NCAA Division III Upper Midwest Regional

2020 NCAA Division III Upper Midwest Regional results. February 28-29 at Minneapolis, Minn.

1 Augsburg 196.5
2 Wis.-La Crosse 157.5
3 Wis.-Whitewater 116.0
4 Wis.-Eau Claire 100.0
5 Chicago 85.0
6 Concordia-M’head 82.0
6 Wis.-Stevens Point 82.0
8 Wis.-Platteville 79.0
9 Wheaton (IL) 59.0
10 Elmhurst 50.5
11 Wis.-Oshkosh 44.0
12 St. John’s (MN) 35.5
13 Concordia Wisconsin 17.0
14 MSOE 11.0
15 Pacific (OR) 7.5
16 Lakeland 2.5
17 St. Olaf 0.5

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Regional Most Outstanding Wrestler: Grant Zamin (Wisconsin-La Crosse, 157)
Regional Most Falls in Least Time: Aaron Wilson (Augsburg, 149), 4 pins in 10:01
Upper Midwest Regional Tournament Coaches of the Year: Jim Moulsoff and Tony Valek, Augsburg (Minn.)
Upper Midwest Regional Tournament co-Assistant Coaches of the Year: Adam Latella, Wisconsin-Whitewater; and Augsburg assistant staff.
NWCA Division III Upper Midwest Region Coach of the Year: Jim Malecek, Wisconsin-La Crosse

125 pounds:
1st: Mike Tortorice, Wisconsin-Whitewater
2nd: Cole Kubesh, Concordia-Moorhead
3rd: Sawyer Sarbacker, Wisconsin-La Crosse

133 pounds:
1st: Matt Berlin, Wisconsin-Stevens Point
2nd: Noah Becker, Saint John’s (Minn.)
3rd: Victor Gliva, Augsburg (Minn.)

141 pounds:
1st: David Flynn, Augsburg (Minn.)
2nd: Hazen Rice, Wisconsin-Whitewater
3rd: Evan Harsted, Wheaton (Ill.)

149 pounds:
1st: Aaron Wilson, Augsburg (Minn.)
2nd: Jimmy McAuliffe, Elmhurst (Ill.)
3rd: Jake Drexler, Wisconsin-Eau Claire

157 pounds:
1st: Grant Zamin, Wisconsin-La Crosse
2nd: Ryan Epps, Augsburg (Minn.)
3rd: Steve Bonsall, Chicago (Ill.)

165 pounds:
1st: Mitchell Hertel, Wisconsin-La Crosse
2nd: Ryder Sigler, Wisconsin-Whitewater
3rd: Lucas Jeske, Augsburg (Minn.)

174 pounds:
1st: Solomon Nielsen, Augsburg (Minn.)
2nd: Jaritt Shinhoster, Wisconsin-Whitewater
3rd: Evan Lawrence, Wisconsin-Eau Claire

184 pounds:
1st: Tanner Vassar, Augsburg (Minn.)
2nd: Ben Sarasin, Chicago (Ill.)
3rd: Sawyer Massie, Wisconsin-La Crosse

197 pounds:
1st: Isaac Lahr, Wisconsin-La Crosse
2nd: Lance Benick, Augsburg (Minn.)
3rd: Gabriel Zierden, Concordia-Moorhead (Minn.)

285 pounds:
1st: Jordan Lemcke, Wisconsin-Oshkosh
2nd: Noah Carter, Wisconsin-Eau Claire
3rd: Cole Fibranz, Chicago (Ill.)

125: Anthony Zamora, Wheaton (Ill.)
133: Josh Stenger, Wisconsin-La Crosse
141: Hayden Schlough, Wisconsin-La Crosse
149: Sam Wenzel, Wisconsin-La Crosse
157: Tristan Massie, Wisconsin-Eau Claire
165: Nathan Wynsma, Wisconsin-Platteville
174: Connor Williams, Wisconsin-La Crosse
184: Isaac Odell, Wheaton (Ill.)
197: Colten Cashmore, Wisconsin-Oshkosh
285: Lucius Rinehart, Wisconsin-Platteville

1st Place – Mike Tortorice of Wis.-Whitewater
2nd Place – Cole Kubesh of Concordia-M’head
3rd Place – Sawyer Sarbacker of Wis.-La Crosse
4th Place – Anthony Zamora of Wheaton (IL)
5th Place – Issac Wiegel of Wis.-Platteville
6th Place – Justin Stauffacher of Augsburg
7th Place – Marco Padilla of Concordia Wisconsin
8th Place – Jack Marley of Wis.-Eau Claire
1st: Mike Tortorice (Wis.-Whitewater) 30-1, Sr. over Cole Kubesh (Concordia-M’head) 2-1, Jr. (Fall 2:45)
3rd: Sawyer Sarbacker (Wis.-La Crosse) 3-1, Jr. over Anthony Zamora (Wheaton (IL)) 10-15, RS Fr. (Dec 4-1)
5th: Issac Wiegel (Wis.-Platteville) 24-14, So. over Justin Stauffacher (Augsburg) 17-11, Fr. (Dec 7-4)
7th: Marco Padilla (Concordia Wisconsin) 24-8, So. over Jack Marley (Wis.-Eau Claire) 22-20, So. (Dec 9-7)

1st Place – Matt Berlin of Wis.-Stevens Point
2nd Place – Noah Becker of St. John’s (MN)
3rd Place – Victor Gliva of Augsburg
4th Place – Josh Stenger of Wis.-La Crosse
5th Place – Thomas Severson of Wis.-Eau Claire
6th Place – Luke Pradel of Wis.-Platteville
7th Place – Griffin Seyfried of Chicago
8th Place – Justin Hames of Elmhurst
1st: Matt Berlin (Wis.-Stevens Point) 32-0, Jr. over Noah Becker (St. John’s (MN)) 22-2, . (Dec 6-5)
3rd: Victor Gliva (Augsburg) 25-5, Sr. over Josh Stenger (Wis.-La Crosse) 3-2, Jr. (Dec 8-5)
5th: Thomas Severson (Wis.-Eau Claire) 18-8, So. over Luke Pradel (Wis.-Platteville) 27-17, Jr. (Dec 3-1)
7th: Griffin Seyfried (Chicago) 3-2, Fr. over Justin Hames (Elmhurst) 2-3, So. (Fall 6:51)

1st Place – David Flynn of Augsburg
2nd Place – Hazen Rice of Wis.-Whitewater
3rd Place – Ethan Harsted of Wheaton (IL)
4th Place – Hayden Schlough of Wis.-La Crosse
5th Place – Cade Lundeen of Concordia-M’head
6th Place – Ryan Fleck of Chicago
7th Place – Josh Lawson of Elmhurst
8th Place – Tyler Demo of Wis.-Eau Claire
1st: David Flynn (Augsburg) 17-3, RS Sr. over Hazen Rice (Wis.-Whitewater) 30-1, Sr. (SV-1 4-2)
3rd: Ethan Harsted (Wheaton (IL)) 19-5, So. over Hayden Schlough (Wis.-La Crosse) 4-2, Sr. (Dec 3-2)
5th: Cade Lundeen (Concordia-M’head) 4-2, Fr. over Ryan Fleck (Chicago) 2-3, Fr. (Fall 5:41)
7th: Josh Lawson (Elmhurst) 2-2, Sr. over Tyler Demo (Wis.-Eau Claire) 19-7, So. (M. For.)

1st Place – Aaron Wilson of Augsburg
2nd Place – Jimmy McAuliffe of Elmhurst
3rd Place – Jake Drexler of Wis.-Eau Claire
4th Place – Sam Wenzel of Wis.-La Crosse
5th Place – Devin Tortorice of Wis.-Whitewater
6th Place – Kellen Schauer of Concordia-M’head
7th Place – Mason Wheeler of Wis.-Stevens Point
8th Place – Garrett Ruckdashel of Wis.-Platteville
1st: Aaron Wilson (Augsburg) 30-1, RS Sr. over Jimmy McAuliffe (Elmhurst) 3-1, Jr. (Fall 5:58)
3rd: Jake Drexler (Wis.-Eau Claire) 32-6, So. over Sam Wenzel (Wis.-La Crosse) 3-2, Jr. (Dec 7-6)
5th: Devin Tortorice (Wis.-Whitewater) 23-5, RS Fr. over Kellen Schauer (Concordia-M’head) 3-3, Fr. (Dec 9-2)
7th: Mason Wheeler (Wis.-Stevens Point) 9-18, So. over Garrett Ruckdashel (Wis.-Platteville) 12-14, So. (Dec 6-1)

1st Place – Grant Zamin of Wis.-La Crosse
2nd Place – Ryan Epps of Augsburg
3rd Place – Steve Bonsall of Chicago
4th Place – Tristan Massie of Wis.-Eau Claire
5th Place – Alexander Strueder of Wis.-Platteville
6th Place – Jerod Novak of St. John’s (MN)
7th Place – Jake Burford of Wis.-Whitewater
8th Place – Brandon Peckham of Wis.-Stevens Point
1st: Grant Zamin (Wis.-La Crosse) 4-0, Jr. over Ryan Epps (Augsburg) 28-2, Sr. (TB-1 7-6)
3rd: Steve Bonsall (Chicago) 4-1, Sr. over Tristan Massie (Wis.-Eau Claire) 27-17, Fr. (MD 10-2)
5th: Alexander Strueder (Wis.-Platteville) 22-10, So. over Jerod Novak (St. John’s (MN)) 14-8, . (Dec 4-3)
7th: Jake Burford (Wis.-Whitewater) 10-8, Fr. over Brandon Peckham (Wis.-Stevens Point) 23-15, So. (Dec 7-4)

1st Place – Mitchell Hertel of Wis.-La Crosse
2nd Place – Ryder Sigler of Wis.-Whitewater
3rd Place – Lucas Jeske of Augsburg
4th Place – Nathan Wynsma of Wis.-Platteville
5th Place – Jordan Weinzetl of Wis.-Stevens Point
6th Place – Will Britain of Chicago
7th Place – Alexander Skaare of Concordia-M’head
8th Place – Samuel Cortez of Pacific (OR)
1st: Mitchell Hertel (Wis.-La Crosse) 4-0, RS Fr. over Ryder Sigler (Wis.-Whitewater) 23-13, Sr. (Dec 3-1)
3rd: Lucas Jeske (Augsburg) 9-3, Sr. over Nathan Wynsma (Wis.-Platteville) 24-5, Fr. (Fall 6:02)
5th: Jordan Weinzetl (Wis.-Stevens Point) 33-9, Sr. over Will Britain (Chicago) 3-3, Jr. (Fall 2:26)
7th: Alexander Skaare (Concordia-M’head) 3-2, Jr. over Samuel Cortez (Pacific (OR)) 2-3, So. (MD 17-5)

1st Place – Solomon Nielsen of Augsburg
2nd Place – Jaritt Shinhoster of Wis.-Whitewater
3rd Place – Evan Lawrence of Wis.-Eau Claire
4th Place – Connor Williams of Wis.-La Crosse
5th Place – Nick Dado of Wis.-Platteville
6th Place – Austin Stebane of Wis.-Stevens Point
7th Place – Nevin Brittain of Elmhurst
8th Place – Kaden Spindler of Concordia-M’head
1st: Solomon Nielsen (Augsburg) 23-2, Jr. over Jaritt Shinhoster (Wis.-Whitewater) 28-3, So. (MD 11-3)
3rd: Evan Lawrence (Wis.-Eau Claire) 30-6, Jr. over Connor Williams (Wis.-La Crosse) 3-2, Fr. (Dec 10-6)
5th: Nick Dado (Wis.-Platteville) 24-16, Jr. over Austin Stebane (Wis.-Stevens Point) 14-21, Sr. (Dec 7-3)
7th: Nevin Brittain (Elmhurst) 3-2, Jr. over Kaden Spindler (Concordia-M’head) 2-3, So. (M. For.)

1st Place – Tanner Vassar of Augsburg
2nd Place – Ben Sarasin of Chicago
3rd Place – Sawyer Massie of Wis.-La Crosse
4th Place – Isaac Odell of Wheaton (IL)
5th Place – Dan Squires of Wis.-Stevens Point
6th Place – Helton Vandenbush of MSOE
7th Place – Dominic Gallo of Elmhurst
8th Place – Merrick O’Donnell of Concordia Wisconsin
1st: Tanner Vassar (Augsburg) 31-0, Sr. over Ben Sarasin (Chicago) 3-1, So. (M. For.)
3rd: Sawyer Massie (Wis.-La Crosse) 5-1, Sr. over Isaac Odell (Wheaton (IL)) 30-8, Sr. (Dec 13-8)
5th: Dan Squires (Wis.-Stevens Point) 10-6, RS Sr. over Helton Vandenbush (MSOE) 2-3, Jr. (Dec 0-0)
7th: Dominic Gallo (Elmhurst) 3-2, Sr. over Merrick O’Donnell (Concordia Wisconsin) 15-12, Jr. (Dec 9-2)

1st Place – Isaac Lahr of Wis.-La Crosse
2nd Place – Lance Benick of Augsburg
3rd Place – Gabriel Zierden of Concordia-M’head
4th Place – Colten Cashmore of Wis.-Oshkosh
5th Place – James Huntley of Wis.-Eau Claire
6th Place – Nick Sundberg of Wis.-Whitewater
7th Place – Max Schmitz of Wis.-Platteville
8th Place – Natan Jara of Wheaton (IL)
1st: Isaac Lahr (Wis.-La Crosse) 4-0, So. over Lance Benick (Augsburg) 5-3, RS Jr. (M. For.)
3rd: Gabriel Zierden (Concordia-M’head) 3-1, Fr. over Colten Cashmore (Wis.-Oshkosh) 3-2, Sr. (Dec 6-0)
5th: James Huntley (Wis.-Eau Claire) 22-8, Jr. over Nick Sundberg (Wis.-Whitewater) 24-13, Sr. (TB-1 7-6)
7th: Max Schmitz (Wis.-Platteville) 15-17, Jr. over Natan Jara (Wheaton (IL)) 22-19, So. (SV-1 3-1)

1st Place – Jordan Lemcke of Wis.-Oshkosh
2nd Place – Noah Carter of Wis.-Eau Claire
3rd Place – Cole Fibranz of Chicago
4th Place – Lucius Rinehart of Wis.-Platteville
5th Place – Tyler Kim of Augsburg
6th Place – Dylan Uzumecki of Wis.-Whitewater
7th Place – Noah Wieczorek of Wis.-Stevens Point
8th Place – Grant Miller of Wheaton (IL)
1st: Jordan Lemcke (Wis.-Oshkosh) 4-0, Jr. over Noah Carter (Wis.-Eau Claire) 20-11, So. (TB-1 3-1)
3rd: Cole Fibranz (Chicago) 4-1, Fr. over Lucius Rinehart (Wis.-Platteville) 24-3, Jr. (Dec 3-2)
5th: Tyler Kim (Augsburg) 24-11, Fr. over Dylan Uzumecki (Wis.-Whitewater) 22-18, Jr. (Fall 3:34)
7th: Noah Wieczorek (Wis.-Stevens Point) 23-16, So. over Grant Miller (Wheaton (IL)) 9-6, Sr. (Dec 9-7)

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