National Girls High School Rankings

The National Wrestling Hall of Fame, USA Wrestling and FloWrestling are again partnered to create its second national rankings for high school girls wrestlers for the 2019-20 season.

This ranking evaluates all girls enrolled in grades 9-12, and includes athletes from all 50 states. There are 19 states which sponsor official or emerging girls state high school championships, while many other states are also developing their girls high school program.

The ranking evaluates success from the key preseason tournaments, including Super 32 and the USA Wrestling Preseason Nationals, as well as early-season high school events.

The ranking list includes what the athlete’s ranking was in the October preseason rankings.

Two athletes have taken over the No. 1 rankings in their weight class, Samara Chavez of Texas at 112 and Cheyenne Bowman of California at 138 pounds. Both won two major preseason tournaments against top competition prior to the start of the high school season.

One No. 1 athlete was moved up a weight class, and retained the No. 1 ranking in the new class. Reese Larramendy of Nevada, who wrestles for Wyoming Seminary in Pennsylvania, moved from 138 pounds up to 144 pounds, and was named No. 1 at 144.

Updated rankings for 2019-20 are projected to be released on January 15, February 19, March 11, April 29 and July 1.

The staffs from these three leading wrestling organizations are working together to strategically publish this ranking throughout the year. The girls high school ranking will appear on the websites of all three organizations, and be promoted through each of their different media platforms.

Coaches, parents, and athletes are encouraged to provide information about specific athletes and their achievements throughout the year for the committee to consider. If they have information on specific girls who should be considered for ranking, please send it by email to

In addition, the committee seeks to add high-quality in-season competitions to their watch list. Wrestling leaders at the state level are encouraged to recommend the “best” girls high school events, so the results can affect the rankings.

National Girls High School Rankings
By National Wrestling Hall of Fame, USA Wrestling and FloWrestling
December 20, 2019

100 pounds

  1. Sage Mortimer, Junior, Mapleton, Utah, American Leadership Academy (1 at 100)
  2. Sterling Dias, Sophomore, Las Vegas, Nevada, SLAM Academy (2 at 100)
  3. Rayana Sahagun, Senior, Sparta, Michigan, Sparta High School (3 at 100)
  4. Alex Szkotnicki, Freshman, Riva, Maryland, Calvert High School (12 at 100)
  5. Jessica Corredor, Senior, Orlando, Florida, Dr. Phillips High School (4 at 1000
  6. Elizabeth Dosado, Senior, Ruther Glen, Virginia, Caroline High School (5 at 100)
  7. Isabella Morales, Sophomore, Toppenish, Washington Toppenish High School (6 at 100)
  8. Heaven Fitch, Junior, Concord, North Carolina, Jay M Robinson High School, (7 at 100)
  9. Amanda Newcomb, Senior, Osawatomie, Kansas, Osawatomie High School (8 at 100)
  10. Estrella Dorado Marin, Senior, Denver, Colorado, Springs Studio for Academic Excellence/Betterman Elite Academy (9 at 100)
  11. Dianna Holmes, Junior, Suwanee, Georgia, North Gwinnett High School (10 at 100)
  12. Lizette Rodriguez, Senior, Hayward, California, James Logan High School (13 at 100)
  13. Sydney Petzinger, Junior, Parsippany, New Jersey, Parsippany High School (15 at 100)
  14. Paige Morales, Freshman, Clovis, California, Central High School (NR)
  15. Taylor Wilson, Junior, Richland, Washington, Hanford High School (14 at 100)
  16. Jasmine Howard, Junior, Texas, Azle High School (19 at 100)
  17. Eva Diaz, Sophomore, Miami, Florida, homeschooled (NR)
  18. Odelia Lopez, Senior, Corpus Christi, Texas, Ray High School (NR)
  19. Samantha Miller, Junior, Parkersburg, West Virginia, Parkersburg South High School (17 at 100)
  20. Grace Gundrum, Senior, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Homeschooled (20 at 100)

106 pounds

  1. Cristelle Rodriguez, Sophomore, Fresno, California, Buchanan High School (1 at 106)
  2. Jenavi Alejandro, Sophomore, Las Vegas, Nevada, Centennial High School (5 at 106)
  3. Faith Cole, Sophomore, Pacific, Missouri, Wildwood High School (2 at 106)
  4. Emily Mendez, Senior, Othello, Washington, Othello High School (4 at 106)
  5. Mia Palumbo, Junior, Oak Lawn, Illinois, Richards High School (3 at 106)
  6. Caitlyn Walker, Senior, Hatboro, Pennsylvania, Wyoming Seminary (PA) (6 at 106)
  7. Nyla Valencia, Sophomore, Morgan Hill, California, Ann Sobrato High School (NR)
  8. Tehani Soares, Senior, Las Vegas, Nevada, Shadow Ridge High School (10 at 106)
  9. Juliana Moccia, Junior, Bel Air, Maryland, The John Carroll (11 at 106)
  10. Abbygale Duke, Sophomore, Patterson, New York, Wyoming Seminary (PA) (17 at 106)
  11. Leah Gaitan, Sophomore, Yucaipa, California, Yucaipa High School (13 at 106)
  12. Chloe Ayres, Junior, Princeton, New Jersey, Princeton High School (18 at 106)
  13. Olivia Messerly, Freshman, Gray, Kentucky, Ryle High School (19 at 112)
  14. Shea Reisel, Sophomore, Somonauk, Illinois Somonauk High School (11 at 100)
  15. Johanna Palshan, Senior, Taylor, Michigan, Southgate Anderson High School (12 at 106)
  16. Genesis Cejudo, Sophomore, Phoenix, Arizona, Desert Mountain High School (15 at 106)
  17. Brooklyn Hermel, Senior, Havelock, North Carolina, Havelock High School (NR)
  18. Angel Rios, Senior, Arvada, Colorado, Valley High School (20 at 106)
  19. Caitlyn Kelley, Freshman, Florence, Wisconsin, Florence High School (NR)
  20. Kendra Ryan, Junior, Fenton, Michigan, Fenton High School (16 at 100)

112 pounds

  1. Samara Chavez, Junior, Arlington, Texas, Arlington Martin High School (7 at 106)
  2. Ava Bayless, Sophomore, Greenville, Pennsylvania Wyoming Seminary (PA) (16 at 106)
  3. Montana Delawder, Junior, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Gettysburg High School (1 at 112)
  4. Autumn Flanigan, Senior, Troy, Missouri, Buchanan High School (5 at 112)
  5. Catherine Bertrand, Junior, Johns Creek, Georgia, Mount Pisgah Christian High School (6 at 112)
  6. Trinity Berry, Senior, Culpeper, Virginia, Culpeper County High School (3 at 112)
  7. Amanda McAleavey, Senior, Cypress, Texas, Cypress Creek High School (7 at 112)
  8. Allison Hynes, Junior, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, Broken Arrow High School (8 at 112)
  9. Adrienna Turner, Junior, Davis, California, Davis High School (18 at 112)
  10. Arieana Arias, Freshman, Selma, California, Selma High School (10 at 112)
  11. Kiersten Bush, Senior, Riverdale, Utah, Bonneville High School, (16 at 112)
  12. Salyna Shotwell, Junior, Puyallup, Washington, Rogers High School (13 at 112)
  13. Lexy Beadles, Junior, Riverbank, California, Tokay High School (12 at 112)
  14. Lily Grismer, Sophomore, Ulm, Montana, Cascade High School (13 at 112), 5th 19 16UNats 112
  15. Torie Buchanan, Sophomore, West Terre Haute, Indiana, West Vigo High School (14 at 112)
  16. Maya Davis, Sophomore, Chatham, Illinois, Chatham Glenwood High School (15 at 106)
  17. Tateum Park, Senior, Davenport, Iowa, Davenport High School (NR)
  18. Hannah Hall, Junior, Palm Harbor, Florida, Palm Harbor University High School (15 at 112)
  19. Gwen Golueke, Senior, Poynette, Wisconsin, Poynette High School (NR)
  20. Victoria Nunez, Senior, El Paso, Texas, Hanks High School (20 at 112)

117 pounds

  1. Jennifer Soto, Sophomore, Red Bluff, California, Orland High School (1 at 117)
  2. Stefana Jelacic, Senior, Fountain Hills, Arizona, Chandler High School (2 at 117)
  3. Alexis Janiak, Sophomore, Plainfield, Illinois, Plainfield South High School (9 at 106)
  4. Nichole Moore, Senior, Abbyville, Kansas, Nickerson High School (2 at 112)
  5. Camille Fournier, Senior, Weatherford, Texas, Weatherford High School (3 at 117)
  6. Holly Beaudoin, Senior, Poulsbo, Washington, North Kitsap High School (4 at 117)
  7. Monica Garcia, Senior, Riverside, California, Norte Vista High School (9 at 122)
  8. Molly Williams, Senior, Redmond, Washington, Redmond High School (5 at 117)
  9. Adriana Dorado-Marin, Junior, Springs Studio for Academic Excellence/Betterman Elite (6 at 117)
  10. Jazmin Mercado, Senior, Kennewick, Washington Pasco High School (7 at 117)
  11. Desinee Lopez, Senior, Folsom, California, Folsom High School (9 at 112)
  12. Claire Dicugno, Junior, Lake Tapps, Washington,White River High School (8 at 117)
  13. Melanie Mendoza, Senior, Selma, California Selma High School (9 at 117)
  14. Ally Fitzgerald, Junior, Lynbrook, New York, Lynbrook High School (11 at 117)
  15. Anna Knappenberger, Junior, Berlin, Maryland, Stephen Decatur High School (13 at 117),
  16. Amiyah Hart, Junior, Jonesboro, Illinois, Anna-Jonesboro High School (14 at 117)
  17. Caitlyn Thorne, Senior, Saint Charles, Missouri, St. Charles High School (NR)
  18. Elvie Villa, Senior, Waukegan, Illinois, Waukegan High School (15 at 117)
  19. Alisha Narvaez, Senior, Oakland, California, Arroyo High School (16 at 117)
  20. Israel Resendez sophomore, Aurora, Colorado, Denver East High School (17 at 117)

122 pounds

  1. Nanea Estrella, Senior, Lahaina, Hawaii, Lahainaluna High School (1 at 122)
  2. Alexys Zepeda, Junior, Gervais, Oregon, Gervais High School (2 at 122)
  3. Katie Gomez, Sophomore, Van Nuys, California, Birmingham High School (10 at 117)
  4. Jaclyn Dehney, Freshman, Pelham, New Hampshire, Central Catholic High School (10 at 122),
  5. Leilah Castro, Senior, New Lexington, Ohio, New Lexington High School (3 at 122)
  6. Solana Mottola, Junior, Temecula, California, Corona High School (13 at 127)
  7. Kelly Escamilla, Junior, Whittier, California, California High School (6 at 122)
  8. Riley Dalrymple, Senior, Carthage, New York, Copenhagen High School (4 at 122)
  9. Sofia Macaluso, Sophomore, Minisink, New York, Minisink Valley High School (5 at 122)
  10. Olivia Mottley, Senior, Cypress, Texas, Cypress Ranch High School (NR)
  11. Amani Jones, Junior, McDonough, Georgia Ola High School (4 at 112)
  12. Emily Paulino, Honolulu, Hawaii, Kalani High School (7 at 122)
  13. Brelane Huber, Senior, Post Falls, Idaho, Post Falls High School (8 at 122)
  14. Charlotte Kouyamtijian, Junior, Porterville, California, Monache High School (14 at 122)
  15. Elise Rose, Junior, Marysville, Kansas, Maryville High School (15 at 122)
  16. Cayden Condit, Junior, Littleton, Colorado, Jefferson High School (11 at 122)
  17. Carolina Moreno, Junior, Sammerton, Arizona, Kofa High School (17 at 122)
  18. Brooke Cox, Sophomore, Lawson, Missouri Lawson High School (19 at 122)
  19. Kaila Del Toro, Sophomore, Chicago, Illinois, Chicago Taft High School (12 at 117)
  20. Chloe Clemons, Senior, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Jefferson High School (NR)

127 pounds

  1. Skylar Hattendorf, Sophomore, Hookset, New Hampshire, Bow High School (1 at 127)
  2. Korina Blades, Sophomore, Broadview, Illinois, Wyoming Seminary (PA) (2 at 127)
  3. Waipuilani Estrella Beauchamp, Senior, Wailuku, Hawaii, Baldwin High School (4 at 127)
  4. Lana Perez, Senior, Honolulu, Hawaii, Moanalua High School (3 at 127)
  5. Sophia Smith, Senior, Bismarck, North Dakota, Wyoming Seminary (PA), (13 at 132)
  6. Mia Macaluso, Senior, Otisville, New York, Minnisink Valley High School (5 at 127)
  7. London Houston, Junior, Federal Way, Washington, Federal Way High School (10 at 127)
  8. Alexis Montes, Freshman, El Paso, Texas, Eastwood High School (NR)
  9. Skye Realin, Senior, Mililani, Hawaii, Kamehameha-Kapalama High School (9 at 127)
  10. Devin Patton, Junior, Plano, Texas, Coppell High School (16 at 127)
  11. Sydney Harper, Junior, Hurst, Texas, Euless Trinity High School (7 at 127),
  12. Haley Ward, Freshman, Independence, Missouri, Ft. Osage High School (8 at 127)
  13. Kendall Bostelman, Junior, Napoleon, Ohio, Liberty Central High School (18 at 127)
  14. Robin Yunis, Senior, Clarksville, Tennessee, Rossview High School (12 at 127)
  15. Sofia Brynman-Metcalf, Sophomore, Sullivan, Wisconsin, Jefferson High School (14 at 127)
  16. Sarah Savidge, Sophomore, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Doherty High School (20 at 127)
  17. Madison Matta, Senior, Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania, Waynesboro Area High School (NR)
  18. Sydney Park, Sophomore, Davenport, Iowa, Davenport Central High School (NR)
  19. Riley Holman, Senior, Paron, Arkansas, Joe T. Robinson High School (17 at 127)
  20. Emma Truex, Senior, Medford, Oregon, Phoenix High School (19 at 127)

132 pounds

  1. Kylie Welker, Sophomore, Waterford, Wisconsin, Springs Studio (CO) (1 at 132)
  2. Louisa Schwab, Senior, Plainfield, Illinois, Joliet West High School, (3 at 132)
  3. Viktorya Torres, Senior, Granger, Washington, Granger High School (2 at 132)
  4. Amor Tuttle, Junior, St. Paul, Minnesota, Stillwater Area High School (6 at 127)
  5. Emma Walker, Senior, Clarksville, Tennessee, Rossview High School (4 at 132),
  6. Grace Pauls, Senior, Middletown, New York, Minisink Valley High School (6 at 132)
  7. Nonnie Justice, Junior, Harrisonville, Missouri, Harrisonville High School (7 at 132)
  8. Maddie Kubicki, Freshman, Kansas City, Missouri, Park Hill South High School (8 at 132)
  9. Schyler Caringi, Junior, Earlton, New York, Coxsackie-Athens High School (NR)
  10. Lily Sherer, Junior, Shohola, Pennsylvania, Delaware Valley High School (9 at 132)
  11. Avia Bibeau, Senior, Bushkill, Pennsylvania, East Stroudsburg High School (5 at 132)
  12. Tiera Jimerson, Junior, Moreno Valley, California, Northview High School (12 at 132)
  13. Tiare Carlson, Waianae, Hawaii, Waianae High School (14 at 132)
  14. Athena Willden, Junior, Hesperia, California, Oak Hills High School (15 at 132)
  15. Shelby Ottum, Senior, Anchorage, Alaska, South Anchorage High School (16 at 132),
  16. Grace Stem, Sophomore, Snow Shoe, Pennsylvania, Bald Eagle Area High School (NR)
  17. Alisha Van Scoy, Junior, Box Elder, South Dakota, Stanwood High School (WA) (17 at 132)
  18. Zoe Gress, Senior, Petersburg, New York, Hoosick Falls High School (18 at 132)
  19. Tristen Music, Junior, Waycross, Georgia, Pierce County High School (19 at 132)
  20. Alina Antillon, Sophomore, Denver, Colorado, Mullen High School (20 at 132)

138 pounds

  1. Cheyenne Bowman, Junior, LaHabra, California, Rowland High School (6 at 138)
  2. Aine Drury, Senior, Westminster, California, Westminster High School (4 at 138)
  3. Chloe Ogden, Junior, Geneva, Florida, Lake Highland Prep High School (7 at 138)
  4. Sara Sulejmani, Junior, Buffalo Grove, Illinois, Stevenson High School (2 at 138)
  5. Taryn Martin, Junior, Grove City, Ohio, Oletangy Orange High School (11 at 132)
  6. Esther Han, Sophomore, Wentzville, Missouri, Holt Wentzville High School (4 at 138)
  7. Lexie Basham, Senior, Roanoke, Texas, Byron Nelson High School, (2 at 138)
  8. Maggie Palmore, Senior, Germantown, Maryland, Northwest High School (8 at 138)
  9. Kya Rybachek, Junior, Mt. Iron, Minnesota, Hibbing High School (9 at 138)
  10. Faalia Martinez, Senior, Oakdale, California, Oakdale High School (20 at 138)
  11. Jade Herzer, Junior, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, Wisconsin Dells High School (10 at 138)
  12. Jahnea Miguel, Senior, Wailuku, Hawaii, Baldwin High School (14 at 138)
  13. Abby McIntyre, Sophomore, Glenwood, Iowa, Glenwood High School (11 at 138)
  14. Marisol Nugent, Senior, Boxford, Massachusetts, Phillips Academy Andover (NR)
  15. Elleni Johnson, Sophomore, West Jordan, Utah, Wyoming Seminary (PA) (10 at 132)
  16. Hannah Strauss, Senior, Algonquin, Illinois, Jacobs High School (12 at 138)
  17. Paige Respicio, Senior, Ewa Beach, Hawaii, Kamehameha-Kapalama High School (13 at 138)
  18. Charmayne Delong, Senior, Moorcroft, Wyoming, Moorcroft High School (15 at 138)
  19. Hanna Errthum, Freshman, Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, Mt. Horeb High School (NR)
  20. Madison Sandquist, Junior, Humble, Texas, Kingwood Park High School (NR)

144 pounds

  1. Reese Larramendy, Sophomore, Reno, Nevada, Wyoming Seminary (PA) (1 at 138)
  2. Lillian Freitas, Sophomore, Modesto, California, Pitman High School (1 at 144)
  3. Destiny Rodriguez, Freshman, West Linn, Oregon, West Linn High School (2 at 144)
  4. Nia Miranda, Senior, Cypress, Texas, Cypress Ranch High School (3 at 144)
  5. Tiyahna Askew, Senior, Lawrenceville, Georgia, Collins Hill High School (5 at 144)
  6. Ivy Kraght, Senior, Kent, Washington, Kentwood High School (4 at 144)
  7. Ella Nichols, Sophomore, Bristol, Connecticut, Bristol Eastern High School (7 at 144)
  8. Kayley Rada, Junior, Adrian, Michigan, Adrian High School (6 at 144)
  9. Alexandria Hernandez, Junior, Bonny Lake, Washington, White River High School (9 at 144)
  10. Gianna Anaya, Senior, Los Angeles, California, San Fernando High School (10 at 144)
  11. Joanna Qiu, Junior, San Pablo, California, Albany High School, (11 at 144)
  12. Vivian Hurn, Senior, Cunningham, Tennessee, Montgomery Central High School (12 at 144)
  13. Aiyana Phonchana-Johnson, Junior, Reno, Nevada, Reed High School (NR)
  14. Jacquelyn Font, Senior, Thonotosassa, Florida, Stawberry Crest High School (13 at 144)
  15. Emma Cole, Senior, Lafayette, Missouri, Wildwood High School (14 at 144)
  16. Victoria Hinojo, Senior, El Paso, Texas, Hanks High School (15 at 144)
  17. Seda Tsarni, Junior, Montgomery County, Maryland, Watkins Mill High School (16 at 144)
  18. Cassandra Betancourt, Vista, California, Rancho Buena Vista High School (17 at 144)
  19. Jazzmine Seely, Senior, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, Waynesville High School (18 at 144)
  20. Ayala Wolak, Junior, Dublin, Ohio, Dublin Coffman High School (19 at 144)

152 pounds

  1. Amit Elor, Concord, California, Sophomore, College Park High School, (1 at 152)
  2. Tiffani Baublitz, Junior, Stewartstown, Pennsylvania, Kennard-Dale High School (2 at 152)
  3. Sydney Manos, Junior, Rockford, Illinois, Stillman Valley High School (8 at 144)
  4. Francesca Lopresti, Senior, Richmond, California, Albany High School (5 at 152)
  5. Alexandria Sanford, Senior, Covington, Washington, Kentwood High School (6 at 152)
  6. Michelle Kamyshin, Senior, Sacramento, California, River City High School (7 at 152),
  7. Morgan Mayginnes, Senior, Onaga, Kansas, Onaga High School (9 at 152)
  8. Alexandra Nelson, Sophomore, Charlestown, Rhode Island, Chariho High School (11 at 152)
  9. Hannah Ricioli, Junior, Santa Rosa, California, El Molino High School (9 at 152)
  10. Dakota-Marie Dinielli, Sophomore, Plainville, Connecticut, Wyoming Seminary (10 at 152)
  11. Madison Ellis, Junior, Anchorage, Alaska, South Anchorage High School (12 at 152)
  12. Skylah Chakouian, Junior, East Providence, Rhode Island, East Providence High School (13 at 152)
  13. Madison Konopka, Junior, Carlsbad, California, La Costa Canyon High School (14 at 152)
  14. Alise Terhune, Senior, Indianapolis, Indiana, Warren Central High School (15 at 152)
  15. Sidney Sullens, Sophomore, Cleveland, Georgia, White County High School (16 at 152)
  16. Lourdes Torres, soph., Sunnyside, Washington, Sunnyside High School (17 at 152)
  17. Hannah Thompson, Junior, Burlington, Kentucky, Cooper High School (NR)
  18. Kaylee Gross, Junior, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, Ste. Genevieve High School (18 at 152)
  19. Isabella Mir, Las Vegas, Nevada, Bishop Gorman High School (NR)
  20. Toyia Griffin, Junior, Nashua, Iowa, Nashua-Plainfield High School (20 at 152)

164 pounds

  1. Kennedy Blades, Sophomore, Broadview, Illinois, Wyoming Seminary (1 at 164)
  2. Tristan Kelly, Senior, Castle Rock, Colorado, Douglas County High School (2 at 164)
  3. Kiley Hubby, Senior, Everett, Washington, Glacier Peak High School (3 at 152)
  4. Olivia Robinson, Senior, Hillsboro, Oregon, St. Mary’s Academy (3 at 164)
  5. Alia Abushi, Senior, San Leandro, California, Arroyo High School (4 at 164)
  6. Dasia Yearby, Sophomore, Wellford, South Carolina, Christ Church Episcopal School (6 at 164)
  7. Katja Osteen, Junior, Simi Valley, California, Chaminade High School (5 at 164)
  8. Ariana Pereira, Senior, Newark, California, Newark Memorial High School (7 at 164)
  9. McKenzie Samuels, Junior, New York, New York, Harry S. Truman High School (8 at 164)
  10. Jewel Gonzalez, Junior, Philpsburg, New Jersey, Philipsburg High School (4 at 152),
  11. Katelyn Lewis, Sophomore, Peshtigo, Wisconsin, Peshtigo High School (NR)
  12. Kai Poux, Senior, Brooklyn, New York, Brooklyn Tech (NR)
  13. Annabelle Helm, Senior, Vancouver, Washington, Union High School (9 at 164),
  14. Grace Nelson, Senior, West Richland, Washington, Hanford High School (13 at 164)
  15. Alyssa Arana, Sophomore, Santa Maria, California San Fernando High School (16 at 164)
  16. Katie Moore, Senior, Wading River, New York, Riverhead High School (10 at 164),
  17. Heaven Byrd, Senior, Hiram, Georgia, Hiram High School (11 at 164),
  18. Marta Jasperson, Senior, Hudson, Wisconsin, Hudson High School (14 at 164)
  19. Alivia White, Freshman, Lake Stevens, Washington, Marysville-Pilchuk High School (15 at 164)
  20. Sawyer Graham, Junior, Bel Air, Maryland, C. Milton Wright High School (NR)

180 pounds

  1. Elisa Robinson, Senior, Fort Riley, Kansas, Junction City High School (1 at 180)
  2. Jaycee Foeller, Junior, De Soto, Missouri, De Soto High School (2 at 180)
  3. Brianna Staebler, Junior, Whitewater, Wisconsin, Whitewater High School (3 at 180),
  4. Adelina Parra, Senior, San Fernando, California, San Fernando High School (7 at 180)
  5. Brittyn Corbishley, Junior, The Woodlands, Texas, College Park High School (5 at 180)
  6. Joanna Jones, Senior, Brooklyn, New York, Wingate Educational Campus (4 at 180),
  7. Ava Miller, Sophomore, Independence, Missouri, Truman High School (12 at 164)
  8. Bailey Dennis, Senior, Madras, Oregon, Ridgeview High School (6 at 180)
  9. Daniella Seely, Senior, Haltom City, Texas, Haltom High School (8 at 180)
  10. Kamilla Montenegro, Senior, Las Vegas, Nevada, Bonanza High School (NV), (9 at 180)
  11. Rayana Vigil, Senior, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Atrisco Heritage Academy (10 at 180)
  12. Sam Calkins, Sophomore, Brentwood, California, Liberty High School (11 at 180)
  13. Fiona McConnell, Junior, Milwaukie, Oregon, Milwaukie High School (12 at 180)
  14. Kailyn Garrett, Sophomore, South Lyon, Michigan, South Lyon High School (13 at 180)
  15. Kerly Borbor Ordonez, Sophomore, New Brunswick, New Jersey, New Brunswick High School (NR)
  16. Zoe Hankins, Senior, El Paso, Texas, El Paso, Parkland High School (NR)
  17. Jayleen Sekona, Junior, Anchorage, Alaska, South Anchorage High School (15 at 180)
  18. Shannon Jaramillo, Lahaina, Hawaii, Lahainaluna High School (16 at 180)
  19. Larissa Bryant-Coleman, Junior, New Haven, Indiana, New Haven High School (17 at 180)
  20. Sarah Sams, Senior, Senior, Parker, Colorado, Douglas County High School (19 at 180)

200 pounds

  1. Olivia Brown, Junior, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Broken Arrow High School (1 at 200)
  2. Juliannah Bolli, Senior, San Jose, California, Silver Creek High School (2 at 200)
  3. Tatum Heikkila, Junior, Aberdeen, Washington, Aberdeen High School (3 at 200),
  4. Stacey Pgouda, Senior, Hiram, Georgia, Hiram High School (5 at 200)
  5. Andrea Smith, Sophomore, Middleburg, Florida, Orange Park High School (NR)
  6. Riley Dempewolf, Sophomore, Lafayette, Indiana, McCutcheon High School (14 at 180)
  7. Ofa He Lotu Tuifua, Junior, Kent, Washington, Kent Meridian High School (6 at 200)
  8. Eliana Bommarito, Sophomore, Brighton, Michigan, Hartland High School (7 at 200)
  9. Asia Rave, Junior, Black River Falls, Wisconsin, Black River Falls High School (8 at 200)
  10. Sariah Stewart, Senior, East Greenbush, New York, Columbia High School, (9 at 200) d
  11. Raina Herzog, Junior, Cottage Grove, Oregon, Cottage Grove High School (10 at 200)
  12. Emma Lozada, Junior, Princeton, Texas, Princeton High School (12 at 200)
  13. Hollie Espinoza, Junior, Rhonert Park, California, Rancho High School (13 at 200)
  14. Cheyenne Meade, Sophomore, Troy, Ohio, Troy High School (18 at 180)
  15. Catherine Palmieri, Senior, Woodlawn, Tennessee Northwest High School (15 at 200)
  16. Ryan Schlereth, Junior, St. Louis, Missouri, Hancock Place High School (16 at 200)
  17. Millie Peach, Junior, Marengo, Iowa, Iowa Valley High School (11 at 200)
  18. Anastasia Evans, Senior, Cypress, Texas, Cypress Woods High School (14 at 200)
  19. Sujeydy Matos, Freshman, New York, New York, Inwood Academy (17 at 200)
  20. Debranna Bealer, Sophomore, North Pole, Alaska, Eielson High School (18 at 200)

225 pounds

  1. Isabeau Shalack, Senior, Evergreen Park, Illinois, Evergreen Park High School (1 at 225)
  2. Kyleigh KJ Haney, Senior, Douglasville, Georgia, Hiram High School (2 at 225)
  3. Hannah Francis, Junior, Coppell, Texas, Coppell High School (3 at 225),
  4. Lilian McCoy, Senior, Petaluma, California, Casa Grande High School (4 at 225)
  5. Isela Mendez, Senior, Covina, California, Northview High School (NR)
  6. Jasmine Guerrero, Junior, Loomis, California, Del Oro High School (5 at 225)
  7. Lexie Cole, Junior, Holt, Missouri, Kearney High School (6 at 225)
  8. Daya Powell, Senior, North Richland Hills, Texas, Timber Creek High School (7 at 225)
  9. Valerie Smith, Sophomore, Nashville, Tennessee, McGavock High School (9 at 225)
  10. Tangitenina Niutupuivaha, Senior, Kahuku, Hawaii, Kahuku High School (10 at 225)
  11. Chanel Siva, Senior, Stanwood, Washington, Stanwood High School (11 at 225)
  12. 12. Ashley Tapp, Senior, Katy, Texas, Katy Morton Ranch High School (12 at 225)
  13. Larresha Bryant-Coleman, Senior, New Haven, Indiana, New Haven High School (13 at 225)
  14. MaQuoia Bernabe, Senior, Versailles, Kentucky, Woodford County High School (17 at 225)
  15. Kathleen Janis, Senior, Layton, Utah, Layton High School, (8 at 225)
  16. Dominque Diaz, Junior, Brooklyn, New York, Seward High School (15 at 225)
  17. Madeleine Wadesisi, Junior, Cleveland, Ohio, Cleveland Central Catholic High School (14 at 225)
  18. Kaila Mungo, Senior, Westampton, New Jersey, Rancocas Valley High School (18 at 225)
  19. Melissa Mota, Sophomore, Crawfordsville, Indiana, Crawfordsville High School (19 at 225)
  20. Alayna Darley, Vendergrift, Pennsylvania, Kiski Area High School (20 at 225)

National Wrestling Hall of Fame & Museum
America’s shrine to the sport of wrestling, the National Wrestling Hall of Fame & Museum was founded as a nonprofit organization in 1976 to honor the sport of wrestling, preserve its history, recognize extraordinary individual achievements, and inspire future generations. The National Wrestling Hall of Fame has museums in Stillwater, Oklahoma, and Waterloo, Iowa. The Stillwater, Oklahoma, location reopened in June 2016 following a $3.8 million renovation while the Waterloo, Iowa, location reopened in March 2019 after undergoing a $1.4 million renovation. Both museums now feature interactive exhibits and electronic kiosks, as well as the opportunity to watch NCAA Championship matches from the 1930s to present day. Stillwater also has the John T. Vaughan Hall of Honors where the greatest names in wrestling are recognized, including iconic granite plaques presented to Distinguished Members since the Hall of Fame opened in 1976. The museum has the largest collection of wrestling artifacts and memorabilia in the world, including the most collegiate and Olympic wrestling uniforms. Wrestling truly is for everyone and the diversity and accessibility of the sport continues to be highlighted through exhibits featuring females, African-Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, and Latino Americans. There is also a library featuring historical documents, including NCAA guides and results, as well as books on the sport.

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