Augsburg Women’s Wrestling Puts Stereotypes Into Submission

The only collegiate women’s wrestling team in the state just formed a few months ago—but they’re already a group to watch.

This time last year, none of the women on the Augsburg wrestling team knew they’d be here. Bel Snyder was slogging through freshman year at a school where she didn’t fit in, debating leaving wrestling entirely for a better college experience. The country’s number-one recruit, Emily Shilson, was busy winning basically every championship a high schooler could win—sometimes competing against future teammate and number-12 recruit Gabby Skidmore, who was racking up medals and trophies of her own. Head coach Max Mejia was coaching at a youth training camp in Arizona, far from the cold of his first Minnesota winter.

Then, come spring, a new team was born, and a dozen wrestlers (including Mejia) found the place they were supposed to be.

Augsburg University has a storied wrestling tradition. The men’s team has won 13 NCAA Division III championships and has produced two Olympians (1972 grad Pat Marcy, and 1973’s James Mastro). “It was very natural for them to look to add women’s wrestling,” says Mejia. “It fit with the vision.” Continue reading at