Milwaukee School of Engineering Invitational

2019 Milwaukee School of Engineering Invitational results. Saturday, December 7 at Milwaukee, WI.

1 Wisconsin-Oshkosh WIOS 128.5
2 Central CENT 122.5
3 Wisconsin-Eau Claire WEC 118.0
4 Wisconsin-Platteville WIPL 115.0
5 Chicago CHIC 110.5
6 Concordia (WI) COWI 53.5
7 Elmhurst ELMH 33.5
8 MSOE MSOE 32.5
9 Hannibal-LaGrange (MO) HLM 30.5
10 Wheaton (IL) WHIL 20.5
11 St. Olaf STOL 15.5

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Varsity – 125
1st Place – Marco Padilla of Concordia (WI)
2nd Place – Denis Murphy of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
3rd Place – Issac Wiegel of Wisconsin-Platteville
4th Place – Jack Marley of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
5th Place – Chase Poston of Central
6th Place – Justin Mitchell of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
1st Marco Padilla (Concordia (WI)) won by decision over Denis Murphy (Wisconsin-Oshkosh) (Dec 10-9)
3rd Issac Wiegel (Wisconsin-Platteville) won by decision over Jack Marley (Wisconsin-Eau Claire) (Dec 3-2)
5th Chase Poston (Central) won by medical forfeit over Justin Mitchell (Wisconsin-Oshkosh) (MFF)

Varsity – 133
1st Place – Shandon Akeo of Central
2nd Place – Aj Schoenfuss of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
3rd Place – Josh Lawson of Elmhurst
4th Place – Luke Pradel of Wisconsin-Platteville
5th Place – Joe Lupton of Hannibal-LaGrange (MO)
6th Place – Thomas Severson of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
1st Shandon Akeo (Central) won by major decision over Aj Schoenfuss (Wisconsin-Oshkosh) (Maj 14-5)
3rd Josh Lawson (Elmhurst) won by decision over Luke Pradel (Wisconsin-Platteville) (Dec 11-4)
5th Joe Lupton (Hannibal-LaGrange (MO)) won by medical forfeit over Thomas Severson (Wisconsin-Eau Claire) (MFF)

Varsity – 141
1st Place – Dan Radcliffe of Central
2nd Place – Chase Katzenmeyer of Wisconsin-Platteville
3rd Place – Tyler Demo of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
4th Place – Eli Mondrella of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
5th Place – Tyler Vanderlois of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
6th Place – Joe Rongaus of Elmhurst
1st Dan Radcliffe (Central) won by medical forfeit over Chase Katzenmeyer (Wisconsin-Platteville) (MFF)
3rd Tyler Demo (Wisconsin-Eau Claire) won by tech fall over Eli Mondrella (Wisconsin-Oshkosh) (TF 18-2)
5th Tyler Vanderlois (Wisconsin-Eau Claire) won by fall over Joe Rongaus (Elmhurst) (Fall 0:24)

Varsity – 149
1st Place – Keagan Lazar of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
2nd Place – Brandon Lenczer of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
3rd Place – Garrett Ruckdashel of Wisconsin-Platteville
4th Place – Ramiro Vasquez of Concordia (WI)
5th Place – Jack Ridgway of St. Olaf
6th Place – Ben Black of Wheaton (IL)
1st Keagan Lazar (Wisconsin-Oshkosh) won in sudden victory – 1 over Brandon Lenczer (Wisconsin-Oshkosh) (SV-1 3-1)
3rd Garrett Ruckdashel (Wisconsin-Platteville) won by decision over Ramiro Vasquez (Concordia (WI)) (Dec 6-4)
5th Jack Ridgway (St. Olaf) won by fall over Ben Black (Wheaton (IL)) (Fall 2:34)

Varsity – 157
1st Place – Alexander Strueder of Wisconsin-Platteville
2nd Place – Steve Bonsall of Chicago
3rd Place – Adam Rients of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
4th Place – Muzi Siseltha of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
5th Place – Jack Rathburn of MSOE
6th Place – Bryce Karban of Concordia (WI)
1st Alexander Strueder (Wisconsin-Platteville) won by decision over Steve Bonsall (Chicago) (Dec 6-4)
3rd Adam Rients (Wisconsin-Eau Claire) won by decision over Muzi Siseltha (Wisconsin-Oshkosh) (Dec 7-2)
5th Jack Rathburn (MSOE) won by medical forfeit over Bryce Karban (Concordia (WI)) (MFF)

Varsity – 165
1st Place – Nathan Wynsma of Wisconsin-Platteville
2nd Place – Maguire Pecci of Chicago
3rd Place – Devan VandenBush of Wisconsin-Platteville
4th Place – Collin Groleau of Central
5th Place – Chase Schmidt of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
6th Place – Oscar Ramos of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
1st Nathan Wynsma (Wisconsin-Platteville) won in sudden victory – 1 over Maguire Pecci (Chicago) (SV-1 4-2)
3rd Devan VandenBush (Wisconsin-Platteville) won by fall over Collin Groleau (Central) (Fall 5:46)
5th Chase Schmidt (Wisconsin-Eau Claire) won by injury default over Oscar Ramos (Wisconsin-Oshkosh) (Inj. 0:00)

Varsity – 174
1st Place – Kyle Peisker of Chicago
2nd Place – Evan Lawrence of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
3rd Place – Drew Matticks of MSOE
4th Place – Jordan Blanchard of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
5th Place – Chance Benadum of Central
6th Place – Nick Dado of Wisconsin-Platteville
1st Kyle Peisker (Chicago) won by decision over Evan Lawrence (Wisconsin-Eau Claire) (Dec 4-3)
3rd Drew Matticks (MSOE) won by decision over Jordan Blanchard (Wisconsin-Oshkosh) (Dec 9-8)
5th Chance Benadum (Central) won by no contest over Nick Dado (Wisconsin-Platteville) (NC)

Varsity – 184
1st Place – Ben Sarasin of Chicago
2nd Place – Nathan Fritz of Central
3rd Place – Griffin McBride of Central
4th Place – John DePersia of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
5th Place – Bryce Herlache of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
6th Place – Helton Vandenbush of MSOE
1st Ben Sarasin (Chicago) won by decision over Nathan Fritz (Central) (Dec 7-5)
3rd Griffin McBride (Central) won by fall over John DePersia (Wisconsin-Oshkosh) (Fall 2:33)
5th Bryce Herlache (Wisconsin-Oshkosh) won by no contest over Helton Vandenbush (MSOE) (NC)

Varsity – 197
1st Place – James Huntley of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
2nd Place – Gavin Babcock of Central
3rd Place – Colten Cashmore of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
4th Place – Nick Carola of Chicago
5th Place – Mason Hawkins of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
6th Place – Jackson Punzel of Wheaton (IL)
1st James Huntley (Wisconsin-Eau Claire) won by decision over Gavin Babcock (Central) (Dec 5-0)
3rd Colten Cashmore (Wisconsin-Oshkosh) won by decision over Nick Carola (Chicago) (Dec 5-3)
5th Mason Hawkins (Wisconsin-Eau Claire) won by medical forfeit over Jackson Punzel (Wheaton (IL)) (MFF)

Varsity – 285
1st Place – Cole Fibranz of Chicago
2nd Place – Duncan Lee of Central
3rd Place – Blake Zalapi of Hannibal-LaGrange (MO)
4th Place – Guyon Cyprian of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
5th Place – Cole Knier of Wisconsin-Platteville
6th Place – Austen Hakes of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
1st Cole Fibranz (Chicago) won by decision over Duncan Lee (Central) (Dec 5-2)
3rd Blake Zalapi (Hannibal-LaGrange (MO)) won by fall over Guyon Cyprian (Wisconsin-Oshkosh) (Fall 3:58)
5th Cole Knier (Wisconsin-Platteville) won by medical forfeit over Austen Hakes (Wisconsin-Eau Claire) (MFF)

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