Gophers wrestler Gable Steveson back on top after six-month suspension

After a 35-2 freshman season, a second-place finish in the Big Ten Championships and a third-place finish in the NCAA Championships, the path to the top of the University of Minnesota history books looked clear for Gophers star wrestler Gable Steveson.

Three more years of eligibility, a potential Olympic berth and the Minneapolis-hosted NCAA Championships in 2020 all appeared to be in the palm of Steveson’s hand. That was, until news broke in June 2019 that Steveson and teammate Dylan Martinez had been arrested on suspicion of criminal sexual misconduct.

From that point until late December, both wrestlers were suspended under the University’s athlete code of conduct, as the wrestlers, the coaches and the administration awaited word on the pending Hennepin County investigation.

Steveson’s fantastic freshman season and his seemingly ceiling-less potential suddenly came to a screeching halt as speculation ran rampant across the Twin Cities and wrestling communities, wondering what exactly he and Martinez had done and what would to happen to them. Continue reading at

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