Checking In with Patrick McKee

Gopher Sports: It seems you’ve taken quite a big leap from last season to this season. Talk about what it was like to get that first season in the starting lineup last year under your belt, and how that has helped you this year in knocking off some of the best guys in the B1G?

McKee: I think last year, I was still young and had a lot to learn. Cutting weight was a lot tougher than in high school. I learned it’s more of a science than anything, but we’ve got that figured out now. I think going into the Purdue match last year, which was kind of the turning point for me when I realized I was right behind these guys. Last year, I was beating the No. 5 wrestler in the country at the time in that Purdue dual, and then I injured myself. So after that, for me it was a reminder to myself that I’m right there, my hard work is paying off, I just need to keep doing what I need to do. Overall, last year was just a big confidence booster for me, and a bit of a mindset change. I’m in college now; I’m one of the veterans on the team, so why can’t I be one of the top guys in the country. Continue reading at →