gliva (61kg)
Round of 64: Anthony Madrigal (Oklahoma) VPO1 (8-4) Jake Gliva
Consolation of 32 #1: Jake Gliva VSU (1:06) Zach Licht (Dubuque Wrestling Club)
Consolation of 32 #2: Jake Gliva VSU (2:12) David Massey (Samurai)
Consolation of 16 #1: Jake Gliva VSU (0:54) Wade Cummings (Chattanooga)
Consolation of 16 #2: Jake Gliva VSU (0:24) Stone Moscovic (Michigan State)
Consolation of 8 #1: Jake Gliva VFA (2:25) Satoshi Abe (Lehigh Valley)
Consolation of 8 #2: Jake Gliva VFO Jamie Hernandez
Consolation of 4: Jake Gliva VSU (2:26) Anthony Madrigal (Oklahoma)
Consolation Semifinals: Louie Hayes (Cavalier Wrestling Club) VSU (5:13) Jake Gliva
Fifth Place Match: Drew Mattin (Michigan RTC) VPO1 (13-6) Jake Gliva

Mitch McKee (65kg)
Round of 64: Mitch McKee VSU (0:25) Drew Marten (Chippewa Wrestling Club)
Round of 32: Mitch McKee VFA (1:42) Paul Konrath (Indiana)
Round of 16: Mitch McKee VSU (0:36) Cody Trybus (Navy-Marine Corps RTC)
Quarterfinals: Joshua Saunders (TMWC) VIN Mitch McKee

Alex Crowe (70kg)
Round of 64: Alex Crowe VPO1 (7-6) Matthew Kolonia (Buffalo Valley RTC)
Round of 32: Graham Brooks (Indiana) VSU1 (4:08) Alex Crowe
Consolation of 32 #2: Alex Crowe VSU1 (16-6) Laken Cook (Jackrabbit Wrestling Club)
Consolation of 16 #1: Wyatt Sheets (Cowboy RTC) VPO1 (10-4) Alex Crowe

Jakob Bergeland (70kg)
Round of 128: Jakob Bergeland VSU (0:59) Pernevlon Sheppard (Grizzly WC)
Round of 64: Jakob Bergeland VPO1 (19-17) Alexander Carida (Husky Elite Wrestling Club)
Round of 32: Patrick Duggan (PRTC) VSU1 (3:19) Jakob Bergeland
Consolation of 32 #2: Brik Filippo (Bronchos Wrestling Club) VPO1 (13-4) Jakob Bergeland

Ben Brancale (70kg)
Round of 128: Ben Brancale VPO1 (19-11) Laken Cook (Jackrabbit Wrestling Club)
Round of 64: Kizhan Clarke (DCAC) VPO1 (8-6) Ben Brancale
Consolation 64 #2: Ben Brancale VPO1 (5-4) Joseph Sanchez (Indiana)
Consolation of 32 #1: Ben Brancale VSU1 (4:03) Alex Hornfeck (West Virginia RTC)
Consolation of 32 #2: William Formato (Blue Ridge RTC) VSU1 (3:33) Ben Brancale

Devin Skatzka (86kg)
Round of 64: Devin Skatzka VSU (1:49) Zachary Steiner (Ohio RTC)
Round of 32: Devin Skatzka VFA (2:56) Joey Andrassy (Kent State)
Round of 16: Devin Skatzka VSU (5:04) Thomas Penola (Boilermaker RTC)
Quarterfinals: Devin Skatzka VFA (4:06) Lou Deprez (Bearcat Wrestling Club)
Semifinals: Devin Skatzka VFA (0:29) Cam Caffey (Michigan State)
Round Robin Round 1: Max Dean (Cornell) VSU (1:15) Devin Skatzka
Round Robin Round 2: Max Dean (Cornell) VSU (1:30) Devin Skatzka

Owen Webster (86kg)
Round of 64: Owen Webster VPO1 (14-8) Kenneth Prince (Limestone College)
Round of 32: Owen Webster VSU1 (2:05) Noah Bushman (VBRTC)
Round of 16: Hunter Bolen (SERTC-VT) VPO1 (10-2) Owen Webster
Consolation of 16 #2: Owen Webster VSU (1:14) Anthony Montalvo (Cowboy RTC)
Consolation of 8 #1: Owen Webster VSU (4:27) Cody Mulligan (Edinboro)
Consolation of 8 #2: Lou Deprez (Bearcat Wrestling Club) VSU (5:13) Owen Webster

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