Zillmer wins Senior National title

Gopher Wrestling Club/Minnesota Storm wrestler Hayden Zillmer won the 97 kg Freestyle Senior National Championship today in Fort Worth, Texas.

Zillmer got on the board first in his finals match with a head-pinch exposure for two-points, but Ohio RTC wrestler Kollin Moore came back and scored the next ten points on an exposure, two takedowns, and two leg-lace turns. Trailing 10-2 with 1:35 left in the match, Zillmer scored four points on a feet-to-back throw to make it 10-6. With :32 left, Zillmer got a takedown and went right into a gut-wrench to tie the match on the scoreboard at 10-10. Zillmer’s four-point move gave him criteria, and with :20 left on their feet, Zillmer fended off Moore’s last attacks to take the match.


Placing second in freestyle for the Gopher Wrestling Club was Tony Nelson at 125 KG. Nelson fell to Dom Bradley 3-2. Zach Sanders entered as the #10 seed and finished in fifth at 57 KG. Sanders had wins over #8 Frank Perrelli and #5 Nashon Garrett (injury default). Brett Pfarr entered as the #8 seed and finished in fourth at 86 KG. Pfarr had wins over #4 Nick Heflin and #6 Aaron Brooks. Nazar Kulchytskyy was sixth at 74 KG.

Former Simley wrestler Daniel Kerkvliet placed 3rd at 125 KG

Former Augsburg wrestler Leslie Fuenffinger won the 60 KG Greco-Roman title wrestling for Army WCAP.

The top Minnesota Storm Greco-Roman performance was by Calvin Germinaro, who was runner-up at 67 KG. Germinaro entered as the #6 seed. Minnesota Storm had three Greco placers at 87 KG – Carter Nielsen was third, Richard Carlson was fourth, and Barrett Stanghill was fifth. At 97 KG, Eric Twohey placed third and at 130 KG, Donny Longendyke placed fifth.

Augsburg wrestler Emily Shilson placed fourth at 50 KG in Women’s Freestyle.

The top five placers in each style/weight qualified for the 2020 Olympic Team Trials which will take place on April 4-5 in State College, Pa.

Senior National Championships
December 20-22, 2019
Fort Worth, Texas

50 KG
1st Alyssa Lampe (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club) VFA Victoria Anthony (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club), 6-6 3:44
3rd Amy Fearnside (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club) VPO1 Emily Shilson (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club), 6-4
5th Alleida Martinez (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club) VSU1 Natalie Reyna-rodriguez (McKendree Bearcat Wrestling Club), 11-1 5:56
7th Brooke Thurber (Rabid Dawg Wrestling Club) VFA Aleeah Gould (Team Tornado Wrestling Club), 4-0 2:47
53 KG
1st Dominique Parrish (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club) VPO1 Areana Villaescusa (Army WCAP), 6-2
3rd Katherine Shai (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club) VSU Alisha Howk (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club), 10-0 2:43
5th Ronna Heaton (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club) VSU Felicity Taylor (McKendree Bearcat Wrestling Club), 11-0 5:14
7th Jaslynn Gallegos (Blue Chip Wrestling Club) VPO1 Nicole Nastri (Tri-City Tyrants), 11-4
57 KG
1st Abigail Nette (Tiger WC) VPO1 Tiana Jackson (Menlo Wrestling Club), 9-6
3rd Cameron Guerin (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club) VPO1 Shauna Kemp (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club), 6-1
5th Alexandra Hedrick (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club) VPO1 Marissa Gallegos (Colorado Mesa Wrestling Club), 10-6
7th Gracie Figueroa (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club) NC Kelsey Campbell (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club)
62 KG
1st Emma Bruntil (McKendree Bearcat Wrestling Club) VIN Maya Nelson (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club)
3rd Macey Kilty (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club) VSU Julia Salata (New York Athletic Club), 10-0 1:41
5th Jennifer Page (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club) VSU1 Alara Boyd (McKendree Bearcat Wrestling Club), 12-2 5:07
7th Desiree Zavala (Unattached) VIN Michaela Beck (New York Athletic Club)
68 KG
1st Forrest Molinari (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club) vs. Victoria Francis (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club)
3rd Ashlynn Ortega (New York Athletic Club) VPO1 Alexandria Glaude (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club), 2-1
5th Nahiela Magee (Army WCAP) VFA Iman Kazem (Menlo Wrestling Club), 6-0 2:31
7th Skylar Grote (New York Athletic Club) VIN Myranda Velazquez (Unattached)
76 KG
1st Precious Bell (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club) vs. Dymond Guilford (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club)
3rd Randi Beltz (Army WCAP) VFA Jessika Rottier (Rabid Dawg Wrestling Club), 4-0 1:48
5th Yelena Makoyed (Cardinal Wrestling Club) VPO1 Alyvia Fiske (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club), 8-7
7th Andrea Sennett (McKendree Bearcat Wrestling Club) VFO Korinahe Bullock (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club)

60 KG
1st Leslie Fuenffinger (Army WCAP) VPO1 Sam Jones (New York Athletic Club), 5-1
3rd Taylor Lamont (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club) VPO1 Joseph Palmer (Cyclone Regional Training Center C-RTC), 3-1
5th Dalton Roberts (New York Athletic Club) VIN Ryan Mango (Army WCAP), 0-0 0:00
7th Lillashawn Coleman (Army WCAP) VFO Travis Rice (New York Athletic Club)
67 KG
1st Alejandro Sancho (Army WCAP) VPO1 Calvin Germinaro (Minnesota Storm), 7-5
3rd Xavier Johnson (Marines) VPO1 Nolan Baker (New York Athletic Club), 13-13
5th Jamel Johnson (Marines) VPO1 Michael Hooker (Army WCAP), 2-1
7th Lenny Merkin (New York Athletic Club) NC Peyton Omania (New York Athletic Club)
77 KG
1st Kamal Bey (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club) VPO1 Jake Fisher (Curby 3 Style Wrestling Club), 5-1
3rd Ravaughn Perkins (New York Athletic Club) VSU Peyton Walsh (Marines), 11-0 1:49
5th Corey Hope (New York Athletic Club) VPO1 Andrew Berreyesa (New York Athletic Club), 5-3
7th Burke Paddock (New York Athletic Club) VFO Brandon Mueller (Air Force Regional Training Center)
87 KG
1st Jonathan Anderson (Army WCAP) VIN Patrick Martinez (New York Athletic Club)
3rd Carter Nielsen (Minnesota Storm) VSU Richard Carlson (Minnesota Storm), 8-0 0:52
5th Barrett Stanghill (Minnesota Storm) VFO Chandler Rogers (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club)
7th Marcus Finau (New York Athletic Club) VPO1 Dan Olsen (Unattached), 6-1
97 KG
1st Daniel Miller (Marines) VPO1 Lucas Sheridan (Army WCAP), 3-3
3rd Eric Twohey (Minnesota Storm) VPO1 Nicholas Boykin (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club), 5-1
5th Khymba Johnson (New York Athletic Club) VPO Orry Elor (New York Athletic Club), 3-0
7th Chad Porter (Unattached) VPO1 Roy Nash (NMU-OTS), 4-3
130 KG
1st Cohlton Schultz (Arizona State) VPO Jacob Mitchell (Army WCAP), 2-0
3rd Toby Erickson (Army WCAP) VFO West Cathcart (New York Athletic Club)
5th Donny Longendyke (Minnesota Storm) VFA Thomas Helton (Southern IL RTC), 9-0 1:55
7th Bryson Mcgowan (Unattached) VPO1 Conor Karwath (Rise Wrestling), 10-6

57 KG
1st Spencer Lee (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club) VPO1 Nathan Tomasello (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club), 8-2
3rd Vitali Arujau (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club) VFO Nick Suriano (NYC RTC)
5th Zach Sanders (Gopher Wrestling Club – RTC) VIN Nahshon Garrett (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club)
7th Frank Perrelli (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club) VFO Darian Cruz (New York Athletic Club), 0-0
65 KG
1st Jordan Oliver (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club) VSU Joseph Mckenna (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club), 10-0 2:16
3rd Nick Lee (Nittany Lion Wrestling Club) VIN Yianni Diakomihalis Ithaca, NY (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club)
5th Frank Molinaro (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club) VPO1 Bryce Meredith (New York Athletic Club), 7-6
7th Evan Henderson (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club) VSU Joshua Saunders (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club), 10-0 3:25
74 KG
1st Logan Massa (New York Athletic Club) VPO1 Mekhi Lewis (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club), 6-4
3rd Thomas Gantt (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club) VFO Evan Wick (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club)
5th Anthony Valencia (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club) VSU1 Nazar Kulchytskyy (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club), 11-1 2:51
7th Joey Lavallee (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club) VPO1 Alec Pantaleo (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club), 7-2
86 KG
1st Zahid Valencia (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club) VPO1 Myles Martin (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club), 7-5
3rd Alex Dieringer (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club) VSU Brett Pfarr (Gopher Wrestling Club – RTC), 10-0 0:54
5th Samuel Brooks (New York Athletic Club) VSU Aaron Brooks (Nittany Lion Wrestling Club), 10-0 2:32
7th Nathan Jackson (New York Athletic Club) VIN Nicholas Heflin (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club)
97 KG
1st Hayden Zillmer (Gopher Wrestling Club – RTC) VPO1 Kollin Moore (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club / Ohio RTC), 10-10
3rd Ty Walz (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club) VPO Kyven Gadson (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club), 6-0
5th Jacob Kasper (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club) VPO1 Timmy Mccall (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club), 8-4
7th Kevin Beazley (New York Athletic Club) VFA Derek White (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club), 4-0 1:27
125 KG
1st Dominique Bradley (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club) VPO1 Anthony Nelson (Gopher Wrestling Club – RTC), 3-2
3rd Daniel Kerkvliet (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club) VPO Nick Nevills (Nittany Lion Wrestling Club), 3-0
5th Garrett Ryan (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club) VIN Anthony Cassar (Nittany Lion Wrestling Club)
7th Tanner Hall (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club) VSU1 Zach Elam (Missouri RTC), 19-8 5:00

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