USA Wrestling releases Return to Events Guidelines to help event organizers with planning and operations protocols

USA Wrestling has released the “Return to Events Guidelines” document, which are guidelines and recommendations for the wrestling community as it contemplates holding local- and state-level events, with extensive recommendations on event operations protocol in the current COVID-19 pandemic environment.

The document includes specific chapters on Venue Selection, Government and Medical Expert Adherence, Event Groups, Medical Plan, Infection Mitigation Procedures, Communication, Operational Plan and an Appendix of additional resources.

The Operational Plan is an extensive document that can be downloaded as a pdf, which includes a step-by-step checklist of specific actions that are recommended in a variety of event-related operations. USA Wrestling highly encourages potential event hosts to use both the Return to Events Guidelines and the downloadable Operation Plan during planning and when they are on-site at a wrestling competition.

USA Wrestling Return to Events Guidelines

This is the second specific resource that USA Wrestling has provided to the wrestling community to assist in the process of the resumption of wrestling activity. Published on May 15 was the Return to Mat Guidelines, which are guidelines and recommendations to make decisions on a local level regarding when and how to safely resume wrestling practice and activity.

USA Wrestling Return to the Mat Guidelines

Both of these documents were initially drafted by one of USA Wrestling’s special committees created during the pandemic, the Return to Practice and Competition Committee, which includes medical experts and event operations professionals. Both have been reviewed by USA Wrestling’s COVID-19 Advisory Committee, a group of experts who advise the organization on medical, scientific and government matters pertaining to the novel coronavirus.

These documents include recommendations from the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee and numerous other sources, including public health agencies and other sports organizations.

As USA Wrestling has suggested since the pandemic began, all individuals should keep themselves updated with the most recent information from their state and local public health department, and follow those local regulations. Club leaders, coaches, parents and individuals must make their own assessments as to the safety of their situations in conjunction with these documents.

USA Wrestling expects that these documents may be revised as the pandemic progresses and new or updated information becomes available. The wrestling community is asked to review this document from time to time to assess the guidelines and recommendations.

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