Rogers Holiday Matness

Friday-Saturday, December 27-28, 2019

Rogers Holiday Matness
1 Blaine 224.5
2 Princeton 185.0
3 Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa 175.0
4 Dover-Eyota 149.5
5 Cambridge-Isanti 122.0
6 Park 121.5
7 Totino-Grace 118.0
8 Becker 114.0
9 Apple Valley 105.5
10 GMLOS 101.0
11 Zimmerman 94.5
12 Chaska-Chan Stormhawks 93.0
13 Trinity School at River Ridge 62.0
14 Rogers 53.5
15 Elk River 48.0
16 Minneapolis Patrick Henry 46.0
17 Holdingford 42.5
18 Champlin Park 41.0
19 Park Center 39.5
20 Minneapolis Southwest 37.0
21 Proctor-Hermantown 31.5
22 Robbinsdale Armstrong 26.0
23 Wabasha-Kellogg 24.0
24 Chisago Lakes 20.0
25 Richfield 19.0
26 Rush City-Braham 15.5
27 Edina 4.0
27 Minneapolis Roosevelt 4.0

Brackets/Results on

Outstanding Wrestler: Joey Thompson Totino Grace 120 Pounds 12th
Fall Award: Dylan Anderson Apple Valley 170 Pounds 12th (5 Falls 4:51)

Friday Milestones:
Wil Yasseri Rogers Royals 152 Pounds 100th Career Win
Alex McPhee Proctor-Hermantown 152 Pounds 100th Career Win
Solomon Lankow Park 145 Pounds 150th Career Win
Zak McPhee Proctor-Hermantown 50th Career Win

1st Place – Tyler Wells of Princeton
2nd Place – Austin Laudenbach of Apple Valley
3rd Place – Ethan Sylvester of Totino-Grace
4th Place – Leo Edblad of Cambridge-Isanti
5th Place – Brodie Kellen of Dover-Eyota
6th Place – Nathan Delaria of Blaine
7th Place – Ryley Chapman of Zimmerman
8th Place – Drew Lange of Holdingford
1st: Tyler Wells (Princeton) 15-0, Fr. over Austin Laudenbach (Apple Valley) 15-5, Fr. (MD 13-1)
3rd: Ethan Sylvester (Totino-Grace) 14-8, 8th. over Leo Edblad (Cambridge-Isanti) 11-8, 8th. (Dec 10-3)
5th: Brodie Kellen (Dover-Eyota) 12-3, Fr. over Nathan Delaria (Blaine) 10-7, 8th. (Fall 1:08)
7th: Ryley Chapman (Zimmerman) 12-4, 8th. over Drew Lange (Holdingford) 10-9, 8th. (Dec 5-2)
1st Place – Zachary Silvis of Park
2nd Place – Walker Bents of Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa
3rd Place – Cohen Wiste of GMLOS
4th Place – Noah Vanderbeek of Princeton
5th Place – Dmytro Ponomarenko of Zimmerman
6th Place – Bryce Young of Blaine
7th Place – Russell Gillette of Chaska-Chan Stormhawks
8th Place – Carter Wothe of Cambridge-Isanti
1st: Zachary Silvis (Park) 16-4, So. over Walker Bents (Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa) 18-3, So. (Dec 3-1)
3rd: Cohen Wiste (GMLOS) 13-1, Fr. over Noah Vanderbeek (Princeton) 9-3, Fr. (Dec 9-2)
5th: Dmytro Ponomarenko (Zimmerman) 8-3, Fr. over Bryce Young (Blaine) 9-10, Fr. (SV-1 12-10)
7th: Russell Gillette (Chaska-Chan Stormhawks) 11-8, 8th. over Carter Wothe (Cambridge-Isanti) 9-9, Fr. (MD 14-0)
1st Place – Joey Thompson of Totino-Grace
2nd Place – Parker Adkins of Princeton
3rd Place – Ryan Jensen of Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa
4th Place – Logan Lindquist of Cambridge-Isanti
5th Place – Cooper Larson of Blaine
6th Place – Anthony Romero of GMLOS
7th Place – Lewis Yang of Minneapolis Patrick Henry
8th Place – Robert Laakso of Proctor-Hermantown
1st: Joey Thompson (Totino-Grace) 19-1, Sr. over Parker Adkins (Princeton) 12-3, Fr. (Fall 1:07)
3rd: Ryan Jensen (Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa) 16-5, 8th. over Logan Lindquist (Cambridge-Isanti) 14-7, Jr. (MD 11-3)
5th: Cooper Larson (Blaine) 14-4, So. over Anthony Romero (GMLOS) 11-3, Jr. (Fall 3:44)
7th: Lewis Yang (Minneapolis Patrick Henry) 13-7, Fr. over Robert Laakso (Proctor-Hermantown) 12-7, So. (Fall 3:40)
1st Place – Terrence Lemley of Blaine
2nd Place – Joe Montplaisir of Zimmerman
3rd Place – Landon Lehnertz of Dover-Eyota
4th Place – Zak McPhee of Proctor-Hermantown
5th Place – Ben Stites of Minneapolis Southwest
6th Place – Lucky Lee of Minneapolis Patrick Henry
7th Place – Jake Whitcomb of Princeton
8th Place – Sam Rodriguez of Cambridge-Isanti
1st: Terrence Lemley (Blaine) 15-3, Sr. over Joe Montplaisir (Zimmerman) 10-2, Jr. (Dec 5-4)
3rd: Landon Lehnertz (Dover-Eyota) 14-2, 8th. over Zak McPhee (Proctor-Hermantown) 12-8, 8th. (Fall 1:26)
5th: Ben Stites (Minneapolis Southwest) 12-5, Sr. over Lucky Lee (Minneapolis Patrick Henry) 10-9, Sr. (Dec 5-2)
7th: Jake Whitcomb (Princeton) 5-5, Jr. over Sam Rodriguez (Cambridge-Isanti) 7-6, So. (MD 9-0)
1st Place – Landen Parent of Princeton
2nd Place – Colton Pool of Elk River
3rd Place – Gavin Gust of Dover-Eyota
4th Place – Tyler Jensen of Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa
5th Place – Luke Studer of Blaine
6th Place – Ethan Anderson of Becker
7th Place – John Hughes of Richfield
8th Place – Alonzo Blanton of Champlin Park
1st: Landen Parent (Princeton) 17-0, Jr. over Colton Pool (Elk River) 15-4, Sr. (MD 9-0)
3rd: Gavin Gust (Dover-Eyota) 15-1, Fr. over Tyler Jensen (Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa) 20-4, So. (Dec 13-8)
5th: Luke Studer (Blaine) 17-2, So. over Ethan Anderson (Becker) 16-4, So. (Fall 5:53)
7th: John Hughes (Richfield) 10-5, Sr. over Alonzo Blanton (Champlin Park) 11-9, Jr. (Fall 5:29)
1st Place – Kyle Boeke of Princeton
2nd Place – Blaine Fischer of Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa
3rd Place – Pedro Velazquez of Chaska-Chan Stormhawks
4th Place – Cade Sungaard of Apple Valley
5th Place – Tyler Studer of Blaine
6th Place – Treyton Thesing of Dover-Eyota
7th Place – Corbin Ludemann of GMLOS
8th Place – Jon DeMarais of Trinity School at River Ridge
1st: Kyle Boeke (Princeton) 15-0, Jr. over Blaine Fischer (Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa) 18-4, So. (Dec 9-4)
3rd: Pedro Velazquez (Chaska-Chan Stormhawks) 18-2, Jr. over Cade Sungaard (Apple Valley) 13-9, Jr. (MD 8-0)
5th: Tyler Studer (Blaine) 9-4, Sr. over Treyton Thesing (Dover-Eyota) 9-9, So. (Fall 2:11)
7th: Corbin Ludemann (GMLOS) 9-4, 8th. over Jon DeMarais (Trinity School at River Ridge) 15-5, Sr. (Fall 1:17)
1st Place – Canon Swanson of Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa
2nd Place – Solomon Lankow of Park
3rd Place – Joe Gardas of Zimmerman
4th Place – Taylor DeFrang of Dover-Eyota
5th Place – Nolan Rommel of Wabasha-Kellogg
6th Place – Grant Sussner of Chaska-Chan Stormhawks
7th Place – Donavon Felten of GMLOS
8th Place – Chrystian Greseth-Clendening of Blaine
1st: Canon Swanson (Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa) 23-0, Sr. over Solomon Lankow (Park) 17-3, Sr. (MD 10-2)
3rd: Joe Gardas (Zimmerman) 13-3, So. over Taylor DeFrang (Dover-Eyota) 15-2, Sr. (Dec 11-6)
5th: Nolan Rommel (Wabasha-Kellogg) 12-3, Sr. over Grant Sussner (Chaska-Chan Stormhawks) 15-7, Jr. (Fall 3:18)
7th: Donavon Felten (GMLOS) 13-6, So. over Chrystian Greseth-Clendening (Blaine) 11-5, Sr. (Dec 5-2)
1st Place – Zack Wells of Princeton
2nd Place – Cole Lafreniere of Blaine
3rd Place – Rece Voigt of GMLOS
4th Place – Jonathan Oyedokun of Park Center
5th Place – Adam Jurek of Becker
6th Place – Jan Hernandez-Soto of Minneapolis Patrick Henry
7th Place – Romeo Nordquist of Cambridge-Isanti
8th Place – Alex McPhee of Proctor-Hermantown
1st: Zack Wells (Princeton) 17-0, Jr. over Cole Lafreniere (Blaine) 13-2, Sr. (Dec 12-7)
3rd: Rece Voigt (GMLOS) 13-4, Jr. over Jonathan Oyedokun (Park Center) 13-5, Sr. (Dec 3-0)
5th: Adam Jurek (Becker) 13-4, Fr. over Jan Hernandez-Soto (Minneapolis Patrick Henry) 15-5, Sr. (Dec 7-2)
7th: Romeo Nordquist (Cambridge-Isanti) 12-6, Sr. over Alex McPhee (Proctor-Hermantown) 12-7, Jr. (Dec 3-1)
1st Place – Christian Jacobsen of GMLOS
2nd Place – Hunter Larson of Elk River
3rd Place – Jordyn Greseth-Clendening of Blaine
4th Place – Kylen Rish of Becker
5th Place – Tate Lange of Holdingford
6th Place – Anthony Arens of Totino-Grace
7th Place – Daniel Mielke of Rush City-Braham
8th Place – Hunter Aceret of Apple Valley
1st: Christian Jacobsen (GMLOS) 12-5, Jr. over Hunter Larson (Elk River) 9-2, Sr. (Fall 2:45)
3rd: Jordyn Greseth-Clendening (Blaine) 12-7, So. over Kylen Rish (Becker) 12-6, Jr. (Dec 8-2)
5th: Tate Lange (Holdingford) 15-4, Jr. over Anthony Arens (Totino-Grace) 6-9, Jr. (Dec 6-0)
7th: Daniel Mielke (Rush City-Braham) 10-3, Sr. over Hunter Aceret (Apple Valley) 9-10, Jr. (MD 12-4)
1st Place – Caden Dewall of Becker
2nd Place – Adam Sylvester of Totino-Grace
3rd Place – Dylan Anderson of Apple Valley
4th Place – Tyler Shea of Dover-Eyota
5th Place – Braden Nienaber of Princeton
6th Place – Thomas Gilmore of Rogers
7th Place – Trent Kohner of Zimmerman
8th Place – Evan Young of Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa
1st: Caden Dewall (Becker) 18-1, Jr. over Adam Sylvester (Totino-Grace) 17-2, Jr. (Dec 14-7)
3rd: Dylan Anderson (Apple Valley) 14-4, Sr. over Tyler Shea (Dover-Eyota) 9-3, Jr. (Fall 0:31)
5th: Braden Nienaber (Princeton) 10-8, Sr. over Thomas Gilmore (Rogers) 8-9, Jr. (Dec 14-12)
7th: Trent Kohner (Zimmerman) 6-6, Sr. over Evan Young (Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa) 8-8, So. (Dec 4-2)
1st Place – Aidan Willard of Trinity School at River Ridge
2nd Place – Gavin Dabelstein of Dover-Eyota
3rd Place – Ross Meskimen of Rogers
4th Place – Nick Flaskamp of Minneapolis Southwest
5th Place – Conner Elliott of Apple Valley
6th Place – Reid Kraus of Becker
7th Place – Dj Myles of Champlin Park
8th Place – Gbolahan Oyetunde of Park Center
1st: Aidan Willard (Trinity School at River Ridge) 20-0, Sr. over Gavin Dabelstein (Dover-Eyota) 14-2, Sr. (TF-1.5 4:00 (16-0))
3rd: Ross Meskimen (Rogers) 19-7, Jr. over Nick Flaskamp (Minneapolis Southwest) 9-5, Jr. (Dec 6-4)
5th: Conner Elliott (Apple Valley) 9-11, So. over Reid Kraus (Becker) 13-6, Sr. (Fall 3:41)
7th: Dj Myles (Champlin Park) 10-4, Jr. over Gbolahan Oyetunde (Park Center) 10-5, Sr. (Fall 3:17)
1st Place – Isaac Atchison of Blaine
2nd Place – Khrystiyan Mullen of Park
3rd Place – Evan Braesch of Rogers
4th Place – James Ohm of Robbinsdale Armstrong
5th Place – Easton Johnson of Cambridge-Isanti
6th Place – Michael Doubek of Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa
7th Place – Sam Harren of Holdingford
8th Place – Aiden Pardino of Zimmerman
1st: Isaac Atchison (Blaine) 10-1, Sr. over Khrystiyan Mullen (Park) 16-3, Sr. (Dec 8-4)
3rd: Evan Braesch (Rogers) 10-6, Sr. over James Ohm (Robbinsdale Armstrong) 12-7, Sr. (Dec 5-1)
5th: Easton Johnson (Cambridge-Isanti) 13-6, Sr. over Michael Doubek (Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa) 16-7, Sr. (M. For.)
7th: Sam Harren (Holdingford) 10-7, So. over Aiden Pardino (Zimmerman) 8-6, So. (Dec 7-2)
1st Place – Antonio Davis of Park
2nd Place – Brayden Weber of Becker
3rd Place – Gavin Rosstedt of Champlin Park
4th Place – Joe Hinkle of Totino-Grace
5th Place – Hunter Brackee of Chaska-Chan Stormhawks
6th Place – Mark Jenniges of Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa
7th Place – Carter Ho of Blaine
8th Place – Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached
8th Place – Joey Anderson of Apple Valley
1st: Antonio Davis (Park) 17-2, Sr. over Brayden Weber (Becker) 15-2, Jr. (M. For.)
3rd: Gavin Rosstedt (Champlin Park) 12-4, Jr. over Joe Hinkle (Totino-Grace) 10-7, Sr. (SV-1 3-1)
5th: Hunter Brackee (Chaska-Chan Stormhawks) 4-2, Jr. over Mark Jenniges (Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa) 18-7, Jr. (Fall 1:37)
7th: Carter Ho (Blaine) 4-5, Sr. over Forfeit Forfeit () 1-2, . (For.)
1st Place – Jacob McCabe of Cambridge-Isanti
2nd Place – Cole Rosengren of Chaska-Chan Stormhawks
3rd Place – Xavier Powers of Blaine
4th Place – Bryce Feuerhake of Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa
5th Place – Spencer Welsh of Dover-Eyota
6th Place – Connor Bleymeyer of Chisago Lakes
7th Place – Brandon Doll of Holdingford
8th Place – Tashaud Nelson of Apple Valley
1st: Jacob McCabe (Cambridge-Isanti) 12-6, Jr. over Cole Rosengren (Chaska-Chan Stormhawks) 10-4, Jr. (Fall 3:13)
3rd: Xavier Powers (Blaine) 14-4, Jr. over Bryce Feuerhake (Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa) 9-12, So. (Fall 2:48)
5th: Spencer Welsh (Dover-Eyota) 8-9, Jr. over Connor Bleymeyer (Chisago Lakes) 15-5, Sr. (For.)
7th: Brandon Doll (Holdingford) 11-7, Jr. over Tashaud Nelson (Apple Valley) 3-8, Jr. (Fall 2:30)


106 Pounds
Tyler Wells (PR) Tech. Fall Brodie Kellen (D-E) 4:16
Austin Laudenbach (AV) Fall Nathan Delarosa (BL) 3:40

113 Pounds
Walker Bents (BBE) Fall Dayton Ponomarenko (ZIM) 4:53
Zachary Silvis (ParK) Maj. Dec. Cohen Wiste (GMLOS) 9-0

120 Pounds
Joey Thompson (TG) Fall Cooper Larson (BL) 3:29
Parker Adkins (PR) Fall Ryan Jensen (BBE) :56

126 Pounds
Terrence Lemley (BL) Dec. Zak McPhee (PH) 13-6
Joe Montplaisir (ZIM) Dec. Landon Lehnertz (DE) 5-4

132 Pounds
Landon Parent (PR) Maj. Dec. Gavin Gust (DE) 10-2
Colton Pool (ER) Dec. Tyler Jensen (BBE) 9-7 OT (SD)

138 Pounds
Blaine Fischer(BBE) Dec. Cade Sungaard (AV) 7-0
Kyle Boeke (PR) Dec. Pedro Velazquez (CC) 7-5

145 Pounds
Canon Swanson (BBE) Dec. Joe Gardas (ZIM) 9-4
Solomon Lankow (Park) Dec. Taylor DeFrang (DE) 11-6 OT

152 Pounds
Zack Wells (PR) Maj. Dec. Jonathon Oyedokun (PC) 16-6
Cole Lafreniere (Blaine) Dec. Reece Voigt (GMLOS) 13-9

160 Pounds
Christian Jacobsen (GMLOS) Dec. Kylen Rish (BEC) 6-4
Hunter Larson (ER) Fall Tate Lange (HOLD) 1:36

170 Pounds
Adam Sylvester (TG) Tech. Tyler Shea (DE) 5:59
Caden Dewall (BEC) Dec. Dylan Anderson (AV) 5-4

182 Pounds
Aidan Willard (TSRR) Fall Reid Kraus (BEC) 3:41
Gavin Dabelstein (DE) Dec. Nick Flaskamp (MSW) 8-2

195 Pounds
Isaac Atchison (BL) Fall Michael Doubek (BBE) 4:41
Khrystiyan Mullen (PARK) Dec. Evan Braesch (ROG) 4-2 OT

220 Pounds
Brayden Weber (BEC) Dec. Gavin Rosstedt (CP) 8-1
Antonio Davis (Park) Fall Joe Hinkle (TG) :44

285 Pounds
Jacob McCabe (CAIS) Forfeit Connor Bieymeyer (CL)
Cole Rosengren (CCS) Dec. Spencer Welsh (DE) 4-1

Photos by Roger Mischke:

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