Catching up with Jim Gale

From Wrestling to Sustainable Farming

By Chad Otterness

Jim was a 1988 Totino-Grace High School and 1994 Mankato State University graduate. Jim has accumulated an impressive wrestling background. He was a Minnesota state freestyle and Greco-Roman champion, a two-time place winner at the Minnesota State High School Wrestling Championships, and a four-time All-American at Mankato State University, earning a National Championship in 1992.

Jim’s father Pat Gale placed third in state at Roseville High School and got him started. His mother, Issy Gale, became very involved. Issy Gale, Todd Nelson and Tony Nelson founded the Spartan Wrestling Club. Other coaches/contributers who mentored Jim were Mitch Godbout, Kay Lacher, Jerry Schmitz, and Totino Grace High School coach Tom Emond. He also found great help during freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling under the tutelage of Jim Martinez and Dan Chandler. In College, Dr. Gary Rushing coached him to a national title! In 2004 Jim was Inducted into the NCAA Division ll—Hall of Fame!

Jim Gale has been busy since he graduated from Mankato State University! After spending four years in Hawaii, Jim moved back to Minnesota and founded a mortgage company closing 1.3 billion in sales in four years. Jim has traveled to Africa, Indonesia, Australia, Pakistan, and Thailand. He also lived on the ocean for a year. After 12 years in Costa Rica, he moved to Orlando, Florida with his wife Andrea, and two daughters. He has been investing his time promoting sustainable farming practices called Permaculture across the globe. His vision is Food Forests Everywhere! His company helps people grow food instead of lawns using sustainable, regenerative practices aka Permaculture. Check out Jim’s website at

Photos courtesy of Issy Gale and Jim Gale.

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