Former SCSU wrestler makes unique challenge for this year’s Alumni Challenge

A unique challenge was brought forward by St. Cloud State University alumnus Dennis Moske in support of the ongoing SCSU Athletics Alumni Challenge and the effort to help the remodeling of the Halenbeck Strength and Conditioning Center.

Moske, currently the owner of a tree trimming company named Moske Tree Service, challenged alumni and fans of the Huskies wrestling program who are Minnesota residents to meet his $1,000 donation. If they did so, he would come out and trim one of their trees free of charge.

Moske also noted that for every $1,000 given to support the Huskies Alumni Challenge, he would increase the number of trees he would trim in his free service. When asked why he wanted to do this, Moske said that the wrestling program changed his life in so many ways and this is one way to help encourage others to give to the project and support the wrestling program. Continue reading at