Gable Steveson: Widening the Gap

Since Gable Steveson began his collegiate career, he has always wanted to be the best, striving not only to win matches, but to win them decisively, so that he can find himself at the top of the podium at the NCAA Tournament in March.

During Steveson’s freshman year, he came close to that goal, accomplishing a 35-2 record and becoming an All-American, but two losses to eventual national champion Anthony Cassar of Penn State kept him from both B1G and NCAA gold.

In his sophomore season, Steveson dominated his weight class, going 15-0 and avenging his B1G finals loss by winning his first conference championship. Before the NCAA tournament, Gable was a clear-cut favorite to win the national championship. That was, until they were cancelled.

Now, in his third year as the Gopher heavyweight, Gable Steveson has looked to prove that he is the best pound-for-pound wrestler in the country regardless of weight class, and luckily for him, he knows exactly what it will take to give him that recognition – winning the Dan Hodge Trophy. Continue reading at →