Mat Chat – Junior College Perspective: Rochester Community & Technical College

By Chad Otterness

Hear from sophomore RCTC wrestlers Matthew Frost (New York Mills) and returning All-American Seth Brossard (Kenyon-Wanamingo) on the upcoming 2020-21 wrestling season.

Question: Do you know if you are having a specific wresting season or is the schedule tentative at this point?

Matthew Frost: It is tentative at this point but we will know soon.

Seth Brossard: As much as I hope there is an upcoming wrestling season, the schedule is still up in the air. At this point, we are all just waiting until the next time we can get back onto the mat.

Seth Brossard. Photo by Carson Henry.

Q: How have you been preparing for a season that has some uncertainties on whether you will be competing in a traditional schedule or a more creative season with different opportunities to compete?

Frost: We are doing all that we can do even with the COVID-19 rules. Some activities we do are team runs, lifting, captains’ practice, ultimate frisbee, handball, football, and basketball.

Brossard: There hasn’t been a lot of formal preparation this year, as COVID has made everything pretty crazy and hard to keep up with. A lot of the guys like to lift weights, so we have been able to get in the weight room and get in shape early this year which has been nice. It’s good to see the team ready to work hard and get better even when there are uncertainties about the upcoming season.

Q: How has COVID altered your preparation in terms of practice, drilling, conditioning, and strength development?

Frost: It really has only limited us to the rules of COVID-19, other than that we pretty much do everything the same.

Brossard: We haven’t been able to wrestle a whole lot so far yet this year, but strength and conditioning in addition to things like running and lifting has been a great way to keep us in shape and hungry for the season.

Matthew Frost. Photo by Carson Henry.

Q: Do you plan to compete in any USAW sanctioned wrestling tournaments at a regional or national level?

Frost: I will make that decision based on my performance during the season.

Brossard: I am not sure how the competitions for this year will go, but I can only hope that we will be able to compete in as many as possible.

Q: What are your goals for the upcoming season? National Qualifier, All-American, National Champion, etc.

Frost: Team and individual National Champs.

Brossard: This year, everyone’s eyes are on a team national title. We were extremely tough last year and have been continuing to build on that this year. It will be a lot of fun to see how the team comes together when we can start wrestling.

Q: What is Coach Travis Rutt’s perspective on the upcoming season as far as expectations on training and competition?

Frost: Coach Rutt says we have the same expectations as any other year, we will still expect to train hard and get a good education even with COVID-19. He believes we will have a season or some sort of one. He also expects more discipline out of the wrestlers due to the rules of COVID-19.

Brossard: Coach Rutt hasn’t been able to coordinate a lot of things for us this year because of COVID, but I know he is optimistic for a time when we can start up in the room again.

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