2020 Big 12 Championships

2020 Big 12 Championships results. March 7-8 at Tulsa, Okla.

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1 Ok State 147.5
2 Iowa State 116.5
3 N. Iowa 111.5
4 South Dakota State 94.0
5 North Dakota State 90.5
6 Oklahoma 83.0
7 Wyoming 75.5
8 N. Colorado 72.5
9 Fresno State 57.0
10 West Virginia 41.0
11 Utah Valley 33.0
12 Air Force 25.5

Final Brackets

Automatic Qualifiers in BOLD

1st Place – Nicholas Piccininni of Ok State
2nd Place – Alex Mackall of Iowa State
3rd Place – Christian Moody of Oklahoma
4th Place – Jacob Schwarm of N. Iowa
5th Place – Cody Phippen of Air Force
6th Place – McGwire Midkiff of North Dakota State
7th Place – Daniel Vega of South Dakota State
8th Place – Joey Thomas of West Virginia
1st Nicholas Piccininni (Ok State) 3-0, RS Sr. over Alex Mackall (Iowa State) 14-5, RS Jr. (Dec 3-1)
3rd Christian Moody (Oklahoma) 10-16, RS Sr. over Jacob Schwarm (N. Iowa) 3-2, RS Fr. (Fall 2:35)
5th Cody Phippen (Air Force) 3-2, Fr. over McGwire Midkiff (North Dakota State) 1-3, RS So. (Dec 2-0)
7th Daniel Vega (South Dakota State) 18-8, RS Jr. over Joey Thomas (West Virginia) 17-17, RS So. (MD 12-4)

1st Place – Cameron Sykora of North Dakota State
2nd Place – Mosha Schwartz of N. Colorado
3rd Place – Montorie Bridges of Wyoming
4th Place – Anthony Madrigal of Oklahoma
5th Place – Jack Skudlarczyk of N. Iowa
6th Place – Lawrence Saenz of Fresno State
7th Place – Reece Witcraft of Ok State
8th Place – Taylor LaMont of Utah Valley
1st Cameron Sykora (North Dakota State) 3-0, RS Sr. over Mosha Schwartz (N. Colorado) 3-1, Fr. (Dec 5-4)
3rd Montorie Bridges (Wyoming) 4-1, RS Jr. over Anthony Madrigal (Oklahoma) 20-9, So. (Fall 6:54)
5th Jack Skudlarczyk (N. Iowa) 3-2, Jr. over Lawrence Saenz (Fresno State) 2-3, So. (MD 12-0)
7th Reece Witcraft (Ok State) 2-2, Fr. over Lucas Seibert (West Virginia) 8-22, So. (TF-1.5 7:00 (22-7))
True 8th Taylor LaMont (Utah Valley) 1-0, . over Lucas Seibert (West Virginia) 0-1, . (TF-1.5 5:00 (17-2))
9th Taylor LaMont (Utah Valley) 2-0, . over Todd Small (Iowa State) 1-1, . (SV-1 5-3)

1st Place – Ian Parker of Iowa State
2nd Place – Dom Demas of Oklahoma
3rd Place – Dusty Hone of Ok State
4th Place – Dylan Droegemueller of North Dakota State
5th Place – Michael Blockhus of N. Iowa
6th Place – Clay Carlson of South Dakota State
7th Place – Caleb Rea of West Virginia
8th Place – Lenny Petersen of Air Force
1st Ian Parker (Iowa State) 16-2, RS Jr. over Dom Demas (Oklahoma) 25-4, RS So. (SV-2 4-2)
3rd Dusty Hone (Ok State) 3-1, RS Jr. over Dylan Droegemueller (North Dakota State) 3-2, RS Fr. (Dec 6-4)
5th Michael Blockhus (N. Iowa) 3-2, . over Clay Carlson (South Dakota State) 17-12, RS Fr. (Dec 6-5)
7th Caleb Rea (West Virginia) 17-15, So. over Lenny Petersen (Air Force) 1-3, Jr. (MD 14-2)

1st Place – Boo Lewallen of Ok State
2nd Place – Henry Pohlmeyer of South Dakota State
3rd Place – Jarrett Degen of Iowa State
4th Place – Andrew Alirez of N. Colorado
5th Place – Greg Gaxiola of Fresno State
6th Place – Max Thomsen of N. Iowa
7th Place – Cameron Hunsaker of Utah Valley
8th Place – Jaden VanMaanen of North Dakota State
1st Boo Lewallen (Ok State) 3-0, RS Sr. over Henry Pohlmeyer (South Dakota State) 15-4, RS Sr. (Dec 8-5)
3rd Jarrett Degen (Iowa State) 10-3, RS Jr. over Andrew Alirez (N. Colorado) 4-2, Fr. (Dec 5-3)
5th Greg Gaxiola (Fresno State) 4-2, Sr. over Max Thomsen (N. Iowa) 1-3, RS Sr. (M. For.)
7th Cameron Hunsaker (Utah Valley) 10-14, Fr. over Jaden VanMaanen (North Dakota State) 1-3, RS So. (Dec 9-6)

1st Place – David Carr of Iowa State
2nd Place – Wyatt Sheets of Ok State
3rd Place – Jared Franek of North Dakota State
4th Place – Justin Thomas of Oklahoma
5th Place – Jacob Wright of Fresno State
6th Place – Paden Moore of N. Iowa
7th Place – Dewey Krueger of Wyoming
8th Place – Alex Hornfeck of West Virginia
1st David Carr (Iowa State) 14-1, RS Fr. over Wyatt Sheets (Ok State) 2-1, . (Dec 6-4)
3rd Jared Franek (North Dakota State) 3-1, RS Fr. over Justin Thomas (Oklahoma) 20-9, RS Jr. (Dec 4-2)
5th Jacob Wright (Fresno State) 4-2, RS So. over Paden Moore (N. Iowa) 2-3, RS Fr. (Dec 7-1)
7th Dewey Krueger (Wyoming) 3-2, RS Sr. over Alex Hornfeck (West Virginia) 18-16, So. (Dec 7-5)

1st Place – Travis Wittlake of Ok State
2nd Place – Andrew Fogarty of North Dakota State
3rd Place – Tanner Cook of South Dakota State
4th Place – Chase Straw of Iowa State
5th Place – Adam Kemp of Fresno State
6th Place – Cole Moody of Wyoming
7th Place – Austin Yant of N. Iowa
8th Place – Jordan Robison of N. Colorado
1st Travis Wittlake (Ok State) 3-0, So. over Andrew Fogarty (North Dakota State) 2-1, RS Sr. (Dec 8-4)
3rd Tanner Cook (South Dakota State) 15-3, RS Fr. over Chase Straw (Iowa State) 10-9, RS Sr. (Fall 4:58)
True 4th Chase Straw (Iowa State) 1-0, . over Adam Kemp (Fresno State) 0-1, . (SV-1 10-8)
5th Adam Kemp (Fresno State) 4-2, So. over Cole Moody (Wyoming) 3-3, So. (Dec 9-7)
7th Austin Yant (N. Iowa) 3-2, Jr. over Jordan Robison (N. Colorado) 2-3, Jr. (Dec 8-2)

1st Place – Bryce Steiert of N. Iowa
2nd Place – Anthony Mantanona of Oklahoma
3rd Place – Joseph Smith of Ok State
4th Place – Samuel Colbray of Iowa State
5th Place – Kimball Bastian of Utah Valley
6th Place – Hayden Hastings of Wyoming
7th Place – Cody Surratt of Air Force
8th Place – Luke Weber of North Dakota State
1st Bryce Steiert (N. Iowa) 4-0, RS Fr. over Anthony Mantanona (Oklahoma) 20-7, RS So. (Fall 5:52)
3rd Joseph Smith (Ok State) 4-1, RS Sr. over Samuel Colbray (Iowa State) 11-7, RS Jr. (Inj. 1:17)
5th Kimball Bastian (Utah Valley) 14-8, RS Sr. over Hayden Hastings (Wyoming) 3-3, Jr. (Dec 5-4)
7th Cody Surratt (Air Force) 2-2, Jr. over Luke Weber (North Dakota State) 1-3, RS Jr. (Fall 6:35)

1st Place – Taylor Lujan of N. Iowa
2nd Place – Zach Carlson of South Dakota State
3rd Place – Anthony Montalvo of Ok State
4th Place – Alan Clothier of N. Colorado
5th Place – Marcus Coleman of Iowa State
6th Place – Tate Samuelson of Wyoming
7th Place – Darrien Roberts of Oklahoma
8th Place – Jacob Thompson of Air Force
1st Taylor Lujan (N. Iowa) 4-0, Sr. over Zach Carlson (South Dakota State) 19-5, RS Sr. (Dec 10-6)
3rd Anthony Montalvo (Ok State) 5-1, So. over Alan Clothier (N. Colorado) 4-2, RS Jr. (Dec 11-7)
5th Marcus Coleman (Iowa State) 9-8, RS So. over Tate Samuelson (Wyoming) 1-3, So. (Fall 5:47)
7th Darrien Roberts (Oklahoma) 15-12, Fr. over Jacob Thompson (Air Force) 1-3, So. (Dec 5-2)

1st Place – Noah Adams of West Virginia
2nd Place – Tanner Sloan of South Dakota State
3rd Place – Dakota Geer of Ok State
4th Place – Jacob Seely of N. Colorado
5th Place – Jake Woodley of Oklahoma
6th Place – Cordell Eaton of North Dakota State
7th Place – Stephen Buchanan of Wyoming
8th Place – Tanner Orndorff of Utah Valley
1st Noah Adams (West Virginia) 32-0, RS So. over Tanner Sloan (South Dakota State) 16-5, RS Fr. (Dec 5-1)
3rd Dakota Geer (Ok State) 5-1, RS Jr. over Jacob Seely (N. Colorado) 3-2, RS Fr. (TF-1.5 3:47 (17-0))
5th Jake Woodley (Oklahoma) 19-9, RS So. over Stephen Buchanan (Wyoming) 1-3, Fr. (Dec 3-1)
True 6th Cordell Eaton (North Dakota State) 1-0, . over Stephen Buchanan (Wyoming) 0-1, . (Dec 9-5)
7th Cordell Eaton (North Dakota State) 3-2, RS Sr. over Tanner Orndorff (Utah Valley) 12-11, RS Sr. (Dec 5-2)

1st Place – Brian Andrews of Wyoming
2nd Place – Gannon Gremmel of Iowa State
3rd Place – Josh Hokit of Fresno State
4th Place – Carter Isley of N. Iowa
5th Place – Tate Orndorff of Utah Valley
6th Place – Dalton Robertson of N. Colorado
7th Place – Brandon Metz of North Dakota State
8th Place – Blake Wolters of South Dakota State
1st Brian Andrews (Wyoming) 4-0, Jr. over Gannon Gremmel (Iowa State) 18-7, RS Jr. (Dec 3-2)
3rd Josh Hokit (Fresno State) 5-1, Sr. over Carter Isley (N. Iowa) 3-2, Sr. (Dec 2-0)
5th Tate Orndorff (Utah Valley) 16-4, RS So. over Dalton Robertson (N. Colorado) 1-3, Sr. (MD 11-0)
7th Brandon Metz (North Dakota State) 2-2, RS So. over Blake Wolters (South Dakota State) 12-16, RS Jr. (Fall 1:44)

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