2020 NCAA Division II Northern Regional Qualifier

2020 NCAA Division II Northern Regional Qualifier results. Saturday, February 29 at Sioux Falls, S.D.

1 St. Cloud St. 155.0
2 Upper Iowa 125.5
3 Augustana (SD) 96.5
4 Minnesota St. 93.0
5 Wis.-Parkside 73.0
6 MSU Moorhead 60.5
7 Mary 55.0
8 Northern St. 37.0
9 Minot St. 20.0
10 Southwest Minn. St. 14.5

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Final Brackets

Qualifiers in BOLD

1st Place – Joe Arroyo of Wis.-Parkside
2nd Place – Dean Arevalo of Minot St.
3rd Place – Trenton McManus of Minnesota St.
4th Place – Brandon Betancourt of St. Cloud St.
5th Place – Jared Hensley of Upper Iowa
6th Place – Ethan Cota of Augustana (SD)
1st Joe Arroyo (Wis.-Parkside ) 23-8, Jr. over Dean Arevalo (Minot St.) 23-3, Sr. (MD 16-5)
3rd Trenton McManus (Minnesota St.) 16-10, RS Jr. over Brandon Betancourt (St. Cloud St.) 9-10, RS Jr. (Dec 4-3)
5th Jared Hensley (Upper Iowa) 22-9, RS So. over Ethan Cota (Augustana (SD)) 16-14, RS Jr. (Dec 10-6)

1st Place – Garrett Vos of St. Cloud St.
2nd Place – Justin Folley of Upper Iowa
3rd Place – Airk Furseth of Wis.-Parkside
4th Place – Jack Huffman of Augustana (SD)
5th Place – Dayne Morton of Northern St.
6th Place – Laken Boese of Mary
1st Garrett Vos (St. Cloud St.) 17-0, RS So. over Justin Folley (Upper Iowa) 24-2, Sr. (Dec 3-2)
3rd Airk Furseth (Wis.-Parkside ) 29-3, RS Sr. over Jack Huffman (Augustana (SD)) 21-10, RS Fr. (Dec 7-3)
5th Dayne Morton (Northern St.) 24-7, So. over Laken Boese (Mary) 13-21, Fr. (MD 10-2)

1st Place – Joey Bianchini of St. Cloud St.
2nd Place – Hunter Burnett of Augustana (SD)
3rd Place – Louie Sanders of Minnesota St.
4th Place – Pernevlon Sheppard of Wis.-Parkside
5th Place – Tate Murty of Upper Iowa
6th Place – Mason Schulz of MSU Moorhead
1st Joey Bianchini (St. Cloud St.) 20-1, RS Fr. over Hunter Burnett (Augustana (SD)) 27-9, RS Fr. (MD 15-4)
3rd Louie Sanders (Minnesota St.) 16-5, RS Sr. over Pernevlon Sheppard (Wis.-Parkside ) 16-8, . (Dec 7-2)
5th Tate Murty (Upper Iowa) 26-15, RS Fr. over Mason Schulz (MSU Moorhead) 20-17, RS So. (Fall 3:33)

1st Place – James Pleski of St. Cloud St.
2nd Place – Kyle Rathman of Minnesota St.
3rd Place – Chase Luensman of Upper Iowa
4th Place – Zachary Scott of MSU Moorhead
5th Place – Caden Moore of Northern St.
6th Place – Nathan Hensley of Wis.-Parkside
1st James Pleski (St. Cloud St.) 20-3, RS Sr. over Kyle Rathman (Minnesota St.) 16-4, Jr. (Dec 3-2)
3rd Chase Luensman (Upper Iowa) 28-9, Fr. over Zachary Scott (MSU Moorhead) 22-14, RS Sr. (Dec 15-10)
5th Caden Moore (Northern St.) 20-7, So. over Nathan Hensley (Wis.-Parkside ) 19-15, Jr. (Dec 11-5)

1st Place – Jake Barzowski of St. Cloud St.
2nd Place – Braydon Huber of Mary
3rd Place – Walker Carr of Northern St.
4th Place – Mac Spotts of Upper Iowa
5th Place – Cooper Siebrecht of Minnesota St.
6th Place – Jacob Tvinnereim of Augustana (SD)
1st Jake Barzowski (St. Cloud St.) 18-2, RS Jr. over Braydon Huber (Mary) 27-5, RS Fr. (Dec 4-2)
3rd Walker Carr (Northern St.) 3-1, Fr. over Mac Spotts (Upper Iowa) 21-15, RS Jr. (Dec 7-3)
5th Cooper Siebrecht (Minnesota St.) 21-9, RS Fr. over Jacob Tvinnereim (Augustana (SD)) 21-16, RS Fr. (Inj. 6:12)

1st Place – Devin Fitzpatrick of St. Cloud St.
2nd Place – Shane Gantz of Wis.-Parkside
3rd Place – Braydon Ortloff of MSU Moorhead
4th Place – Bailey Neises of Augustana (SD)
5th Place – Brock Benitz of Upper Iowa
6th Place – Billy Holtan of Northern St.
1st Devin Fitzpatrick (St. Cloud St.) 18-1, RS Jr. over Shane Gantz (Wis.-Parkside ) 17-9, Jr. (Dec 10-4)
3rd Braydon Ortloff (MSU Moorhead) 12-9, So. over Bailey Neises (Augustana (SD)) 12-9, RS Sr. (Dec 9-7)
5th Brock Benitz (Upper Iowa) 9-8, RS Jr. over Billy Holtan (Northern St.) 14-7, RS Jr. (Dec 8-2)

1st Place – Kolton Eischens of St. Cloud St.
2nd Place – Phillip Springsteen of Mary
3rd Place – Ben Kelvington of Augustana (SD)
4th Place – Myron Crawford of Upper Iowa
5th Place – Zach Johnston of Minnesota St.
6th Place – Evan Foster of MSU Moorhead
1st Kolton Eischens (St. Cloud St.) 18-1, Sr. over Phillip Springsteen (Mary) 11-5, RS Jr. (MD 10-0)
3rd Ben Kelvington (Augustana (SD)) 15-5, RS Jr. over Myron Crawford (Upper Iowa) 14-7, Jr. (SV-1 9-7)
5th Zach Johnston (Minnesota St.) 18-9, Sr. over Evan Foster (MSU Moorhead) 19-16, RS So. (Dec 7-3)

1st Place – Tyree Overton of St. Cloud St.
2nd Place – Trevor Turriff of Minnesota St.
3rd Place – Dalton Hahn of Upper Iowa
4th Place – Austin Eichmann of Mary
5th Place – Kolby Kost of Augustana (SD)
6th Place – Steven Abbott of MSU Moorhead
1st Tyree Overton (St. Cloud St.) 17-3, RS Sr. over Trevor Turriff (Minnesota St.) 18-6, RS So. (MD 23-10)
3rd Dalton Hahn (Upper Iowa) 24-7, Jr. over Austin Eichmann (Mary) 7-8, Sr. (Dec 4-2)
5th Kolby Kost (Augustana (SD)) 17-8, RS Fr. over Steven Abbott (MSU Moorhead) 4-9, RS So. (TF-1.5 6:55 (19-3))

1st Place – Nick Baumler of Upper Iowa
2nd Place – Noah Ryan of St. Cloud St.
3rd Place – Jackson Ryan of Southwest Minn. St.
4th Place – Daniel Bishop of Augustana (SD)
5th Place – Matt Blome of Minnesota St.
6th Place – Rodsean Graham of Wis.-Parkside
1st Nick Baumler (Upper Iowa) 29-2, Sr. over Noah Ryan (St. Cloud St.) 18-4, RS So. (Dec 5-2)
3rd Jackson Ryan (Southwest Minn. St.) 17-6, RS Jr. over Daniel Bishop (Augustana (SD)) 15-13, RS So. (Dec 7-5)
5th Matt Blome (Minnesota St.) 15-7, RS Jr. over Rodsean Graham (Wis.-Parkside ) 15-16, Fr. (DQ)

1st Place – Triston Westerlund of Upper Iowa
2nd Place – Steven Hajas of Augustana (SD)
3rd Place – Ezayah Oropeza of St. Cloud St.
4th Place – David Griffet of Minnesota St.
5th Place – Jordan Magnuson of MSU Moorhead
6th Place – Dominic Tudor of Mary
1st Triston Westerlund (Upper Iowa) 24-5, RS Sr. over Steven Hajas (Augustana (SD)) 16-10, RS Fr. (Dec 3-2)
3rd Ezayah Oropeza (St. Cloud St.) 16-4, Fr. over David Griffet (Minnesota St.) 14-9, RS Fr. (Fall 1:58)
5th Jordan Magnuson (MSU Moorhead) 13-7, RS Jr. over Dominic Tudor (Mary) 23-10, RS Jr. (Fall 5:58)

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