Locked Down But Not Held Down: Germinaro Looks Forward To Continued Motion

We don’t know what would have happened. This whole sport is in “what if?” land right about now. Last weekend was supposed to be the 2020 US Olympic Trials. Instead, the Bryce Jordan Center on the campus of Penn State University was empty, leaving somewhere between 100-120 Greco-Roman athletes on the shelf wishing, waiting, hoping for the day when they can resume chasing a goal that resides on top of the hypothetical heap.

But still, you ask the question: How would Calvin Germinaro (67 kg, Minnesota Storm) have fared at the Trials a week ago?

We like to say that US Trials tournaments are akin to crapshoots, and that anything can happen. It’s only partially true. Upsets are the product of presumption, anyway, and do not take into account what occurred behind the scenes in the lead-up to whichever event we’re even talking about. This is why old time handicappers and boxing writers used to frequent gyms. They were smarter than most wrestling folk. They used their access to get an inside look at training camps, and then made determinations as to how they figured the result would play out. In wrestling, we use credentials and experience as our guiding datasets more than we do relevant, recent optics.

Even though Germinaro was going to hold a top-3 seed in the Olympic Trials Challenge Tournament, chances are…not many would have given him much of a chance at all.

And that would have been a big mistake. Continue reading at fivepointmove.com

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