Osseo Tri

Osseo 37 Andover 36
106: Will Grant (ANDO) over (OSSE) (For.)
113: Brandon Board (ANDO) over Jameson Kulseth (OSSE) (Fall 1:30)
120: Tyler Bertram (ANDO) over Damante Williams (OSSE) (Fall 3:13)
126: Bryson Swenson (ANDO) over Connor Spanier (OSSE) (Dec 8-1)
132: Peter Hollingshead (OSSE) over Alex Bultman (ANDO) (Dec 6-5)
138: John Lundstrom (OSSE) over Brady Strasser (ANDO) (Fall 0:47)
145: Dylan Schultz (OSSE) over Jackson Armour (ANDO) (Fall 2:15)
152: Cole Borg (ANDO) over Dylan Jackson (OSSE) (Dec 9-8)
160: Thomas Cornell (OSSE) over Chase Patterson (ANDO) (Fall 1:17)
170: Dominic Hoffman (ANDO) over Kaden LaCombe (OSSE) (Fall 5:38)
182: Aidan Wayne (OSSE) over Nolan Israelson (ANDO) (Fall 3:32)
195: Josh Surgenor (ANDO) over Julian Flores (OSSE) (Fall 2:11)
220: Jacob Meissner (OSSE) over Nate Beberg (ANDO) (MD 14-3)
285: Jagger Schack (OSSE) over Eric Sherer (ANDO) (Fall 0:31)

Wayzata 57 Andover 15
106: Logan Swensen (WAYZ) over Brandon Board (ANDO) (Fall 2:00)
113: Cohen Hoffman (WAYZ) over Brandon Seburg (ANDO) (Dec 6-2)
120: Elijah Wald (WAYZ) over Bryson Swenson (ANDO) (MD 9-0)
126: Andrew Larson (WAYZ) over Alex Bultman (ANDO) (Fall 0:00)
132: Louis Scott (WAYZ) over (ANDO) (For.)
138: Kyler Wong (WAYZ) over Brady Strasser (ANDO) (Fall 2:00)
145: Isaiah Schmitz (WAYZ) over Jackson Armour (ANDO) (MD 11-3)
152: Cael Swensen (WAYZ) over Cole Borg (ANDO) (Fall 0:00)
160: Adam Cherne (WAYZ) over Chase Patterson (ANDO) (Fall 0:00)
170: Adam El Damir (WAYZ) over Dominic Hoffman (ANDO) (MD 10-2)
182: Dominic Heim (WAYZ) over Nolan Israelson (ANDO) (Fall 0:00)
195: Josh Surgenor (ANDO) over Keyandre Watkins (WAYZ) (Fall 2:00)
220: Nate Beberg (ANDO) over (WAYZ) (For.)
285: Eric Sherer (ANDO) over Gage Opp (WAYZ) (Dec 3-2)

Wayzata 60 Osseo 18
106: Luke Koenen (WAYZ) over Jameson Kulseth (OSSE) (TF 21-6 4:00)
113: Cohen Hoffman (WAYZ) over (OSSE) (For.)
120: Elijah Wald (WAYZ) over (OSSE) (For.)
126: Andrew Larson (WAYZ) over Connor Spanier (OSSE) (TF 19-3 2:00)
132: Louis Scott (WAYZ) over Peter Hollingshead (OSSE) (TF 18-3 4:00)
138: Kyler Wong (WAYZ) over John Lundstrom (OSSE) (Dec 9-2)
145: Dylan Schultz (OSSE) over Isaiah Schmitz (WAYZ) (Fall 1:52)
152: Cael Swensen (WAYZ) over Dylan Jackson (OSSE) (Fall 2:00)
160: Adam Cherne (WAYZ) over Thomas Cornell (OSSE) (Fall 1:59)
170: Adam El Damir (WAYZ) over Kaden LaCombe (OSSE) (Fall 3:32)
182: Dominic Heim (WAYZ) over Aidan Wayne (OSSE) (Fall 0:00)
195: Jacob Meissner (OSSE) over Keyandre Watkins (WAYZ) (Fall 1:40)
220: Gage Opp (WAYZ) over (OSSE) (For.)
285: Jagger Schack (OSSE) over (WAYZ) (For.)

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