Gophers Crown Five Champions at Bison Open

Across the border in Fargo, North Dakota, the Gopher wrestling team battled their way to five individual titles.

The Gophers had 15 individuals reach the semifinals, including having three semifinalists at 157-pounds. By the end, 12 Gophers had placed in the top three.

Across over 55 combined victories on Saturday, 17 came from pins and 35 total were bonus-point victories.

At 174-pounds Devin Skatzka dominated his bracket with three consecutive pins to start the tournament. After pinning his first opponent in 2:55, he stuck his next two foes in 1:23 and 0:39, respectively. Skatzka ran away with an 18-6 major decision in the championship bout.

Mitch McKee also showed off his skills at 141-pounds with a pair of technical falls and pins to run his way to the title with four bonus-point victories. McKee pinned his opponent in 16 seconds in the final title.

Brent Jones also won a title at 133-pounds. (Please note TrackWrestling corrected the score after the conclusion.)

The Gopher’s other two titles came at both 125-pound and 149-pounds where Gophers faced-off in the final bouts. Pat McKee took the victory over Jake Gliva while Brayton Lee defeated Jakob Bergeland.

Out of all the freshmen, 157-pound Baylor Fernandes had the best performance with a fourth-place finish.

All wrestlers competed unattached.


Both Devin Skatzka and Mitch McKee dominated their ways to Bison Open titles with all bonus point victories. While McKee split his victories with two technical falls and two pins, Skatzka pinned his first three opponents before

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2019 Bison Open Results

Full Gopher Results:


Patrick McKee (Champion)
Quarterfinals – Pat McKee fall (4:22) Karsen Mosbrucker (University of Mary)
Semifinals – Pat McKee fall (5:30) Daniel Vega (South Dakota State)
Championships – Pat McKee major dec. (10-0) over Jake Gliva (Minnesota)

Jake Gliva (Second)
Quarterfinals – Jake Gliva fall (2:50) Greg Coapstick (South Dakota State)
Semifinals – Jake Gliva dec. (9-8) over Tanner Jordan (South Dakota State)
Championships – Pat McKee (Minnesota) major dec. (10-0) over Jake Gliva


Brent Jones (Second)
Quarterfinals – Brent Jones major dec. (10-0) Oscar Nellis (Minot State)
Semifinals – Brent Jones dec. (4-0) over Caleb Gross (South Dakota State)
Championships – Brent Jones dec. (6-0) Daniel Kimball (South Dakota State)


Mitch McKee (Champion)
Champ. Round 1 – Mitch McKee tech. fall (20-5) Aric Williams (South Dakota State)
Quarterfinals – Mitch McKee tech. fall (19-2) Sebas Swiggum (Minnesota)
Semifinals – Mitch McKee fall (1:02) Clay Carlson (South Dakota State)
Championships – Mitch McKee fall (0:16) Sawyer Degen (NDSU)

Ben Brancale (Fourth)
Prelims – Ben Brancale fall (5:00) Kaleb Horn (St. Cloud State)
Champ. Round 1 – Ben Brancale major dec. (11-1) over Mason Schulz (Minnesota State – Moorhead)
Quarterfinal – Ben Brancale fall (4:07) Sam Hampton (NDSU)
Semifinals – Sawyer Degen (NDSU) dec. (9-7) over Ben Brancale
Cons. Semis – Ben Brancale SV-1 (3-1) Sebas Swiggum (Minnesota)
Third Place Match – Clay Carlson (South Dakota State) dec. (4-3) Ben Brancale

Martin Wilkie
Champ. Round 1 – Martin Wilkie fall (3:17) Lincoln Stormer (Minot State)
Quarterfinal – Clay Carlson (South Dakota State) dec. (5-0) Martin Wilkie
Cons. Round 2- Martin Wilkie dec. (9-3) over Marcos Polanco (Minnesota)
Cons. Round 3 – Sebas Swiggum (Minnesota) dec. (4-3) Martin Wilkie

Sebas Swiggum
Champ. Round 1 – Sebas Swiggum major dec. (11-1) over Sam Stuhl (NDS
Quarterfinals – Mitch McKee (Minnesota) tech. fall (19-2) Sebas Swiggum
Cons. Round 2 – Sebas Swiggum dec. (6-4) over Rylee Molitor (South Dakota State)
Cons. Round 3 – Sebas Swiggum dec. (4-3) over Martin Wilkie (Minnesota)
Cons. Semis – Ben Brancale (Minnesota) SV-1 (3-1) Sebas Swiggum
Fifth Place Match – Dylan Droegemueller (NDSU) major dec. (16-3) Sebas Swiggum

Tyler Waterson
Champ. Round 1 – Tyler Waterson dec. (12-7) over Rylee Molitor (South Dakota State)
Quarterfinals – Sawyer Degen (North Dakota State) dec. (8-4) over Tyler Waterson
Cons. Round 2 – Tyler Waterson dec. (8-6) over Aric Williams (South Dakota State)
Cons. Round 3 – Dylan Droegemueller (NDSU) dec. (10-8) over Tyler Waterson

Marcos Polanco
Champ. Round 1 – Sam Hampton (NDSU) dec. (6-4) over Marcos Polanco
Cons. Round 1 – Marcos Polanco dec. (5-0) over Mason Schulz (Minnesota State-Moorhead)
Cons. Round 2 – Martin Wilkie (Minnesota) dec. (9-3) Marcos Polanco


Brayton Lee (Champion)
Champ. Round 1 – Brayton Lee tech. Fall (22-7) Frank Yattoni (Minot State)
Quarterfinal – Brayton Lee tech. fall (19-3) Zachary Scott (Minnesota State – Moorhead)
Semifinals – Brayton Lee fall (4:05) Chandler Mooney (University of Mary)
Championships – Brayton Lee dec. (7-5) over Jakob Bergeland (Minnesota)

Jakob Bergeland (Second)
Champ. Round 1 – Jakob Bergeland tech. fall (17-0) Ethan Kiehm (Minnesota State-Moorhead)
Quarterfinal: Jakob Bergeland major dec. (8-0) over Austin Braun (NDSU)
Semifinals – Jakob Bergeland fall (5:31) Henry Pohlmeyer (South Dakota State)
Championships – Brayton Lee (Minnesota) dec. (7-5) over Jakob Bergeland


Carson Brolsma (Second)
Champ. Round 1 – Carson Brolsma tech. fall (18-2) Braydon Ortloff (Minnesota State – Moorhead)
Quarterfinal – Carson Brolsma dec. (7-4) Laken Cook (South Dakota State)
Semifinals – Carson Brolsma TB-2 (8-7) over Kasper McIntosh (Minnesota)
Championships – Jared Franek (NDSU) dec. (5-4) Carson Brolsma

Baylor Fernandes (Fourth)
Champ. Round 1 – Baylor Fernandes tech. fall (17-0) Joshua Irwin (Minnesota State – Moorhead)
Quarterfinal – Baylor Fernandes dec. (8-2) Colby Njos (Saint Cloud State)
Semifinals – Jared Franek (NDSU) dec. (2-1) over Baylor Fernandes
Cons. Semis- Baylor Fernandes dec. (4-3) over Luke Weber (NDSU)
Third Place Match – Cade DeVos (South Dakota State) dec. (4-3) Baylor Fernandes

Kasper McIntosh (Fifth)
Champ. Round 1 – Kasper McIntosh tech. fall (16-0) Ryan Stenson (Minnesota State – Moorhead)
Quarterfinal – Kasper McIntosh dec. (3-2) Luke Weber (NDSU)
Semifinals – Carson Brolsma (Minnesota) TB-2 (8-7) Kasper McIntosh
Cons. Semis – Cade DeVos (South Dakota State) SV-2 (7-5) Kasper McIntosh
Fifth Place Match – Kasper McIntosh dec. (3-2) over Luke Weber (NDSU)

Kevin Meicher
Champ. Round 1 – Jared Farnek (NDSU) major dec. (12-4) Kevin Meicher
Cons. Round 1 – Braydon Huber (University of Mary) dec. (6-3) Kevin Meicher


Bailee O’Reilly (Second)
Champ. Round 1 – Bailee O’Reilly dec. (9-6) over Payton Hume (University of Mary)
Quarterfinals – Bailee O’Reilly fall (2:07) over Stosh Sitkowski (Minot State University)
Semifinals – Bailee O’Reilly dec. (3-2) over Garett Jordan (South Dakota State)
Championships – Andrew Fogarty (NDSU) dec. (6-0) over Bailee O’Reilly


Devin Skatzka (Champion)
Champ. Round 1 – Devin Skatzka fall (2:55) Cade King (South Dakota State)
Quarterfinals – Devin Skatzka fall (1:23) Drew Christensen (Unattached)
Semifinals – Devin Skatzka fall (0:39) Tyler Ryan (St. Cloud State)
Championships – Devin Skatzka major dec. (18-6) over Jimmy Noel (NDSU)


Hunter Ritter (Second)
Champ. Round 1 – Hunter Ritter dec. (9-5) over Jacob Schoon (South Dakota State)
Quarterfinals – Hunter Ritter fall (3:18) Keegan Berry (Minot Statee)
Semifinals – Hunter Ritter dec. (12-5) TJ Pottinger (NDSU)
Championships – Zach Carlson (South Dakota State) MF over Hunter Ritter

Owen Webster (Third)
Quarterfinals – Owen Webster dec. (6-1) over Gary Wokojance (NDSU)
Semifinals – Zach Carlson (South Dakota State) dec. (3-1) over Owen Webster
Cons. Semis – Owen Webster dec. (4-0) Caden Steffen (Minnesota)
Third Place Match – Owen Webster fall (0:33) TJ Pottinger (NDSU)

Caden Steffen (Fifth)
Champ. Round 1` – Zach Carlson (South Dakota State) major dec. (6-0) over Caden Steffen
Cons. Round 1 – Caden Steffen tech. fall (19-0) Darius Mynar (University of Mary)
Cons. Round 2 – Caden Steffen major dec. (11-2) over Keegan Berry (Minot State)
Cons. Round 3 – Caden Steffen dec. (6-2) over Caleb Orris (South Dakota State)
Cons. Semis – Owen Webster (Minnesota) dec. over (4-0) Caden Steffen
Fifth Place Match – Caden Steffen dec. (4-0) over Jacob Schoon (South Dakota State)


Dylan Anderson (Third)
Quarterfinals – Dylan Anderson dec. (3-1) over Cole Witzig (NDSU)
Semifinals – Michael Nelson (NDSU) dec. (5-4) Dylan Anderson
Cons. Semis – Dylan Anderson major dec. (10-2) over Jordan Urbach (Minnesota State – Moorhead)
Third Place Match – Dylan Anderson dec. (5-2) Cole Witzig (NDSU)

Garrett Joles (Fifth)
Quarterfinals – Garrett Joles dec. (6-1) over Ty Moser (NDSU)
Semifinals – Cordell Eaton (NDSU) dec. (6-3) over Garrett Joles
Cons. Semis – Cole Witzig (NDSU) dec. (3-2) over Garett Joles
Fifth Place Match – Garrett Joles dec. (9-2) over Jordan Urbach (Minnesota State – Moorhead)

Rowan Morgan
Champ. Round 1 – Ty Moser (NDSU) dec. over (3-2) Rowan Morgan
Cons. Round 2 – Rowan Morgan dec. (4-0) over Matt Kaylor (University of Mary)
Cons. Round 3 – Cole Witzig (NDSU) major dec. (12-0) over Rowan Morgan


Chase O’Connor
Champ. Round 1 – Chase O’Connor fall (0:57) Emmitt Brooks (University of Mary)
Quarterfinals – Chase O’Connor fall (2:42) Jaden Oestren (Minnesota State- Moorhead)
Semifinals – Blake Wolters (South Dakota State) inj. default (1:15) over Chase O’Connor
Cons. Semis – Bowen McConville (South Dakota State) MF over Chase O’Connor
Fifth Place Match – Jacob Belland (Minot State) MF over Chase O’Connor

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