On-Target Attitude & Response

The chosen attitude and response of excellence

By Mark Schwab, Opportunities to Succeed

People throw the word “Attitude” around like they do Confidence, Goals or Toughness like it’s just some motivational idea.

We tend to think of attitude as positive or negative and very likely don’t realize the magnitude of CHOOSING an On-target Attitude. Thoughts are something that happen to us but attitude is something we choose. Your attitude is determined a little at a time. Attitude is a pattern of chosen and or allowed thoughts, beliefs, emotions, that’s reflected in your behaviors/performance. 

Your On-target Attitude is not random, passive, or something you wait to come-about. Your On-target attitude requires unwavering awareness and focus. This way, you determine and dictate your behaviors vs. leaving your performance and end-result to chance, randomness or luck.

A deliberately chosen On-target attitude is difficult to defeat, make the unfeasible, possible and has invincibility written all over it. The On-target viewpoint/outlook generates spirit, advancement, and conviction. It’s really a merging of your forces, drives, and functioning. This makes attitude as significant as any aspect of preparation and performance.

Your most influential element is your inner-voice / thoughts. So, if it’s your inner-voice talking, who is the listener? You’re the listener with the option of choice / free will of response. This is where your awareness is crucial of what thoughts arise and what you do with them. You allow or you’re-direct. Your RESPONSE influences and determines EVERYTHING.

In EVERY situation, you’re responsible for at least one thing; your response. Your mind is your most important performance tool and the attitude you choose determines your overall mental/emotional climate. Therefore, its essential you pay attention, monitor, and consciously choose wisely.


Event + Response = Outcome

E-NCAA Championship / State championships  

R-Enthusiasm, Trust, Instinct, and Feel

O-Favorable and Satisfying

E + R = O

Commit to memory – It’s not the individual, competition, tournament, situation, girlfriend or circumstance that determines your attitude, effort, focus, confidence, spirit, etc. It’s your mental and emotional conditioning, attitude and RESPONSE. You have a say. You can choose, adjust and flourish. Anything else is unawareness or an excuse.

From the inside out

You’re much more potent, capable, and influential from the inside out. Focus and direct as much attention within as you do your body. Your potential and greatness centers on application of On-target Attitude and an Intelligent and fitting RESPONSE.

You must direct and execute your On-target attitude. You determine what happens next, you dictate the direction of where things go and you display authority vs. wait, delay and stay-safe. Otherwise, you’re leaving the outcome to randomness and chance. If you ignore an On-target attitude and sound responses, you’re leaving heaps of potential and effectiveness untapped. This is a human crime. The punishment – Failure to advance.

When you are unwavering and implement an On-target Attitude and when you are sensible and mature in your Responses, you’re on an entirely new level of operating, control, effectiveness, and results.

Mark Schwab – opportunitiestosucceed.com

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