Chasing Professional Goals with Chase O’Connor

Gophers senior Chase O’Connor wakes up each morning and heads to his early morning class. From there he hits the mats at wrestling practice before heading upstairs at the Athlete’s Village to staff the desk in the administration office. Then it’s time for homework and recovery.

It’s a busy schedule for the Kasson, Minnesota, native, who has been an administrative student intern for nearly two years now, but it’s taught him a lot and has helped him see what his future career my hold.

“By working in the office I’ve created such great personal relationships with all of the senior staff and it’s just going to help my future career doing these things,” O’Connor said.

The sports management major dreams of one day climbing the ranks and becoming an Athletic Director himself. As a wrestler since his youth and now a member of a top-ranked program, O’Connor has seen firsthand how athletics have changed his life and he hopes to create those opportunities for future generations. Continue reading at