Mission Possible: Mavericks Work to Overcome Injuries to Get Back on the Mat

At any second in the game an injury can occur, whether it’s in practice or during one of the most important matches of your career. It’s the moment you face adversity that will dictate the outcome of your career, will you let it beat you or will you conquer it?

For a pair of Minnesota State wrestlers in senior Matthew Blome and sophomore Trevor Turriff, it’s this type of adversity that would put them to the test in the past year.

Blome, who wrestles at 197, dislocated his knee during practice on October 6th, 2018, resulting in a full tear of his anterior collateral ligament, medial collateral ligament, posterior collateral ligament, and a partial tear in both his lateral collateral ligament and meniscus.

“You could say it was catastrophic because he had a complete knee dislocation, it was everything,” said Jim Makovsky, Minnesota State’s veteran wrestling head coach. “He stayed really stoic amidst it all, though.” Continue reading at mavink.blogspot.com