Meet The 2020-2021 Vikings Freshmen

Fifteen wrestlers make up the incomming class of the Itasca Community College Vikings. The group includes several high school state champions, placewinners, and qualifiers hailing from eight states.


2020-2021 Vikings Freshmen:

Nathaniel Morrison
High School: ​Hickory Ridge HS, North Carolina
Projected Weight: ​125/133
Program: ​Associates of Arts
Favorite Move: ​Sweep Single
Accolades: ​All-Conference Wrestler
Favorite Quote: ​”Once you’ve wrestled everything else in life is easy”
Why Itasca: ​Best fit for me to grow and Everything you could ever need is here at Itasca.

Seth Cobb
High School: ​Williams Field HS, Arizona
Projected Weight: ​133/141
Program: ​Nursing
Favorite Move: ​Duck Under
Accolades: ​4-year varsity wrestler, 3x State Qualifier, 2x State Place Winner
Favorite Quote: ​”Take pride in how far you’ve come; have faith in how far you’ll go”
Why Itasca:​ I chose Itasca because I believe I will grow as a person and as a wrestler. The coaches want to see you succeed more than anything. Not just on the wrestling mat but in life. I also love going cliff diving with the team.

Ezekiel “Zeke” Sigmund
High School:​ Medford HS, Wisconsin
Projected Weight: ​149/157
Program: ​Health Science
Favorite Move: ​High Crotch to a Double Leg and drive my shoulder through their soul Accolades: ​3x State Qualifier and 3x Conference Champion
Favorite Quote: ​”You can’t climb a ladder of success with your hands in your pockets”
Why Itasca: ​I chose ICC wrestling because the coach was very persistent and showed how much he believed in me and wanted me to be a part of the program. I chose Itasca because it stood out to me more than other schools. My favorite thing about Itasca is that you have something new everyday to do here.

Aengus Bancroft
High School: ​Glennallen HS, Alaska
Projected Weight: ​149/157
Favorite Move: ​Guillotine
Accolades: ​2x State Champion, 2x Region Champion, 3x State Qualifier, 106-30 HS Record
Favorite Quote: ​”When you think about quitting, remember where you started”
Why Itasca: ​It is such a beautiful place and offers all the classes I am interested in. Itasca wrestling is the perfect small college that will help me maximize my development. It will also be the best transition from a very small town in Alaska to a small town in Minnesota. The coaching staff is amazing and they will coach me to my style and my abilities, to help me become the best me.

Jason Hilgart
High School: ​Lakeland Union HS, Wisconsin
Projected Weight: ​149/157
Program: ​Natural Resources
Accolades: ​3-year varsity wrestler
Favorite Move: ​Slide By
Favorite Quote: ​”Work hard, play hard”
Why Itasca: ​I love all the big lakes and land out here. I chose Itasca Community College wrestling to help further my career in mixed martial arts.

Marcos Gamez Jr.
High School: ​Walden Grove, Arizona
Projected Weight: ​157/165
Favorite Move: ​Single Leg
Accolades: ​3x State Place Winner
Favorite Quote: ​”Pain is weakness leaving the body”
Why Itasca: ​I chose Itasca because I wanted to further my wrestling career. Itasca wrestling is like a family and everyone is there for one another at all times.

Randall Santana
High School: ​Tenoroc HS, Florida
Projected Weight: ​165/174
Program: ​Engineering
Favorite Move: ​Double Legs
Accolades: ​102 Career wins, 3x Regional Qualifier, 2020 State Qualifier
Favorite Quote: ​”Gold medals aren’t really made out of gold. They’re made out of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts”
Why Itasca: ​Itasca has one of the best associate’s engineering programs in the country. Itasca is such a great community. Itasca wrestling has such a great history of success.

Drew Deer
High School: ​Highland Park HS, Illinois
Projected Weight: ​165/174 lbs
Program: ​Business
Favorite Move: ​Ankle Pick
Accolades: ​All-Conference and 21-10 Sr record
Favorite Quote: ​”Anyone can wrestle until they get tired”
Why Itasca: ​Itasca is the best opportunity for me to get a great education and to wrestle. The teachers try to help you out as much as they can.

Brandon Wagner
High School: ​Blaine HS, Minnesota
Projected Weight: ​184/197
Program: ​Biology
Favorite Move: ​Lateral Drop
Accolades: ​2x All-Conference, Team Captain, 49 pins in final two years
Favorite Quote: ​”All great wrestlers appreciate a good battle”
Why Itasca: ​I love Itasca because I am surrounded by nature. The wrestling program is such a tight-knit community, we are all brothers, everyone is so accepting of all and everyone wants the best for each other and the best they can be.

Khrystiyan Mullen
High School: ​Park HS, Minnesota
Projected Weight: ​184/197
Program: ​Natural Resource: Law Enforcement
Favorite Move: ​Ankle Pick
Accolades: ​State Qualifier
Favorite Quote: ​”The sky has no limits, neither should you”
Why Itasca: ​Has the programs that I needed to succeed with my future. I love the woods and the fishing in the Itasca area.

Hakeem Culberson
High School:​ First Coast HS, Florida
Projected Weight: ​184/197
Program: ​Associates of Arts
Favorite Move: ​Snow Plow Cradle
Accolades: ​Regional Qualifier
Favorite Quote:​ ”Hard work beats Talent”
Why Itasca: ​I choose Itasca because of the small-town feel and the beautiful landscape. I love how friendly and helpful everyone is. I haven’t met anyone bad yet and I don’t think I will.

Jake Rau
High School: ​Medford HS, Wisconsin
Projected Weight:​197/HWT
Program: ​Health Science
Favorite Move: ​Front Headlock
Accolades: ​2x State Champion, Bi-State National Champion
Favorite Quote: ​”Don’t be scared of the guy that practiced 10,000 moves once, be scared of the guy that practiced one move 10,000 times”
Why Itasca:​ I chose Itasca because it had some many opportunities and was the best fit for my goals. I love the lakes and streams up here to fish. The team has such an amazing mentality.

Justin Weiss
High School: ​Ashland HS, Wisconsin
Projected Weight: ​HWT
Program: ​Undecided; Business
Favorite Move: ​Arm Drags and Singles
Accolades: ​Ashland Invite Champion, Spartan Classic Finalist, and 2x Ashland Invite Finalist
Favorite Quote: ​”Tough Times never last, but tough people do”
Why Itasca: ​Loved the environment; country, nature, woods. The teaching staff here is amazing. My high school coach went here and when I came on a visit I saw how great of a bond the team had. I feel like this team is underestimated and I love an underdog story.

Noah Swegarden
High School: ​Bishop Ryan HS, North Dakota
Projected Weight: ​HWT
Favorite Move: ​Arabian Nightcrawler
Accolades: ​Region Champion, 3x State Qualifier, State Place Winner
Favorite Quote: ​”To throw or not to be thrown, that is the question”
Why Itasca: ​I chose ICC to continue my dream of wrestling in college and this place seemed like it was the best fit for me. I really enjoy nature here and everyone here is so great. I chose ICC wrestling because of the amazing coaching staff and I knew they could get me to my full potential.

Jared Rabbit
High School: ​Deer River HS, Minnesota
Projected Weight: ​HWT
Program: ​Natural Resource: Law Enforcement
Favorite Move: ​Cow Catcher, Hip Toss, Power Half, Seatbelt, Cross Face… Anything that hurts
Accolades: ​71-26 career record with only 3 years experience, 2x State Qualifier, Sectional Champion, Walker Invite Champion, Rush City Invite Champion
Favorite Quote: ​”Gichi-manido wiidookawishin jimashkawiziyaan Mii dash bami’idiziyaan Miizhishinaam zaagi’iiwewin Ganoozh inshinaam, bizindaw ishinaam”
Why Itasca: ​It’s a great place to start and has countless opportunities. Instructors are so hands-on with everything. Respect… The coaches are gonna give you the respect you deserve in and out of the room.

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