The Al and Josh Show Podcast – Let Them Wrestle MN

Al and Josh talk with Pierz Head Wrestling Coach Skip Toops about the ‘Let Them Wrestle MN’ movement. Skip talks about why and how wrestling should and could make a return to Minnesota.

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Here are the 7 talking points brought up in the show:

  1. Hospitalization rates for kids ages 15-18 are the lowest in the world.
  2. The hospitalization rate for kids ages 15-18 who contract COVID-19 is 1 in 1 Million. (the rate for kids younger than that is a slight tick up to about .2 in 100,000 or 2 in 1 Million).
  3. The transmission rate is not as high as thought — even with people in the same families or in close quarters — it is somewhere between 10-30%.
  4. Suicides, Suicidal Thoughts, and Anxiety cases have doubled since COVID started.
  5. There is no quantifiable data that can differentiate the risks of transferring COVID-19 indoors as opposed to outdoors.
  6. The rates of COVID-19 spread, hospitalizations, and deaths in the population of people participating in Club Sports, Tournaments, etc… vs the general population are effectively equal.
  7. The “risk” everyone is talking about is the risk of contracting the virus, not the “risk” of what will happen if they do get the virus because in the population we deal with every day the “risk” of a negative outcome is almost non-existent.

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