Northfield Larry Severson Invite

Northfield Larry Severson Invite
1 Northfield 248.5
2 Tri City United 149.0
3 Faribault 140.5
4 Hastings 124.0
5 Lakeville South 120.0
6 Mankato East 95.0
7 Mahtomedi 91.0
8 Cannon Falls 86.0
9 Lake City 81.5
10 Rochester Century 58.0
11 Pine Island 50.0
12 Rosemount 42.0
13 St. Charles 36.5
14 Henry Sibley 15.0
15 Austin 9.0

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1st Place – Gavin Peterson of Cannon Falls
2nd Place – JT Hausen of Faribault
3rd Place – Zach Balma of Tri City United
4th Place – Luke Scholtes of Mankato East
5th Place – Creed Peterson of Hastings
6th Place – Peyton Erickson of Hastings
1st Gavin Peterson (Cannon Falls) 11-1, Fr. over JT Hausen (Faribault) 9-2, 8th. (Dec 6-3)
3rd Zach Balma (Tri City United) 7-3, Fr. over Luke Scholtes (Mankato East) 7-5, 8th. (TF-1.5 5:48 (17-2))
5th Creed Peterson (Hastings) 5-4, 8th. over Peyton Erickson (Hastings) 3-3, Fr. (Dec 15-12)
1st Place – Beau Murphy of Northfield
2nd Place – Luke Williams of Pine Island
3rd Place – Colten Black of Cannon Falls
4th Place – Chris Johnson of Tri City United
5th Place – Tyler Boyd of Faribault
6th Place – Cristian Neville of Rosemount
1st Beau Murphy (Northfield) 14-0, So. over Luke Williams (Pine Island) 10-2, So. (Dec 4-3)
3rd Colten Black (Cannon Falls) 9-3, Fr. over Chris Johnson (Tri City United) 6-4, Fr. (Dec 9-2)
5th Tyler Boyd (Faribault) 9-3, Jr. over Cristian Neville (Rosemount) 5-4, Fr. (Fall 5:41)
1st Place – Chase Murphy of Northfield
2nd Place – Preston Carlisle of Cannon Falls
3rd Place – Brant Lemieux of Tri City United
4th Place – Isaac Yetzer of Faribault
5th Place – Caleb Folstrom of Hastings
6th Place – Johnny Thai of Rosemount
1st Chase Murphy (Northfield) 13-0, Jr. over Preston Carlisle (Cannon Falls) 10-3, So. (TF-1.5 4:27 (16-0))
3rd Brant Lemieux (Tri City United) 4-6, Fr. over Isaac Yetzer (Faribault) 6-5, 8th. (Dec 6-2)
5th Caleb Folstrom (Hastings) 5-4, Fr. over Johnny Thai (Rosemount) 5-4, Sr. (Fall 4:42)
1st Place – Jake Messner of Northfield
2nd Place – Nash Nelson of Lake City
3rd Place – Theron Wendt of Lakeville South
4th Place – Josh Route of Hastings
5th Place – Cole Franek of Tri City United
6th Place – D’Shaun Davis of Faribault
1st Jake Messner (Northfield) 13-2, So. over Nash Nelson (Lake City) 7-3, Sr. (Dec 7-2)
3rd Theron Wendt (Lakeville South) 7-5, Jr. over Josh Route (Hastings) 10-7, Fr. (Dec 8-3)
5th Cole Franek (Tri City United) 5-5, Fr. over D’Shaun Davis (Faribault) 6-6, 8th. (Fall 1:52)
1st Place – Sam Holman of Northfield
2nd Place – Gael Ramirez of Faribault
3rd Place – Luke Skifton of Lake City
4th Place – Mason West of Lake City
5th Place – Carter O’Malley of Tri City United
6th Place – Lathan Wilson of Austin
1st Sam Holman (Northfield) 11-2, Jr. over Gael Ramirez (Faribault) 9-3, Jr. (Dec 9-3)
3rd Luke Skifton (Lake City) 8-3, Jr. over Mason West (Lake City) 7-4, Sr. (For.)
5th Carter O’Malley (Tri City United) 7-4, Fr. over Lathan Wilson (Austin) 4-6, So. (Fall 1:11)
1st Place – Drew Woodley of Northfield
2nd Place – Jett Thoreson of St. Charles
3rd Place – Caleb Whipps of Tri City United
4th Place – John Kendall of Hastings
5th Place – DJ Saunders of Faribault
6th Place – Dan Krier of Pine Island
1st Drew Woodley (Northfield) 15-0, Sr. over Jett Thoreson (St. Charles) 5-1, So. (TF-1.5 2:55 (17-2))
3rd Caleb Whipps (Tri City United) 5-2, So. over John Kendall (Hastings) 11-4, Sr. (Fall 3:06)
5th DJ Saunders (Faribault) 12-3, Sr. over Dan Krier (Pine Island) 4-3, Sr. (MD 12-3)
1st Place – Ryan Cripe of Lakeville South
2nd Place – Braeden Hendel of Mankato East
3rd Place – Caden O’Malley of Tri City United
4th Place – Gavin Anderson of Northfield
5th Place – Zander Hallis of Hastings
6th Place – Hunter Rutt of Tri City United
1st Ryan Cripe (Lakeville South) 12-1, Sr. over Braeden Hendel (Mankato East) 11-2, Jr. (Dec 9-7)
3rd Caden O’Malley (Tri City United) 8-3, Fr. over Gavin Anderson (Northfield) 10-4, Jr. (Fall 0:59)
5th Zander Hallis (Hastings) 6-5, So. over Hunter Rutt (Tri City United) 3-2, Sr. (Fall 1:43)
1st Place – Brice Bischof of Lakeville South
2nd Place – Garrett Pavelko of Rochester Century
3rd Place – Ethan Johnson of Northfield
4th Place – Adam Fredrickson of Tri City United
5th Place – Jayce Barron of Northfield
6th Place – Joe Kozlowski of Lake City
1st Brice Bischof (Lakeville South) 11-0, Jr. over Garrett Pavelko (Rochester Century) 9-3, Sr. (Dec 7-6)
3rd Ethan Johnson (Northfield) 9-4, Sr. over Adam Fredrickson (Tri City United) 2-3, Sr. (SV-1 5-3)
5th Jayce Barron (Northfield) 3-1, Fr. over Joe Kozlowski (Lake City) 9-4, Jr. (Dec 12-5)
1st Place – Willie Bastyr of Lakeville South
2nd Place – Reid Lawrence of Mahtomedi
3rd Place – Owen Pharo of Rochester Century
4th Place – Darrin Kuyper of Northfield
5th Place – Mukhtar Ali of Hastings
6th Place – Bryce Nolen of Faribault
1st Willie Bastyr (Lakeville South) 10-1, Sr. over Reid Lawrence (Mahtomedi) 10-1, Sr. (Dec 9-6)
3rd Owen Pharo (Rochester Century) 12-3, Sr. over Darrin Kuyper (Northfield) 10-4, So. (Dec 4-3)
5th Mukhtar Ali (Hastings) 12-2, Sr. over Bryce Nolen (Faribault) 8-4, Sr. (Dec 12-6)
1st Place – Bryce FitzPatrick of Mahtomedi
2nd Place – Josh Oathoudt of Faribault
3rd Place – Jaden Dukes of Lakeville South
4th Place – Ian Wilsey of Mahtomedi
5th Place – Garrett Beying of Hastings
6th Place – Nickolas Mikula of Northfield
1st Bryce FitzPatrick (Mahtomedi) 12-0, Sr. over Josh Oathoudt (Faribault) 12-1, Sr. (Dec 7-3)
3rd Jaden Dukes (Lakeville South) 9-1, Sr. over Ian Wilsey (Mahtomedi) 7-4, Jr. (Dec 7-1)
5th Garrett Beying (Hastings) 9-5, Sr. over Nickolas Mikula (Northfield) 10-5, So. (Fall 2:42)
1st Place – Thomas Frank of Lake City
2nd Place – Nate Kujawa of Mahtomedi
3rd Place – Riley O’Malley of Tri City United
4th Place – Caleb Kai of Mankato East
5th Place – Connor Thell of Henry Sibley
6th Place – Garrett Savard of Lakeville South
1st Thomas Frank (Lake City) 8-0, Sr. over Nate Kujawa (Mahtomedi) 9-2, Sr. (SV-1 7-5)
3rd Riley O’Malley (Tri City United) 7-3, Jr. over Caleb Kai (Mankato East) 5-5, Sr. (Fall 0:22)
5th Connor Thell (Henry Sibley) 3-4, Sr. over Garrett Savard (Lakeville South) 2-7, Jr. (Fall 1:42)
1st Place – Kolin Baier of Mankato East
2nd Place – Dylan Lippert of Faribault
3rd Place – Riley Keenan of Cannon Falls
4th Place – Mason Pagel of Northfield
5th Place – Fatih Shigidy of Rosemount
6th Place – Austin Leflay of Hastings
1st Kolin Baier (Mankato East) 11-0, Sr. over Dylan Lippert (Faribault) 9-3, Sr. (Fall 0:39)
3rd Riley Keenan (Cannon Falls) 9-3, So. over Mason Pagel (Northfield) 7-4, So. (M. For.)
5th Fatih Shigidy (Rosemount) 5-4, Sr. over Austin Leflay (Hastings) 4-2, Fr. (M. For.)
1st Place – David Tonjum of Northfield
2nd Place – Seth Arndt of Rochester Century
3rd Place – Jose Reyes of Tri City United
4th Place – Brady Schiller of Hastings
5th Place – JP Johnson of Mahtomedi
6th Place – Carter Bertram of Lakeville South
1st David Tonjum (Northfield) 10-1, Sr. over Seth Arndt (Rochester Century) 13-1, Sr. (SV-1 5-3)
3rd Jose Reyes (Tri City United) 7-1, Sr. over Brady Schiller (Hastings) 9-7, Sr. (Fall 0:18)
5th JP Johnson (Mahtomedi) 8-3, Fr. over Carter Bertram (Lakeville South) 1-2, Sr. (Fall 5:59)
1st Place – Rieley Fleming of Mankato East
2nd Place – Nick Lopez of Northfield
3rd Place – Cameron Olsen of Hastings
4th Place – Jack Swanson of Pine Island
5th Place – Cameron Rother of Rosemount
6th Place – Wyatt Rodriguez of Mankato East
1st Rieley Fleming (Mankato East) 10-1, Jr. over Nick Lopez (Northfield) 8-5, Jr. (Fall 1:17)
3rd Cameron Olsen (Hastings) 13-3, Jr. over Jack Swanson (Pine Island) 5-4, Jr. (Fall 2:59)
5th Cameron Rother (Rosemount) 3-4, Jr. over Wyatt Rodriguez (Mankato East) 3-3, So. (Fall 1:17)