The Guillotine ready to celebrate 50th year of publication in Minnesota

In 1971, St. James High School wrestling coach Paul Krueger was hoping to expand and promote the reaches of wrestling, not only in St. James but throughout the state of Minnesota.

He and fellow coach and friend Bill Mohr came up with an idea to start a newspaper, fashioned after Iowa’s state wrestling paper, The Predicament, which highlighted high school wrestling across the Hawkeye State.

In a twist of humor—of which Krueger was known for—Krueger named the newspaper The Guillotine, a wrestling move he hated but taught his wrestlers in case they ever needed to get out of it.

In that first year, The Guillotine published just four papers. The first edition held features and stories of wrestlers from around the state, including St. James. Continue reading at →

View The December, 1971 issue of The Guillotine

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