Return to the Mat Guidelines updated to reflect how local health requirements are being instituted

USA Wrestling has updated its “Return to the Mat Guidelines” document, which are guidelines and recommendations for the wrestling community as it makes decisions on a local level regarding when and how to safely resume wrestling activity.

Updated USA Wrestling Return to the Mat Guidelines

The reason for the update is to make the guidelines better align with the ways that state and local governments and public health departments are implementing their requirements concerning the COVID-19 pandemic.

The changes appear in the Phase 3 portion of the document (pages 10-14), a period when public health authorities allow small group activities.

The changes in Phase 3 reflect the fact that some states are allowing facilities to open, but with restrictions regarding the number of participants. The first version of this document only covered the situation of small group activities when facilities are closed.

In addition, the Phase 3 guidelines recommend that in regard to direct or indirect contact between athletes, coaching activities and inside/outside training, that local and state requirements are followed.

In this updated document, there could be some coaching activities, as well as direct or indirect contact between athletes, during Phase 3 if state and local requirements do not restrict it.

One other change is in the Summary Chart on page 22, reflecting that Phase 3 includes a period when facilities may be either open or closed. The chart also reflects that state and local requirements should be followed concerning decisions regarding coaching, inside/outside training and contact level.

USA Wrestling received requests for clarification regarding the application of Phase 3 guidelines in certain local situations, and the changes are designed to provide additional clarity.

The original document was posted by USA Wrestling on May 14. The updated document is being released on June 11.

As USA Wrestling has suggested since the pandemic began, all individuals should keep themselves updated with the most recent information from their state and local public health department, and follow those local regulations. Club leaders, coaches, parents and individuals must make their own assessments as to the safety of their situations in conjunction with this document.

As noted when the guidelines were originally posted, USA Wrestling expects the document may be revised as the pandemic progresses and new or updated information becomes available. The wrestling community is asked to review this document from time to time to assess the guidelines and recommendations

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